Patriotic Giveaway Items You Might Receive at Fourth of July Festivities

How do you spend your July 4th? What does your hometown do to celebrate? I don’t know about yours, but my town holds an annual parade and books an entire weekend’s worth of activities…and there’s NEVER a minute when the downtown area isn’t completely packed with eager balloon-toting children and hungry adults heading for the nearest barbecue stand. There are live bands, carnival games, and tempting food stands that seem to go on forever. It’s an experience that you’d just have to see for yourself!

Personalized Latex Balloon

Personalized Latex Balloons

So, what else do I see in the July 4th mix? Red, white, and blue promotional products – and LOTS of them. To the untrained eye, these patriotic toys and accessories may seem like nothing more than “stuff,” but allow me to expose them for what they truly are: patriotic promotional items! You know those little temporary tattoos that kids want to stick all over their arms, legs, and faces? They might be distributed separately or as part of a Kid’s Fun Pocket Pack, but they’re certainly unavoidable (and effective). If you live in a town where press-on tattoos aren’t obvious, then perhaps you’ve seen the colorful Personalized Latex Balloons that I mentioned in the paragraph above? Yep, those are promo items too. See, promotional products play at least a small part in your life even if it’s only for one weekend out of the year!

Patriotic Pencils

Patriotic Pencils

Of course, there are Fourth of July giveaways that are easier to see for what they are, like Patriotic Pencils or USA Flag Key Chain Stress Relievers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love them just as much. In my town, red, white, and blue pencils usually make an appearance wherever there are swarms of youngsters (kids love pencils, and they especially love unsharpened pencils…figure that one out) and the flag-shaped key tags or USA flag stress ball key chains are targeted toward adults who actually have a key ring on which to attach said swag.

Game Day Mason Jar (25 Oz.)

Game Day Mason Jar (25 Oz.)

Probably the most common place during the Fourth of July festivities to receive patriotic promotional products is the parade. Children flock from all around to catch candy and other small toys (which are promotional products!), and their parents are never too far behind. One of the giveaways you might see in this year’s heat is the Game Day Mason Jar. Water bottles and canteens are always a great giveaway when you are participating in a summer outdoor event, but nothing says America quite like a Mason jar.

Rubberized Sunglasses

Rubberized Sunglasses

Another popular parade promo is sunglasses to shade parade-goers from the bright July sun. A red imprint on a pair of blue and white Rubberized Sunglasses would keep the Independence Day colors, but you may receive a pair of red or blue Neon Rubber Sunglasses with a white imprint.

American Flag Paper Easel Frames

American Flag Paper Easel Frames

While you’re walking around after the parade, there are sure to be a lot of booths, stands and all varieties of tables giving away goodies to celebrate the  Fourth of July. One giveaway you may see that’s great for capturing the moment forever is the American Flag Paper Easel Frame. Super patriotic with an American flag background, this is a giveaway you’re most likely to see at photo booths and photographer’s tables.

You know what I think more businesses should give away to their customers on July 4th? Evergreen Trees (in either tubes or bags). All of the concession-type stands generate a ton of garbage, which doesn’t exactly say, “This land was made for you and me.” I think it would be a much better Fourth of July memory if vendors put their logos onto these seedling packages and encouraged people to give back to their land!

The most apparent patriotic promotional products I see during festivities are… personalized t-shirts! Gray cotton is commonly used as a canvas for red, white, and blue flag patterns, stars, “USA” insignia, and more. Comfy, breathable shirts like the Hanes Authentic Tagless T-shirt would be an excellent choice for companies that wish to get their design noticed in gigantic July 4th crowds.

Did you learn anything today? Do you think you’ll receive any of these patriotic gifts from your town’s Fourth of July parties and gatherings? If you do, please tell us about it! Comment on this post and be sure to stay in contact with us on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for reading the Quality Logo Products blog, and have a happy and safe July 4th!

(The eagle-shaped stress ball at the top of this post is the Eagle Stress Reliever.)

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