One of the best ways for your nonprofit to reach people is by scheduling a live fundraiser. It could be a bake sale, 5K, car wash, blanket drive, or tree planting in a park, but there’s no beating face-to-face interaction!

There are a lot of good reasons to host a fundraiser. Let’s start with the marketing facts. For every 1,000 emails sent to subscribers, a nonprofit only raises, on average, $42. Now compare that to live events which 56% of donors regularly attend. Isn’t that convincing enough to get from behind your computer screen and put the “fun” in “fundraiser?”

Promotional items and branded merchandise are a must at your nonprofit or charity fundraisers. You can give them away with every ticket sold, or sell them for a little extra money.

Stuck for inspiration? Here are 10 nonprofit promotional items you should try now!

1. Heart Stress Balls

custom heart stress balls

Love is what makes your nonprofit or charity thrive! Share the good vibes and print a positive message on these squishy heart stress balls, which are less than a dollar each. These lovable toys are available in 11 colors, so you can even match them to your awareness ribbon color!

2. Custom Drawstring Bags

custom drawstring bags

Cheap drawstring bags filled with candy and coupons are an easy way to welcome visitors to your fundraiser. Who knows? By handing out these free giveaways, you may just inspire everyone in the crowd to be just as charitable by donating to your cause!

3. Personalized Mini Notebooks

custom mini notebooks

Does your nonprofit organization focus on an environmental cause? These promo items are the perfect pairing! Each of these pocket notebooks is made from recycled cardboard, and as a bonus, can be recycled once again when the 60 pages are full.

4. Promotional Fidget Toys

promotional fidget toys

Are kids going to be at your fundraiser? Win them over with fun fidget toys printed with your logo! These nonprofit giveaways are a win-win since they also give the kids something to do during the “boring” parts like the speeches or the time before the food is served.

5. Metal Water Bottles

custom metal water bottles

Splurge on metal water bottles as volunteer gifts. This drinkware looks more stylish than cheap plastic bottles, but isn’t crazy expensive for your nonprofit’s small budget. You can sell these fundraising items in an online gift store, or set up shop right at your live event.

6. Custom Stylus Pens

custom stylus pens

The entire world is on our smartphones. Stay with the times with custom stylus pens as promotional items for your nonprofit. You can use them as free giveaways at fundraisers, or sell them for $3 to $5 each in an online gift shop.

7. Stuffed Animal Keychains

custom stuffed animal keychains

Stuffed animal keychains are more affordable for nonprofits than full-sized plushies, but they’re just as adorable. Lions, tigers, bears are all here, but you can also get dogs, eagles, giraffes, and more! These promotional items are particularly wonderful for animal shelters and wildlife preservation efforts.

8. Color Changing Cups

custom color changing cups

A good fundraiser has plenty of tasty snacks and drinks! Serve juice, soda, and even fruity smoothies in these fun color-changing cups printed with your nonprofit’s name. Your visitors can bring this promotional swag home as a souvenir when the fundraiser is over.

9. Personalized Camping Mugs

personalized camping mugs

The song “Kumbaya” is about harmony and unity. Aren’t those qualities you want associated with your nonprofit? Evoke that bonfire spirit by selling custom campfire mugs as fundraising items. Your logo will look amazing printed on the speckled exterior!

10. Reusable Grocery Bags

custom grocery tote bags

Most people go grocery shopping at least once a week. Every time they pick up milk, they’ll think about your cause if you print your logo on custom grocery bags. These promotional items are perfect swag bags for fundraisers!

Final Thoughts

You now have a ton of amazing product inspiration for your next fundraiser! Your nonprofit may not have the budget of a Fortune 500 company, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with cheap giveaways and merchandise that no one will want.

The promotional items featured above are proof! Do you want to give them a try? Reach out to the team at Quality Logo Products® to get started!


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