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The Art of Making a Resume

As you go through your life (the younger years), you always hear people say: “I’m just doing this to fill out my resume.” But is your resume anything to write home about? Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at your resume or create a new one! This is no easy task, though. It’s […]


To Pen or Not to Pen…

So, this past weekend I sat down to write out my “to- do” list (am I the only one that does that anymore?) and I spent about 30 minutes looking around my house for my favorite pen before I found it. Since I have self-diagnosed ADHD, my mind soon started wandering about pens. Yes, you […]


21 Posts on Why You Should Use Promotional Products for Your Business

Promotional products and giveaways help with branding new companies and help increase sales and leads for established companies. In my opinion, every company should incorporate promotional advertising into their campaigns, and it is always beneficial to use giveaways that are useful to people when doing so. Top-notch promo products like pens, note pads, water bottles, […]

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