Pantone’s Fall 2013 Fashion Colors and What They Mean for Your Brand

If you’re a color fanatic, designer, or fashionista, you probably already know that Pantone recently released their Fashion Color Report for Fall 2013. Unlike the softer colors from the Spring 2013 report, the Fall 2013 report is packed full of bold, deep colors that demand attention.

These are colors that stand out and demand attention. So if you’re looking to draw a little more attention to your business, brand, or organization, you should consider incorporating some of these colors into your marketing materials this fall.

But before we discuss applications, let’s meet the colors.











If you want to learn more about these colors, and their specific meanings, you can watch the video from Pantone:

Personally, I absolutely love the selection. It’s nice to see so many vivid and bright hues. They’ll be a great way to keep wardrobes and print advertising nice and warm even while the weather gets a little colder.

Emerald, as you may remember, is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013. According to Leatrice Eiseman from the Pantone Institute, it’s actually rare that a Color of the Year makes it in to the top ten colors for the Fall, too. So fear not – the investment you made in Emerald marketing materials will (and can) be insanely fashionable all year long!

Now onto the practical use!

I gave three examples for how to use the spring colors, and you can see those here. So in addition to doing those, here’s a few other ways to use the fall colors to your advertising advantage.

1. Bring the Fall 2013 Colors to Your Trade Show

Taking part in a trade show, expo, or convention this year? If your budget allows, consider sprucing up your booth signage and decoration with some of the Pantone colors. It’d be pretty hard to ignore a sign with splashes of Vivacious or Acai on them, and Samba table runners will catch plenty of attention, too.

Don’t have the budget for new signs and table runners? Not to worry. Add some of these colors to your business cards, pamphlets, or coupons. It can be easy your brand to get lost in the sea of booths or pamphlets, so having some gorgeous colors could mean the difference between quality leads and a wasted weekend.

2. Customize Your Corporate Apparel

Who could resist such a Vivacious polo?

Who could resist such a Vivacious polo?

Since the Pantone colors are gathered from studying fashion designers, why not use them on clothes personalized with your brand name? There are plenty of polo shirts that come in the fall colors (or at least very close to the colors), and you can pick any color you want if you’re customizing white t-shirts.

The summer and fall have plenty of events where fashionable apparel would be appreciated. You can deck out your volunteers at the community fair in eye-catching colors; you could give every member of your staff a polo shirt to kick off the school year; or you could put your logo on some fashionable jackets and give them to your sales team for an excellent quarter.

3. You Can Spice Up Your Promotional Items

I mentioned this point in my article about the spring 2013 colors, but I wanted to mention it again. Believe it or not, these Pantone Fall 2013 colors haven’t made their way into many promotional products just yet. There’s a handful, of course, but not much compared to all the products that matched up with the spring colors.

But never fear because you can always use Pantone colors in your imprints! Many factories are able to match exact colors through the Pantone Matching System. For a minimal fee you can ensure that your company’s name or logo is printed in Mykonos Blue or Linden Green. This works best if your company colors are already in the same color family. For example, we could easily change the QLP logo to Koi and Mykonos Blue, but it might look a little weird in Vivacious and Deep Lichen Green.


Any questions about the Pantone Fall 2013 Colors or promotional items you could put them on? We’re always here to help! Feel free to contact us at any time!

Are you a fan of the Pantone Fall 2013 Fashion Colors? Are you going to incorporate them into your business or marketing materials this year? Let us know in the comments!

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