Nothing’s More Refreshing Than Custom Coolers!

After I finished a recent blog post about beach promotional items, I realized that I didn’t talk enough about one of the most necessary (and not to mention exciting) summer products…personalized coolers! Without promotional coolers, how would people spend hours on the sand watching beach volleyball? They’re bound to get thirsty and hungry, right? Well, I’ve decided to feature some of my favorite summer coolers in this post to compensate for my oversight. Enjoy!

Smaller Custom Coolers:

Koozie Six-Pack Cooler, Koozie Lunch Sack, and Bubba Keg Kooler

Why do people customize smaller-sized promotional coolers? They tend to be the least expensive, but they’re also the most portable coolers. You could advertise your brand or your cause during every lunch hour if your recipients had an insulated lunch sack to bring with them! A six-pack cooler can hold a sixer of your favorite soda or beer OR double as a lunch container. If you only have one type of frosty beverage on your mind, then you’ll keep it colder for longer inside of a Bubba Keg. For a low price, these three popular coolers provide you with the kind of credibility you deserve.

Larger Custom Coolers:

Koozie Party Kooler, Koozie Duffel Kooler, and Koozie Picnic Basket

If you like low prices but you see yourself using something bigger, then any of these three coolers (or cooler bags) should please you very much. Bring enough drinks for everyone or you could have a riot on your hands! Beach parties and summer events will change for the better if your clients show up with a large duffel cooler full of ice-cold drinks or with an insulated picnic basket brimming with tasty treats. And whose logo will be emblazoned on these convenient large cooler bags? Yours, of course! You’d be a fool to turn down that kind of positive attention. (Do you like the party cooler pictured at the very top of this post? That would be our Beverage Tub!)

Kick-Ass Custom Coolers:

Cinch-Up Backpack Cooler, Rolling Koozie Cooler, and Spectator Cooler Chair

Why did I select these three custom coolers for my “Kick-Ass” category? Let me explain. I love, love, LOVE the drawstring backpack cooler because it’s incredibly affordable, portable, and it comes in more color choices than you’ll know how to handle. The rolling cooler bag speaks for itself – it’s durable enough to tote around all of those cold ones (and you don’t even have to lift it). And as for the promotional cooler chair…you won’t even believe how awesome it is. It has a comfy padded seat that allows you full access to your chilled contents while you’re watching that big game, and thanks to the strap it folds up and makes itself easy to carry when not in use. The promotional coolers in this category will give clients the royal treatment every time!

What do you think about these splendiferous custom coolers? If you don’t like any of them (which I would find difficult to believe) or if you want even more choices, then head over to our site for some more exciting options by clicking here: Custom Coolers from Quality Logo Products. Questions about personalized coolers or about promotional items? Contact Quality Logo Products by emailing us at, by calling us at (866) 312-5646, or by getting a hold of us on Twitter or Facebook.

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    Coolers as always have proved themselves to be the best option to quench your thirst . I guess branded personalized coolers which are mobile and also energy saving can be a boon.

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