Open wide! Peace of Mind Dental is our focus for this month’s look into the exciting world of logo design. This dental startup turned to 99designs for a new logo to help promote what makes them unique, which in this case is the practice’s aim to ease patient anxieties during visits.

Fifty different designers competed to create the right logo for this holistic dental practice, but there could only be one champion. Below, check out the winning logo design and two of its competitors on our Tooth Shaped Dental Floss with Keychain. Sticking your logo on some floss is a great way to stay relevant in your client’s everyday life. Whether it’s after meals or on the go, flossing never has to feel like a chore with this handy keychain around.

At any rate, let’s get into the logos that were created for Peace of Mind Dental!


The winner: Design #1

Who should have won: Design #1


This competition’s winning design really captures the peacefulness that is prioritized by Peace of Mind Dental. The rounded shapes and crisp lettering are professional yet friendly, offering a welcoming place for customers with even the worst cavities or root canals.

Design #1 [winning logo]

Over the last few years, there has been a rising trend in companies that practice holistic medicine and prescribe natural remedies. The lotus, a commonly recognized symbol of purity and health, comes hand in hand with this trend.

It’s likely that you’ve seen at least one, if not dozens of health and wellness related companies, yoga studios, and spas utilizing the spreading petals of the lotus in their logos or advertising.

Making use of a recognizable, trendy symbol in your logo design takes a level of finesse and creativity in order to make it distinct and memorable. This winning logo nails it, combining the symbolic lotus petals with a rounded silhouette of a tooth. The use of soft, organic shapes to create the lotus and the tooth make for a logo that is easy to look at.

Science has proven that objects or images with sharp edges alert an instinctual avoidance response. This neurological response is probably due to the fact that, in our daily lives, sharp objects are usually dangerous.

Design #1’s font choice promotes the air of professionalism that you would expect from a dental practice, while the use of green makes it feel warm and earthy. This will make the logo stand out from other medical and pharmaceutical practices that often choose a sterile blue hue.

Design #2

Clarity in Concept and Execution

Design #2 would be much more suited to an Eau de Parfum or day spa. While it does suggest that a client going to this dental practice would have a relaxing time, it fails to represent Peace of Mind Dental as what it actually is- a dental practice.

Even with that aside, complex images and cursive fonts can become very difficult to read, especially when sized down for a business card or promotional items like pens and water bottles! A clean and easy to read font face is always the better choice.

Design #3

Think of Your Audience First

Let’s face it, Design #3 isn’t doing Peace of Mind Dental any favors. In fact, looking at this logo might even cause the patients to feel anxiety about their next visit! The swirls wrap around the blue tooth-like shape and appear to form a drill, bringing to mind some particularly painful dental procedures. This design would have been more successful had it veered away from any sharp points or lines that could be mistaken for hooks or drills.

Maintaining clear visual hierarchy is also crucial when designing a logo. Our eyes will first notice images and pops of color, which here draw the viewer’s attention to the tooth shape and then the word “Mind”. Emphasizing this word in particular was a poor design choice since, here, it doesn’t mean much of anything when separated from the rest of the phrase “Peace of Mind”.  Design #1 (and even #2) knew better than to break apart this important phrasing.

Final Thoughts

Although we can’t make someone overcome their fear of the dentist, we can help dentists create great logos for their practices. Take a look through our previous logo design lessons to learn even more about how to make the hit logo your company deserves.

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