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Personalized Energy Products That Will Give Your Brand Some Pep!

The reasons you and your customers are drinking energy drinks are so different that there’s no one right answer. You could be sipping from one this morning because of that darn football game you went to last night that just had to go into overtime. Or because of that newborn of yours who kept you up into the wee hours of the morning.

Regardless of the reason, some people need to get caffeine into their systems as soon as possible in order to be a functioning member of society. Why not use this opportunity to promote your company’s name at the same time? Whether you’re giving out energy drinks at your bar or restaurant on New Year’s Eve or providing them to your wedding guests so they can make sure the price you paid for your DJ is well worth it, these energy-themed promotional products are the way to go!

Customized Energy Drinks

Energy Drink (8.4 Oz., Full Color)

Remember when you were a kid and you’d see rulers or customized license plates with your name on them? Bringing that to school almost made you as cool as the kid who had Dunkaroos in their lunch. Well, you can give this same feeling to your customers by giving out customized energy drinks with your company’s name on them! These energy drinks will certainly give your company the attention it deserves and your customers the caffeine they need.

Sugar Free 5 HOUR Energy Shot (2 Oz., Full Color)

Sometimes you just need a shot of caffeine to get you through a few more hours of work or studying, not a lot but just a little something-something. For these instances we have the Sugar Free 5 HOUR Energy Shot (2 Oz., Full Color) ready to be administered for that much needed dose of energy to push through the wall. These would be fun favors to include on your wedding tables or to give out to your patrons who are coming and spending money on tickets to attend your New Year’s Eve bash at your bar or restaurant.

Energy Drink Can Holders

Energy Drink Coolie – Large

Some mornings you need that 16 ounce can of caffeine to get your butt in gear and get things done. When that’s the case, this Energy Drink Coolie – Large will keep your drink cold and at the optimal drinking temperature. These customized drink coolies are made from open-cell SCUBA foam so they collapse to fit inside drawers or wherever you want to store them.

Small Energy Drink Coolie

If you refuse to drink anything but Red Bull, then don’t worry about having to drink it warm. We have promotional drink holders for energy drinks that are perfectly sized for that can size. These Small Energy Drink Coolies are perfect for when your guests or customers want to cut loose, but their energy levels are too low to continue.

Bonus Energy Boosters!

Profit Bountiful Bag (1 Oz., Heavy Snack Fill)

Okay, okay, once you’ve got the energy drinks and their respective can holders, what else could you possibly need? How about offering up some good old fashioned candy to perk up their blood sugar with? A bag (or two or three) of the Profit Bountiful Bag (1 Oz., Heavy Snack Fill) filled with their favorite candies is a sure-fire way to keep them going. You can opt for Jelly Bellies and M&Ms for your sugar loving customers or go for soy nuts, granola, or cashews to give them some sustenance while they’re dancing or hanging out.

If you’re getting ready for your bar’s or restaurant’s New Year’s Eve party or maybe you’re a college looking for fun promotional products to give out to your crazed students preparing for midterms or finals, look to energy drinks and the various customized items that go along with them. Your brand’s name won’t be thought of as old or out of date ever again!

Can you think of any other cool energy themed promotional items that should be included on this list? Where would you like see energy items being handed out at? Favorite energy drink to down? Sound off below!

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  1. Eric

    If I didn’t mind the “OHMYGODMAYHAVEAHEARTATTACK” feeling that comes with a can of Red Bull, I’d be all about that little, energy-drink-can-sized koozie. I’ve never seen a person get so classy they pour their energy drink into a secondary container, and – that said – this only seems the most logical way of keeping one cold, save, I don’t know, moving your office into a walk-in cooler.

    • Amy Swanson

      Hmmm… a walk-in cooler for an office? Some days ours feel that way, haha! You’re right though, they’ll definitely keep your energy drink at the optimal drinking temperature.

      FYI, I hope this doesn’t ruin my street cred, but I’ve only ever had a few sips of energy drinks, never an entire one. Heck, I really don’t even like regular coffee because it makes me sooooo jumpy and anxious. #GettingToKnowTheQLPBloggers

  2. Wash

    It’s Monday. I think I need some energy drinks and candy to get moving!

    • Amy Swanson


  3. Mikey

    I am, like, the antithesis of a morning person. It always takes me forever to wake up. There have been plenty of days when I wish I could stomach coffee, but I’ve never been able to stand the stuff. So, I must say, as someone who is probably the target demographic for these items, they sound really nice. Who wouldn’t like a little pick me up now and again, and we’ve all needed one from time to time. And what better place and time to get your name out to potential (and thankful) customers! Some great ideas, Amy!

    • Amy Swanson

      Thanks, Mike!

      It’s funny with coffee, you either love it or hate it, there really isn’t a middle-ground. My parents love it, my older sister hates it, and I love it. Go figure!

  4. Bret Bonnet

    I couldn’t surive without Red Bull. This is why I have my own dedicated Red Bull mini fridge in my office! 🙂

    • Amy Swanson

      Lol, I’m pretty sure Red Bull would notice their sales drop dramatically if you stopped buying it 😉

  5. Rachel

    Wow, I didn’t realize we had so many products that cater to energy drinks. Those aren’t really my thing, so I’m glad you included other energy booster ideas as well! I’d take a packet of candy any day 🙂 Cool post, Amy!

    • Amy Swanson

      I was really surprised too when I started researching products!

      Glad I could include a little something for everyone to enjoy 🙂 Thanks, Rachel!

  6. Jeff Porretto

    I personally have never enjoyed the RUUUUUSH of large doses of caffeine. The 5 hour energy looks intriguing for rough days though (maybe just a half). If I got it as a promo product I’d definitely give it a shot! Isn’t that the point??

    But really, caffeine promo products seem like no-brainers. If you need that fix, you’re bound to be ever so receptive to the “brought to you by” message on the wrapper =]

    • Amy Swanson

      Couldn’t agree with you more, Jeff! If you’re demographic feel into an age range that consumes a lot of energy drinks then you’d be crazy not to use the opportunity to show off your brand’s name.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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