I’m an advertising junky.  Don’t get me wrong, I fast forward through commercials with my DVR like everybody else, but truly clever advertising doesn’t just get my attention, as a marketer: it fascinates me.

Every once in a while an ad campaign transcends from being just advertising to something that truly connects with consumers.  And in case you haven’t seen it yet, I’d like to share one such campaign from this year with you.

To celebrate their 100th birthday, OREO cookies launched a viral ad campaign on their website and Facebook page entitled “OREO’s Daily Twist“.  For each of the 100 days, from June 25 to October 2, the Kraft brand posted a new print style ad featuring their popular cookie cleverly themed as an ode to the day.  Drawing from current & historical events, popular culture & internet trends, obscure holidays, celestial landmarks, and more; each “ad” transformed the popular treat into a relevant and timely conversation piece.


OREO took full advantage of its 30 Million plus Facebook fans and developed daily ads in a way that would drive a conversation on (and off) their page.  Prior to this campaign, the branded page was a mess of random comments made by users, most days in the hundreds, without any sort of direction or purpose.

Using Facebook’s timeline feature, it’s easy for anyone to go back a few months to see just how unfocused the OREO Facebook page wall was:

OREO Facebook Fail

With this many fans actively looking to engage with the brand, however, shutting down the user-generated posts without content to replace it would have been a complete waste.  So, OREO looked for a way to remain engaging with their fans while driving the conversation with content of their own.

It worked:

OREO Talk like a pirate day

Every day of the campaign brought its own clever way to introduce the OREO cookie into a conversation that would spread beyond the brand’s page.

OREO voter registration

As a result, taking full advantage of the engagement potential of their Facebook presence, OREO was able to memorialize their brand’s centennial celebration in a campaign that spread top of mind awareness through the power of popular culture.

OREO two faced cat

Featuring the cookie as the subject matter to convey a message, while not a groundbreaking idea, was often clever in its own right.

Mars rover lands OREO

Even if sometimes the ads seemed so effortlessly simple,

OREO Labor Day

or to the point of being tacky…

Grandparents day OREO

Yet they were hardly ever boring.

Blue Moon OREO

Overall, OREO’s daily twist was an aesthetic, fun, and engaging way for the brand to maintain its cultural relevance.OREO autumn

Was this the best advertising campaign this year?  While one of my favorites, probably not.  In fact, none of the “daily twist” ads were even the most popular thing OREO shared on its own Facebook during its 100 day run…


But it did make for a great ad campaign that properly commemorated the 100 year anniversary of OREO cookies, expanded brand awareness, and helped regain control over their Facebook page.

At the very least it makes for a fun retrospective look at 2012 through the eyes of America’s most dunk-able cookie…  100 days of it anyways.

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