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February was not only National Weddings Month but it was also when QLP threw our first-ever Pinterest contest with a grand prize of $500 of wedding favors! Whoever followed our Non-Traditional Wedding Favors board and created a wedding-themed board of their own with at least 3 QLP products and 7 other pins on it was eligible to win.

The judges’ votes came in and the winner was Holli Charnstorm!

The Beautiful Couple: Edmund & Holli

The Beautiful Couple: Edmund & Holli

We had a few questions for her about her favors and about any advice she has for other brides out there, and here’s what she had to say:

What items did you choose for your favors?

We chose 2 items for our favors:

The Mood Stadium cups (17oz) Frosted to Blue. They said “I went to the Hollimund Wedding and all I got was this cup,” and well as “May 24, 2013.” They also had clip art of 2 wedding bands printed on them, too.

Mood Stadium Cup (17 Oz.)

Mood Stadium Cup (17 Oz.)

These Heart Shaped Hand Fans – they had a picture of my husband and I on them and said “I’m a Fan of Hollimund,” as well as “May 24, 2013.”

Heart Shape Hand Fan (Digitally Printed)

Heart Shape Hand Fan (Digitally Printed)

What was it about these items that made you choose them?

We wanted practical gifts that were also funny. The cups could be used at the wedding and they were take home souvenirs. The cheesy line “I went to the Hollimund wedding and all I got was this cup” (Hollimund= Holli and Edmund) was a wonderful reminder of where the cup was from and also indicated that it was a gift for them to take. The date on the cup was the date of our wedding.

The fan was also a play on words: “I’m a fan of Hollimund.” It was practical because our wedding was in May in Phoenix and they were great to use while people sat or danced. They were a great way to cool off!

It seems from your wedding board, you had your color scheme picked out early on. Any insight for others on choosing theirs?

I would recommend picking colors you love, I chose teal (a blue shade of teal) as my main color because it is my favorite color and our accent color was coral. I wanted to find a color that complemented the teal but was not too strange. I talked with my fiancé at the time and made sure that we agreed on the colors. On Pinterest I found out that many other people used that color combination so I decided to go with it.

My advice is to choose one or two colors and make sure the colors do not clash. It is nice to have a variety so that everything isn’t just one color. For example, the bridesmaids wore teal dresses and had matching coral flats to wear and they chose their own dress instead of having matching dresses. If the bridesmaids do not have matching dresses, find them a color swatch of the color you want them in and make sure it is popular enough to find a variety of dresses in the same color. Don’t get too overwhelmed if you can’t find the exact color in everything (people won’t really care that much or even notice).

What were the best favors that you’ve seen at other weddings?

One of the recent weddings I went to had a candy bar set up and on each table setting they had a little box in which you could fill with whatever candy you want. I tend to think that practical wedding gifts are better instead of something people will just throw away.

A "sweet" way to celebrate with guests at your reception!

A “sweet” way to celebrate with guests at your reception!

Another wedding had a package of s’mores. It was 2 graham crackers, a piece of Hershey’s chocolate and a jumbo marshmallow wrapped in clear plastic. That was a fun gift that you could take home and eat later.

Other than that I would recommend thinking outside of the box. Think of something that is special to the bride and groom and make up your own kind of favor. The QLP website had thousands of ideas for things that could be favors. Some of them were things you wouldn’t normally give out at a wedding but were creative- people love creativity.

An additional favor that we had at our wedding was our own version of “MadLibs.” We had a story with blanks where people could fill in whatever noun, adjective, adverb, etc. that they wanted to make the story amusing. The great thing about this favor is that it kept people entertained and they gave them back to us. We got to read some hilarious wedding-libs from all of our wedding guests. Here is an example.

You worked with Casey on your order after you won – how would you describe your overall experience with QLP?

My overall experience with QLP was great, they gave me everything I wanted. Casey was very responsive and helpful at answering any questions that I had. I loved getting to see drafts of what I wanted before I ordered it, that was very impressive.

Did you incorporate any other ideas from your Pinterest boards into your wedding?

Yes, I incorporated many ideas. Pinterest was so helpful and saved me a lot of money!

We used the above mentioned “Mad Libs” idea.

Our guest book was a thumb-print guestbook tree.

I made cake toppers myself using this pin for inspiration.

My wedding bouquet was made of fake flowers and was inspired by this look.

We used bird cages for decoration.

My fiance and I bought this and painted it fun colors and put it as a backdrop.

We painted mason jars like this.

Our table settings were these painted sticks and fake birds attached (the sticks were coming out of painted wine bottles).

I gave these socks to my husband.

We did photos like this and photos like these. Also pictures with the bride and groom (groom blindfolded) before the wedding.

Our exit used Sparklers.

The rest of the things we did were inspired by something I saw on Pinterest but with my own twist. I used a lot of creativity and made additional decorations!

Do you have any advice out there for others who are planning their wedding?

My biggest advice would be to budget well and give yourself plenty of time to plan. Our biggest frustration is we were still trying to plan things the week of the wedding.

If you have no ideas, look on Pinterest – there are so many great ideas and inspirations.

pinterest board


There you have it! Holli gave some awesome advice that all couples planning their dream wedding can use. Whether you’ve helped siblings or friends plan their weddings or this is your first time in the wedding favor world, welcome! Our sales team members understand that your item needs to be perfect and they’ll do their best to make your dream a reality.

You can reach us by email: or by phone (866) 312-5646 or ask us via our live chat feature. Or since you’re here, drop us a comment and we’ll make sure you get in contact with one of our sales representatives that way!

What was the best wedding favor you’ve seen at a wedding? Do you have advice for couples planning their wedding? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Bret Bonnet

    Holi – thank you for entering our contest and congratulations on your prize/winnings!

  2. Kat

    Congrats to “Hollimund” on the win! Enjoy the rest of the planning and best of luck to you on your special day and marriage! Wishing you many years of happiness!

  3. Kelly Bird

    Great post with a lot of current ideas for weddings and unique ideas for using the promotional items. I love how the couple were able to combine their names and make it a true event. Holli & Edmund you were truly deserving of the win and we hope you’ll come back to us again…maybe a fun promotional baby announcement is in your near future. 😉

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