Rain on the Competition’s Parade!

With summer looming around the corner, promotional products are breaking up the cloud cover and heading towards the throngs of happily strolling potential customers! So while everyone else gets to shake off their winter blues, where are you stuck? You’re inside working overtime on an advertising campaign that’s supposed to draw in a large audience […]


Put Your Email Signature to Work for You!

How many times have you searched in vain for a phone number or email address of a person you’ve previously contacted? Maybe I’m the only one who does this, but I usually search my email if I know I’ve contacted a particular person in the past…I’ve found that it’s a good way to find an […]


Seriously, PLEASE Don’t Text and Drive!

In one of our recent blog posts, I mentioned a “Don’t Text While Driving” billboard that I see on my way to work every day. Well, even though I wasn’t thrilled with how the message was presented on that particular billboard, I think that the message is very valuable and important. When I was driving […]

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