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What Pancakes Taught Me About Twitter Etiquette

Yes, you read that title correctly. This is a blog post about how pancakes are relevant to Twitter.

It started because I wrote a guest post for SmartBoyDesigns and used the title of this blog as a humorous example. And then I thought, “You know, that really is an article I would read.” But instead of waiting around for someone else to poke fun at it, I decided to write it myself.

While on the surface level, this delicious breakfast food and popular social network have absolutely nothing in common, it turns out there are a few Twitter tips that we can pick out from the almighty flapjack.

fresh pancake griddle
Mmm, nothing beats a fresh pancake.

Pancakes are better when fresh. A little obvious, but significant. Nobody is interested in something that’s been lying around for hours.

Equally, nobody is interested in a Twitter account that sits dormant most of the time. If you’re only logging in to your Twitter account once or twice a month, or using it just to promote your brand new blog post, you’ve gone stale.

Pancakes are best eaten in moderation. There is a sad reality behind “too much of a good thing,” and it does apply to the amount of pancakes one can consume.

The same applies to your tweets. While it is good to have an active account with frequent tweets, you don’t want to overwhelm your followers with too many updates. A good standard to shoot for is about 5-10 tweets per day. You want your presence to be known, but not to the point of oversaturation.

Pancakes are most efficient when stacked. Even if you like to eat pancakes one by one (like myself), there’s also something wonderful about front-loading your work and then sitting back to enjoy the spoils of your labor.

Tweets work similarly. Instead of finding a bunch of articles and returning to them at different points during waking hours, do all of your reading in the morning and schedule your tweets to roll out over the course of the day. My personal favorite is Buffer, but other services like TweetDeck also work well.

Pancakes taste better with additional content. Whether you prefer pancakes dotted with M&Ms or blueberries, or next to a delicious side of bacon, there’s no question that an added flavor makes them more delicious.

Adding links to a tweet is not only necessary for spreading your content, but it breaks up the plain text and shows your followers that you have something valuable to add to their Twitter feed. Links show up in a different color than the rest of the tweet, which will draw the attention of your followers.

syrup and pancakes
Stop naked pancakes. Buy syrup today.

Pancakes reach their optimum appeal when sweetened. A pancake is not worth eating until you lather it in butter and drench it in syrup. An extra bit of sweetness goes a long way.

For followers to pay attention to your tweets or to click on the links, you need to sweeten the deal. If you are retweeting content, mention the author or source. Add a little commentary to show your followers that you’ve read or watched the content, and it truly is something of value.

And there you have it: Twitter lessons straight from pancakes. Practicing these simple tips and tricks will help you improve the quality of your tweets and increase your followers. They can also be applied to make some mighty tasty hotcakes.