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Prom Giveaways and School Dance Souvenirs: 5 Lovely Personalized Gift Ideas

Proms and homecoming dances are full of memories and they go by in a flash. During all of the chaos of my own dances, I never stopped to think much about the great favors I received for buying a ticket to the dance. But little did I realize that those giveaways would stick with me for years to come!

I still have the fun little trinkets from all the dances I attended; they are filled with great memories. That is why it’s so important to make sure you’re giving away quality, enjoyable favors for school dances, proms, and activities. So, to make sure others have the same positive experiences, I’m sharing some of my favorite customizable promotional products for school functions:

Picture Frames

Prom Paper Easel Frame

Prom Paper Easel Frame

I received a unique picture frame for both my senior and junior proms, which was perfect for holding a professional photo taken that night. I still have the pictures — in the original frames — displayed in my house. You could opt for magnetic picture frames to save some money, or you have other options as well. The Prom Paper Easel Frame (appropriately named) and the Magnetic Spin Frame are both worthwhile choices for prom favors. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more unique, the Bobble Head Prom Picture Frame is really neat!


Key Chains

The Pellicola Keychain

The Pellicola Keychain

All four years for homecoming dances, I received a cool little key chain that had something to do with the theme of our dance. My freshman year’s theme was “Lights, Cameras, Action,” and we each got a film-themed key chain with the date and theme imprinted on it. If you prefer something less cheesy, a picture frame key chain allows you to combine two favors in one! I received a mini-picture frame key chain my junior year and had it on my keys until graduation the following year. If you’re having a tough time choosing a the perfect key chain, then you can’t go wrong with a stress ball key chain or a plush animal key chain. They are adorable and come in many different animal species to match your school’s mascot (for example, eagles or wolves).


Malibu Sunglasses

Malibu Sunglasses

I never did get a sweet pair of sunglasses from a school dance, but you better believe I would have loved it! The Malibu Sunglasses are a great choice because they are available in tons of great bright colors and have a classic design that looks great on everyone. Rubberized sunglasses also provide plenty of style without going over the prom budget. However, if money isn’t an issue, then consider Wrap-Around Sunglasses for your students as well. They’re as classy as it gets.


License Plate Frames

License Plate Frame

License Plate Frame

Owning a car is a rite of passage for high school students, because they have their own freedom and new responsibilities. Personalized license plate frames are relatively inexpensive and they allow students to show their school pride for a long time after the dance is over! The Universal Auto License Plate Frame would be a great favor for prom attendees, since prom dances are primarily for upper classmen who probably have a car of their own. When prom attendees drive their cars to school the next day, all their classmates will know who was there and who was square!


Keepsake Drinkware

Clear Mixing Glass

Clear Mixing Glass

There are so many different types of personalized drinkware! Wine or champagne glasses may not be the best choice for underage kids, but there are plenty of “safe” options to choose from. Personalized mixing glasses (pictured) hold 16 ounces of pop or kiddie cocktails, and they’re made of sturdy clear glass. If you’re worried that real glass may break during shipping, then you may like acrylic tumblers with straws or mood color-changing glasses instead. From mood steins to color-changing stadium cups, there’s a favor to match any dance’s colors and decor.

See, you can cherish your school dance memories forever with well-chosen promotional products!

I love reminiscing about my high school days. Seeing my best friends every day, attending after school activities, participating in homecoming week, going to prom and graduation…those were the good old days. Some people didn’t really like high school, which is understandable. I didn’t like all the work I had to do for my classes or some of my other classmates, but overall it was a great experience in my life. Some of my fondest memories were from the homecoming dances and proms. It was so much fun shopping for the perfect dress and shoes, getting my hair and nails done, pictures with all my girlfriends and our dates, and, of course, dancing until our feet were sore. Why shouldn’t we get to remember that after graduation? A clever giveaway only helps to inspire memories after the dance is over, so hop to it!

What do you think about my picks for school dance promos? What type of favors do you remember receiving at high school dances and do you have any more suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

Image credit to Natalie Pacheco.


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  1. Jaimie Smith

    Jen you covered this perfectly! Prom giveaways need to be something special. My favorite has always been the picture keychain. Its simple, and something you can have with you for a long time.

    It is very important to make sure you give out appropriate gifts as well. There was one year at Yorkville where the prom did not give out an appropriate gift. The Friday before prom they had a speaker come in to give a personal story on drinking and driving, a very touching story to try and convince the high schoolers to not go out and get drunk after their prom. It was a very moving story that touched so many people…
    but then when prom came, the promotional giveaways were shot glasses for the girls and beer mugs for the guys. Obviously this would be great for a wedding or something. But after hearing a heartfelt story on why underaged kids should not drink after prom, they then receive a reason TO drink after prom. That was just a promo product gone wrong in my opinion.

    • Jen

      What!?!? That is nuts! You are right, that is a promo products gone wrong for sure!

  2. amy

    I love the prom themed picture frame idea, Jen! That was always the first thing kids did on the Sunday after prom was go out and develop their pictures and buy frames. Schools could resell the frames at the dance and pocket the extra cash for improvements around the school or to go to their class gift fund.

    Marvelous ideas, Jen! Great job!

    • Jen

      Very true, developing pictures was the first thing I would do after a school dance. That’s why the frames are a no brainer for students! And I love your idea for the school to resell the left overs to make extra cash for school improvements. Great idea Amy!

  3. Rachel

    I had a silver star keychain from one of my high school dances for a while … had completely forgotten about it until this post. 🙂 Also, I love the sunglasses idea! Those would be way fun. Great choices, Jen!

    • Jen

      Thanks Rachel, I would have loved a pair of those sweet sunglasses in high school! Key chains are great, but some cool shades would be better. 🙂

  4. Eric

    Picture frames are actually a smarter idea than most people would figure. We had promotional…pyjama pants? Nice for the moment, but especially if it was senior prom you were going to, there’s not much a use for ’em once you’ve graduated, i.e., two months later.

    And you know I can’t ever turn away a good pair of sunglasses. 🙂

    Smart stuff, Jen!

  5. Mandy Kilinskis

    I received a nice metal picture frame and a metal star key chain from my prom days. The metal items with the laser engraved imprints look really classy and sophisticated, which was a great way to remember the fun of going to prom.

    Great round up of products, Jen!

  6. Jill Tooley

    I don’t miss high school AT ALL, but I did enjoy attending the dances. My prom photos have gotten scattered (and tattered) since I’ve moved so many times since then, so a picture frame would’ve been nice! Although, my school was kind of cheap and probably wouldn’t have sprung for such a nice photo frame.

    The license plate frames are a cute idea — never would have thought of those. I can think of several classmates who would’ve been all over that!

    Side note, did you keep all of your prom dresses after you graduated? I think I still have mine stuffed in a box somewhere, haha! If only I was that size again…sigh.

    Nice post!!

    • Jen

      I know I have the dress from Senior year Prom and Homecoming, but I’m not sure about my other dresses, they may have been sold in a garage sale.

  7. Jenna Markowski

    This was a really great, timely post, Jen! I had completely forgotten that I received a keychain at my senior prom, and as it turns out I still have it on my keyring right now — almost 4 years later! In addition to the keychain we all got photo albums like this one:, which takes the picture frame idea to a whole other level. You’re totally right — the day after prom I hurried to get all of my pictures from the night printed and now I still have all of my prom pictures together in one little album! 🙂

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