Reordering Office Supplies for Your Business? Think Promotional Items!

Does your company require a lot of office supplies? Do they seem to get more expensive all the time? Instead of struggling to find an inexpensive supplier, try shopping with a promotional products company. They carry a lot of high quality office supplies and they will even customize them for you by imprinting your company’s logo, phone number and slogan on them!

Insurance companies take advantage of this option all the time by purchasing pad-folios, pens, sticky note pads, staplers and more from a promotional products site. The reason they do this is not only because it’s cost-efficient when you buy in bulk, but also because their claim representatives carry these office supplies with them to clients’ houses. This provides good exposure while serving the necessary purposes these office supplies are intended for.

Food and beverage companies do the same thing with their vendors and merchandisers. The vendors get customized shirts, hats, paper pads, pens, etc. The merchandisers may get shirts or fleece jackets as well, but they also get laptop cases to protect the laptops they use to keep track the information they collect at each store they visit. When you see these customized items they wear or carry, you are being reminded of their brand!

Desk in a Box

Even an all-in-one office supply item like the Desk in a Box can save you money…and give brand impressions!

If you typically send someone to buy supplies at a store, then you’re not getting a bulk deal. Items sold out of a storefront are typically priced per item to ensure the business makes a good profit on each sale. However, there are places where you can buy the same products (pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, binders, portfolios, sticky notes, etc.) where you will be quoted a much lower price as a thank you for buying in bulk. Quality Logo Products is one of those places!

Many people use membership-based clubs like Costco or Sam’s Club to buy office supplies; they may have bulk deals on lots of useful items, but with them you have to be a member to make any purchases. Also, with stores like Sam’s Club, you can’t get your items customized! With a promotional products company, you can get the items in bulk at a lower price (yes, just like at Sam’s Club), but you don’t have to pay for a membership and your items come custom imprinted.

A lot of promotional products companies will list these office supply items for lower than you’ll find them listed at other places because they actually require minimum quantities, ensuring that they will sell bulk amounts of the products. This gets them the items for cheaper, which means better prices for you in this competitive economy. In other words, everything’s comin’ up Milhouse! 🙂

So next time you run out of something, check out Quality Logo Products and our massive inventory of much needed office supplies! Which business item or office supply do you need the most for your business?


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  1. Wienerschnitzel

    This is SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!!!!! What a smart dude!!!!!

  2. QLP Jill

    The company I used to work for did this all the time and it worked out really well for them! Plus, all of our office supplies looked uniform because they all had the company logo on them. They even customized specialty items like high-end pens, coffee tumblers, duffel bags, and coolers as gifts for employee appreciation week! I thought it was a nice gesture. I didn’t realize until later on just how much money they were saving by purchasing their desk items in bulk.

    Of course, going to Costco or Sam’s still has its perks even if you decide to order personalized supplies from QLP…like gigantic bags of candy or industrial-sized tubs of cheese balls! 😉

  3. Wienerschnitzel

    That dvore is one smart cookie!

  4. Cookie Monster

    You can SO purchase sticky note pads branded with your company logo (in full color mind you!) for WAY less than you could buy them in bulk at an office supply store or Sam’s Club.

    The only thing Sam’s Club or Costco are good for are toilet paper and paper towels – JK! 🙂

    I mean really, who wants/needs to buy four loaves of bread at one time or 50 lbs of ground chuck in a single shot? Restaurants maybe, but aren’t there better ways of stocking up your wiener wagon than shopping at CostCo?!?! 🙂

  5. Yahtzee!

    I agree with you 110%, Wienerschnitzel!!! He’s so smart, what a great idea. I’m going to have to try this!

  6. QLP Kid

    I like Promotional Items… They are super duper.

    -QLP Kid

    “It’s How the Midwest Was Won…”

  7. craigslistfan69420

    I totally like promotional products too, QLP Kid… they’re fun and trendy… Do you like to buy them for your office?! My dad owns a motorcycle shop and he buys promotional products for that… he bought some stress ball things that looks like bulls because his shop is called “no bull bike shop” He’s a nerd like that.

    BTW – how was the midwest won???

  8. Kris

    I just stumbled on this and i find it very insightful. Keep ’em comin!

  9. spongebob4ever

    my parents have sams club and we go alot of times to get stuff. we get food there but just stuff for the freezer and soda. billy likes soda. but i think its a neat idea to get stuff with your name or whatever on it.

  10. monica34

    Good story Jill what kinds of stuff does a promotional product company get for employee appreciation week? More promotional products?

  11. Joe

    Great Blog! I always look forward to a post from this guy!

  12. Cheap Ink

    A very interesting and informative article.

  13. ana

    This really solved my problem, thank you!

  14. Office Supplies Fan

    I’ve had to work with companies in the past that will give up good quality office supplies for something cheaper. There is nothing more uncomfortable than using supplies that aren’t really built to last. I agree that’s it’s always a smart idea to get your company logo on anything you might give potential clients. You can never get too much exposure.

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