The Power of Pouch Packaging: Drink Pouches Are Making a Comeback

If you were a kid growing up during the nineties or if you had a kid during this time, then you probably vividly recall how important it was to pack a Capri-Sun at lunch. All the cool kids sipped and slurped that delicious fruit flavored juice drink blend out of those awesome pouches and then played with the empty pouch when they were done — it’s okay to admit you did it, too.

If you’re taking a trip down memory lane, then great news for those of you out there who have noticed a lack of pouches filled with tasty drinks in your life. Pouches are coming back and are being incorporated into all age groups from toddlers to adults. The year of the pouch is upon us, so get ready!


Happy, smiling toddlers are always better than sad, crying ones

Gerber, a major baby food brand and all-around ‘baby’ company features Graduates Grabbers which are squeezable pouches filled with fruit or fruit & veggie combos. They’re great for toddlers because it’s easy for them to feed themselves (who hasn’t heard a toddler some time in their life say, “NO! I wanna do it!”?) and they’re easy to throw in a diaper bag or purse and go.

Parents love that their little one is eating something delicious and nutritious and the kids are excited they can do something without an adult needing to do it for them. Sounds like a quiet car ride instead of one filled with a child screaming about being hungry.


The company that has become synonymous with soup has been trying to attract the millennial group to their brand with a new and unique product: Campbell’s Go. These pouches are filled with soup and they were created to win over this sometimes tricky age group in the soup market.

Pouches keep Mother Nature alive and thriving!

How are pouches going to win them over? One of the major concerns this generation has is the environment. According to editorial director of Packaging Digest, John Kalkowski, [pouches] reduce the amount of materials that are required for packaging,” which is something environmentally-conscious consumers will applaud.

Another reason why marketers are a-okay with this new packaging design is that pouches “also gives you a pretty good surface for advertising, for marketing the product.” Hmm, reduces materials used while still proving ample advertising space? Seems like a match made in packaging heaven! Oh yes, it does exist.

Why the sudden popularity?

Alcohol marketers have discovered that consumers seem to enjoy the ‘pick up and go’ mentality of this packaging. Arbor Mist and Smirnoff saw the sales of their pouched beverages jump 153% to over $150 million in the financial year ending June 23, according to Nielsen and is only expected to continue to grow.

“So, who wants to make me a drink?” (crickets chirping)

Consumers love them because a single-serve 10-ounce pouch retails for around $1.99, which means they’re a favorite among penny-pinchers. This style of packaging also saves the consumer time being the party “bartender”. Buy a couple of these pouches for a get-together and instead of having to make a trip to the liquor store, a trip to the grocery store, and dirtying up your blender, you can rip ‘em open and pour into a glass. Bing. Bang. Boom. Done.

Who’s jumping on/off the bandwagon?

  • Arbor Mist rolled out frozen wine cocktails and will soon add the fast-growing Moscato variety to their product offerings
  • Brown-Forman, maker of Jack Daniel’s, “tried this packaging once with Tropical Freezes in 1995 and the product was not a success,” said a spokesman. They were burned once and have no plans to jump again in the pouch pool. Perhaps consumers weren’t ready for this style of packaging? I think another try wouldn’t hurt.

Labor Day has come and gone and Autumn is just a few weeks away, but whether you’re giving your toddler a snack, heating up some soup for lunch or catching up with friends after a long day of work, pouches are there and ready to be ripped open and enjoyed!

What do you think of this latest packaging craze — are you on board? What other food or drink would you like to see in pouch form? Did you have a favorite flavor of Capri-Sun? Sound off below!

Header Picture Credit: kendalkinggroup.