Water bottle brands are almost as fashionable as clothing or shoe brands. You’ll find bottles in a variety of fun colors and with stylish prints on the front at stores like Target, H&M, and Forever 21. This trendy drinkware is even offered as swag at places like your local gym or library.

A cool water bottle is a status symbol, but it’s even more exciting when you can customize the front with your logo, name, or a hilarious quote. That’s the beauty of the brands featured in this list.

Popular Water Bottle Brands to Try

  1. CamelBak
  2. Nalgene
  3. H2GO
  4. Contigo
  5. Thermos
  6. YETI
  7. Columbia
  8. Igloo
  9. Coleman
  10. Urban Peak

Here are the top 10 popular water bottle brands of all time. These brands are known for their durability, cute look, and insulation.  

1. CamelBak Water Bottles

custom camelbak water bottles

Year: 1989

Instagram: @camelbak

Shop: Custom CamelBak Bottles

Plastic water bottle brands get a bum rap, but CamelBak deserves heaps of praise. This brand is known for their leakproof lids and easy-sip straws. Print your logo on CamelBak bottles, and offer them as souvenirs at your hiking trail or campground.

2. Nalgene Water Bottles

custom nalgene water bottles

Year: 1949

Instagram: @nalgene

Shop: Custom Nalgene Bottles

Nalgene water bottles are proudly made in the USA. As a bonus, many of their bottles are also extremely eco-friendly since they’re made with recycled plastic. Scoop up these brand name water bottles to sell as fundraising items at your nonprofit or school.

3. H2GO Water Bottles

custom H2GO water bottles

Year: 2015

Instagram: @h2gohawaii

Shop: Custom h2go Bottles

Do you want drinkware that’s Instagram-ready? H2GO water bottles have double wall vacuum insulation and are available in a ton of trendy colors like matte orange, rose gold, and shimmery iridescent. You can sell these cool custom water bottles at your boutique or clothing store.

4. Contigo Water Bottles

custom contigo water bottles

Year: 2014

Instagram: @gocontigo

Shop: Custom Contigo Bottles

Contigo is best known for their slim design. Their skinny water bottles fit perfectly in a car’s cupholder, or in the side pocket of a backpack. These water bottles also have a push button to activate the lid, making them ideal for quick sips during a workout. Offer Contigo water bottles at your gym or fitness studio.

5. Thermos Water Bottles

custom thermos water bottles

Year: 1904

Instagram: @thermosbrand

Shop: Custom Thermos Bottles

Whether you want ice water or piping hot coffee, you can sip it from a Thermos water bottle. These insulated bottles are able to keep the temperature of both hot and cold drinks, making them ideal for any season of the year. Ski lodges, music festivals, baseball fields, and any other outdoor or nature-themed venue should offer these brand name water bottles.

6. YETI Water Bottles

custom YETI water bottles

Year: 2006

Instagram: @yeti

Shop: Custom YETI Bottles

When it comes to the best water bottle brands, none is better than YETI. This brand is famous for their coolers, but they also offer cool water bottles with the same insulation. YETI water bottles are a bit of a splurge, so consider offering them in a gift basket at a raffle. You can also give them away to a few lucky winners of a social media contest.

7. Columbia Water Bottles

custom Columbia water bottles

Year: 1938

Instagram: @columbia1938

Shop: Custom Columbia Bottles

Now that water bottles are trendy, a ton of clothing brands are also getting in on the action. Just look at Columbia, a company that offers sweatshirts, bags, and plenty of durable water bottles. Columbia water bottles are just as stylish and durable as they’re apparel and make great corporate gifts for everyone on your team.

8. Igloo Water Bottles

custom igloo water bottles

Year: 1961

Instagram: @igloocoolers

Shop: Custom Igloo Bottles

Here’s another cool brand in the water bottle game! Igloo water bottles offer the same insulation as YETI, but they typically have a larger capacity. Fill them up with as much as 64 ounces of water! These branded water bottles are especially great for triathlons, mountaineering, and extreme sports.

9. Coleman Water Bottles

custom Coleman water bottles

Year: 1900

Instagram: @colemanusa

Shop: Custom Coleman Bottles

For over 100 years, Coleman has been the brand name for camping, hiking, and outdoor living. Their bottles are designed to need less refills, holding as much as a half-gallon of water! They’re also equipped with a carrying handle. Coleman water bottles are a must for anyone spending time in the forest or woods.

10. Urban Peak Water Bottles

custom urban peak water bottles

Year: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Shop: Custom Urban Peak Bottles

The brand names on this list are all fairly popular, but we need at least one underdog, so don’t overlook the sleek water bottles offered by Urban Peak! This company is an all-star in the promotional products industry with a fine selection of water bottles, tumblers, and travel mugs.

Final Thoughts

Brand name water bottles are great swag for small businesses, schools, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies. With a custom design on the front, they’re also fun for personal events like weddings, class reunions, and birthday parties.

Everybody loves a good water bottle, so you may as well go with a tried-and-true brand like the names featured on this list. Reach out to the team at Quality Logo Products® to get your custom order started!

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