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Please Welcome ‘Cedar Crest Manufacturing’ to the Promotional Advertising Industry!

The employees of Quality Logo Products® are always thrilled to hear about new promotional items, but we’re also happy to hear about knowledgeable businesspeople who take the initiative to start their own companies. That’s why we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce Cedar Crest Manufacturing!

Cedar Crest Manufacturing is technically new, but its staff members definitely aren’t industry noobs. The company has over 80 years of combined experience with promotional writing instruments, and they’re more than capable of handling the demands of the industry. According to Cedar Crest, many (if not most) of their employees used to work for Souvenir (a writing instrument supplier formerly located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa) until serious 2008 floods forced its parent company to relocate the plant to Minnesota. Rather than let this unfortunate incident put them down, a handful of the experienced and freshly-out-of-work Souvenir associates decided to stay in Iowa and start their very own quality pen company. Two of those associates are Doug Miskimen, a former General Manager with 32 years of service under his belt, and Dave Thalacker, a former Director of Operations with 12 years of experience.

Just like Quality Logo Products®, Cedar Crest Manufacturing understands the value of superior service and well-made products. Join us in congratulating the Cedar Crest staff on this endeavor!

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  1. QLP Kid

    Welcome Cedar Crest Manufacturing!

  2. Scooby DOO!


    When can we expect to see some of their line on the site?

    • QLP Jill

      There are about 20 on the site now. A few of us are holding on to our samples for dear life – they’re pretty awesome and they write really smoothly.

      If you don’t believe me, then just ask QLP Kid how much he LOVES his Cedar Crest pen! 😉

  3. Becky Gatch

    Nice….hook me up with some samples if you can. Very competitive prices too! I’m sure they’ll be a top seller!

  4. Kat

    I met the rep that came in for Cedar Crest when he was introducing their company. He gave me some display samples, a bag of samples and then a few to use for myself. I must say, I LOVE the way they write. Anytime someone asks to borrow my pen they always say “Wow, I like that pen!”.

  5. Bret Bonnet

    These pens rock!, and I “SO” loved working with Souvenir before they were shut down. I’m extremely happy to see our peeps from Cedar Rapids, Iowa bounce back with such an impressive pen offering.

    These pens are ultra affordable, write better than any other pen that I’ve ever owned, and the plastic pens are so “HEAVY” – they almost feel like you’re writing with a metal pen (but you’re not).

    I once tried taking QLP Kid’s sample pen; I still have the teeth marks to prove how much he loves the stinking thing. Good luck getting it away from him.

  6. skelly

    I stole a pen from QLP Kid for about a day and he already stole the thing back! They are pretty awesome!

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