Photo Mug Gift Ideas

  1. Glossy Photo Mug
  2. Magic Photo Mug
  3. Two Tone Mug
  4. To-Go Style Travel Mug
  5. Mug With Hot Cocoa
  6. Dye Sublimation Mug (White)
  7. Dye Sublimation Mug (Black)
  8. Mug With Accent Handle
  9. Wrap Around Mug
  10. Photo Coffee Tumbler

It can be a real struggle to find meaningful gifts for your family and friends. The stores don’t always have the right thing, and sometimes it seems easisublimaer to just give out money or a gift card and call it a day.

Well, that defeatist attitude ends here! If you’re looking for the best gifts, you can’t go wrong with photo mugs. They’re special, unique, and work for just about every occasion, whether it’s Christmas, Mother’s Day, a family wedding, thank you gifts, or a graduation.

Check out 10 photo mugs that will be cherished gifts for years. All they need is the right candid shot printed on the front!

#1: Glossy Photo Mug

A white ceramic mug with a glossy shine makes any headshot look more glamorous! Print it with either a saturated or black & white photo to really give off that old school charm!

Get it here: Glossy Photo Mug

#2: Magic Photo Mug

Pour in the hot coffee and watch as your photo comes to life before your eyes! These magic mugs are great novelty gifts for your loved ones around the holidays. There’s no way it will end up in the White Elephant pile next year!

Get it here: Magic Photo Mug

#3: Two Tone Mug

A bright pop of color can bring joy to even the biggest grouch’s day! These two tone mugs, which feature your photo on the outside, still have a little color peeking through in the interior and on the handle.

Get it here: Dye Blast Mug

#4: To-Go Style Travel Mug

People are busy these days, which is why a custom photo travel mug is sure to be a winning gift! Your loved ones can take their caffeine on the road, all while smiling at the pic on the front. Who knows? Maybe it’ll keep that road rage at bay!

Get it here: Coffee Travel Mug

#5: Mug With Hot Cocoa

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but these mugs are so delightful! Treat everyone on your list to photo mugs filled with sweet peppermint hot cocoa. It’ll be a welcome gift for parents after they come inside from playing in the snow with their kids!

Get it here: Mug and Hot Cocoa Set

#6: Dye Sublimation Mug (White)

Sublimation is the process of using heat to create a colorful print. Ultimately, this makes your mug look like a work of art! You can customize sublimated white mugs with colorful collages of your favorite photos.

Get it here: Dye Sublimation Mug

#7: Dye Sublimation Mug (Black)

You can also order sublimated photo mugs in black! These are more professional than the white mugs, and look best printed with outdoorsy photos. It’s almost like you can hop right in that pile of leaves!

Get it here: Black Stoneware Executive Mug

#8: Mug With Accent Handle

Do you want the best mugs to give out this Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? Go with this stylish drinkware! It has Crayola-inspired colors and looks insanely adorable printed with your favorite childhood photo.

Get it here: Accent Mug

#9: Wrap Around Mug

If you have a big family, get your photos printed on mugs with a wrap-around imprint. The photo will start on the front and work its way to the back. That way everyone, even Great Grandma Betty, gets to be in the picture!

Get it here: Wrap Around Ceramic Mug

#10: Photo Coffee Tumbler

Your friends and family are going to love carrying a photo tumbler around at the office. It’s big enough to hold their coffee, and there’s plenty of room to print a truly stunning photo on the front. Choose your absolute favorite pic, and if you want, add a few clipart images to really bring it to life!

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Final Thoughts

While a canvas print of your favorite photo is an elegant gift, there’s something more wholesome and down-to-earth about a mug. It’s just another part of a person’s day, and with that in mind, it will always have a place in their home.

Photo mugs as gifts create all the cozy feels, and may just warm hearts as much as a good cup of coffee. So go ahead and give any of the suggestions above out this year! Quality Logo Products® is always here to help you order them in bulk.

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