The Twisted Definition of the Word: Branding

Call me old fashioned. Tell me that I’m only saying this because I’m trying to pimp out our promotional products. You’d probably be right on both accounts. Accuse me of whatever you want, but don’t tell me I’m wrong. Because the word branding, as it pertains to marketing, has lost its meaning. What branding IS […]


Be Thankful!

So did anyone out there make a difference this week? Did you affect positive change within your company? Start a small promotional campaign after reading my last post? Or were you all upset to find out that Microsoft Windows 7 was not just your idea? I know I was devastated but at the same time, […]


Holiday Promotional and Gift Giving Ideas

With the holidays approaching, it’s a time to think of gifts; however, it’s also a time to think of giving your business a good boost to kick-start the New Year. The right promotional product can help you to do both, by giving a gift that spreads your name. Most people, when they think of promotional […]

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