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What You Need to Know about Placing a T-Shirt Order: 9 Questions Answered

With the melting of winter snow and budding of spring flowers, the time comes for customers to pack away their heavy winter coats and search for their t-shirts. Now’s the time to gear up for ordering t-shirts for your company softball league or the golf shirts your employees will be wearing at your annual charity golf outing.

You might be cruising our apparel pages and seeing some items that look just right for what you have in mind, but questions are popping into your head faster than you can help it. That’s okay, and why we’re always here! I’ve talked to our sales team and came up with a list of the most asked questions that I’m sure include a few of the ones in your mind right now. Take a look and see if your concern is addressed below…

1. Can I order a quantity below the minimum quantity amount listed on a product page?

Let’s say you have an epic opening day event planned for your bar or restaurant to welcome in baseball season and you want your waitresses and hostesses to wear a baseball themed shirt. However, you only need 15 of the Bella Ladies’ Rib Short Sleeve Ringer T-shirt (pictured below) but the minimum order quantity is 24. Can you pay for only 15 shirts?

min order amount

Unfortunately, the minimum quantities of our products are set by our factories and ordering less than the minimum cannot be done. Quality Logo Products is a ‘quantity distributor’ which means that we need to meet the minimum quantity of each item in order to receive our special low pricing from the factories. But hey, with us helping with your artwork you could always try to sell any extras to customers or include them in an opening day gift basket prize giveaway!

2. Is there an additional charge for mixing up sizes? Will I get charged more if I order 12 smalls, 5 mediums, 9 larges, 23 extra-larges, and 1 XXLs of a shirt?

Mixing is a-okay with us for sizes and colors! If you’re ordering for a group of adults and you know you’ll need: 12 smalls, 5 mediums, 9 larges, and 23 extra-larges of a shirt there is no additional charge for mixing up sizes. The only times you’ll pay extra is if you need a larger size than what’s shown: XXL shirts are an additional $2.00 per shirt, XXXL is $2.50 more per shirt and XXXXL is available for an extra $3.00 per shirt.

Feel free to mix the colors of the shirt style you’re ordering as well! Order up promotional shirts in orange, yellow, and red without paying an additional charge. As long as the imprint color stays the same on all the colors of shirts you order, go crazy!

In line with this, one question that we get a lot regards ordering youth sized shirts and adult sizes. A youth t-shirt like this Colored Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton Youth T-shirt will have a different item number than the Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton T-shirt for adults, so therefore they require a separate setup. We do this for your benefit because you wouldn’t want a youth sized Small shirt to have the same sized imprint as on an adult XXL, you want the scale to be just right.

3. Is there a “best” imprint style (screen printed, embroidered, etc.) I should use for my shirts?

We do it all here, if you want laser engraved shirts, embroidered shirts, or a classic screen printed shirt, we’ve got you covered. However, we recommend that if you’re printing a large logo onto the front or back of a t-shirt, going with a screen printed style for the best quality. If you’re looking at just imprinting your company’s name onto a smaller area, then embroidery is your best bet. There are trade-offs, screen printing will be the most cost-effective option while embroidery will last longer but is more expensive. It all comes down to what exactly your shirts will be used for.

4. If I want an embroidered logo on my company’s golf shirts, where should I look and see which thread colors are available?

Going with the golf outing shirts example, getting thread colors to match your logo is a snap. This link here will send you the page where you can find the best matching thread color possible. Most of our factories work with standard Madeira thread colors so we can match the colors of your logo with a thread pretty darn close. Don’t worry, even if they don’t use Madeira thread colors, we will work with you to make sure you have a good match. An exact match can’t be guaranteed but we’ll do our best to make it as close as possible.

Before you click out of this blog and head on over to start your embroidery adventure, we recommend you send in your artwork before placing the order. Why? An embroidered logo or company name includes a certain number of stitches. This Quinn Short Sleeve Polo Shirt includes 10,000 stitches in the price. However, do you know if that will be enough for your logo? Our sales team can obtain a correct stitch count for what you have in mind and send you the most accurate pricing. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than finding out 10,000 stitches will only get you the first seven letters of your twelve lettered company name.

5. What fonts are available for me to choose from?

Don’t worry – you’re not just limited to Comic Sans for your chosen font. We have a list of fonts available for you to choose from which you can visit here. If you have a specific font in mind you would like to use, check with your sales team member and we’ll make sure that font style is available for you to use or show you something similar.

6. Is it possible to get my team’s mascot on our t-shirts done with two or three colors, or am I only able to do a one color imprint?

Your team’s mascot can rock as many imprint colors as you want! A multi-colored imprint is not a problem for us, even though the pricing on our website usually includes a one-color imprint location, which you can see highlighted below:

multi imprint

If you want your team or company name on the front with your logo on the back or on a sleeve, we can help with that. Our sales team members are the best in the promotional products industry and they want you to be 1000% (yes, not just 100%) happy with your order!

Just let your sales team member know exactly how many colors you’re interested in and the locations of your imprints then we can send you out a custom quote that reflects the artwork you’re interested in.

7. I’m trying to keep my shirts within a tight budget, what can you recommend me doing or avoiding?

Ordering customized t-shirts won’t put you in the red on your accounting balance sheet. It’s totally possible to stay within and sometimes even under your budget ordering with us. If you love the idea of promotional shirts, but don’t want to be paying them off for the next three years, we suggest ordering the Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton T-Shirts (White) and sticking with a single color imprint on one location. You can still get the brand or team awareness you want, but you won’t have to worry about dipping into next year’s promotion budget.

8. Is the production time of t-shirts the same process as for other promotional items?

Production time is similar for our shirts and any of our other products. They typically take 7-10 business days in printing plus time in transit from the factory to you. You can learn more about that aspect of the ordering process by checking out this previous published blog on QLP’s Production Times.


9. Is rush shipping available on my customized t-shirts?

Rush production and shipping is available on some customized t-shirt orders. We can work with a particular date you need your shirts by, just let your sales representative know when you place the order so they can make sure you receive the most accurate pricing.

Spring is the perfect time to order some promotional t-shirts to help promote your company’s name or your local sport’s team. They’re great for employees to wear at the event you’re hosting for the first time or the annual event you do every year! If you still have questions about ordering custom shirts from us, we’re happy to lend an ear and address anything that’s stressing you out. You can call us at (866) 312-5646, email us at or by sending an instant message via our Live U.S. Support help.

Do you have a favorite shirt you received from a company? Where do you re-wear your customized shirts? Would you work with a company if you had a free promotional t-shirt from them? I’d love to know, shout off in the comments below!

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