Promo Item Pricing and why Lower Prices Does NOT Always Mean Lower Quality

Promo Item Pricing and why Lower Prices Does NOT Always Mean Lower Quality

Let me set the scene, if you will.

You’re looking to buy some promo items for your company’s next trade show. You want something useful and brightly colored and maybe, just maybe, a little fun.

So you pop over to our homepage and search for bottle openers. Since you have a little wiggle room with your budget, you decide to pick some that are a little more expensive. But when you call up and speak to your sales representative, they suggest a bottle opener that is cheaper than the one you set your heart on.

What gives? Why would our sales team try to talk you down to a lower quality item?

We’re not! We stand behind the quality of our items and we always want to make sure that you are getting the best advertising bang for your buck. That being said, if we see a way to save you money, we’re going to suggest that. There are many reasons why QLP may suggest a lower priced item for your giveaway.

1. Sales

The factories we work with will frequently place a lot of their best-selling or newer items on sale. So when those products go on sale, we will pass those savings on directly to you. This means that many times a bunch of our most popular items will cost less than their nearly-identical counterparts.

It’s also possible that we have worked directly with a factory on a special sale price for our customers. These are items that would be in our email blasts if you’re on our mailing list (and if you’re not, visit the bottom of our homepage and jump on!) and featured on our homepage.

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2. Popularity

Since Quality Logo Products is a quantity distributor, it means that the price per item decreases the more you buy. And that doesn’t just work for our customers; it works for us, too! We get great deals on some of our best-selling items because we sell so many of them. Again, because of the deals we get with the factory, we can pass those savings on to you.

There’s a reason that a product is a best-seller. It means that it’s been used (and loved) by plenty of clients, so we feel confident recommending it to you, even if the price is a little lower.

best selling promotional products

Let’s take the Cinch Up Backpack and the Champion Drawstring Cinch Backpack as examples. As you can see below, these bags look practically the same:


However, the price of the Cinch Up Backpack is significantly lower than the Champion Drawstring. That’s because our Cinch Up Backpack is consistently one of our best-selling products. And since it’s consistently a best-selling product, we have been able to work out a great deal with the factory.


**See note at bottom about potential price change.

Let’s take a look at another pair of bags: the Eco-Friendly Non Woven Tote Bag (Small) and the Non-Woven Promotional Tote Bag. Again, these bags are highly similar.


They are made out of the exact same material and have relatively close sizes, but the Eco-Friendly Non Woven Tote Bag costs a little less.


**See note at bottom about potential price change.

Even if you look at the regular prices the Eco-Friendly Non Woven Tote Bag comes out as the winner. Once again it’s because this bag is a more popular item, so we are able to get a better deal from the factory on it.

3. Quantity

All of our items have a minimum quantity order that must be met in order for us to process your order. In general, within similar items, if there is a larger minimum order quantity, the price is a little bit lower per item. But the items have to be very similar, like both must be plastic click pens or small non-woven tote bags. If you are deciding between a metal pen and a plastic pen, the metal pen is going to cost more no matter what because the materials cost more.

So, depending on how many promotional items you want to order, there may be a better quality item with a lower price but at a higher minimum order.

For example, you may have your eye on the Silhouette Grip Pen. This pen has a low price and minimum order amount of 150.

However, you’re going to need way more than 150 pens. You’re going to need more like 300 pens. So the sales representative may suggest the Storm Pen instead. This pen has a minimum order quantity of 300, but the price per pen is lower.


**See note at bottom about potential price change.

What about the opposite?

Now, it’s possible that you talk to a representative and they actually suggest an item that has a higher price than the one you asked about. We’re not trying to talk you into draining your advertising budget. It is possible that higher priced items may have a lower total cost than a less expensive one.

How so?

Like I said before, Quality Logo Products works with a ton of factories so that you have a ton of options when it comes to your promotional item needs. These factories are located all across the country. If you haven’t seen a map of our factories already, check it out below.


So if you’re ordering acrylic tumblers from Oregon, but the item you want ships from Pennsylvania, it’s going to cost a good deal of money to ship it almost the entire width of the country. However, if you decide to pay a couple more cents per item to get a tumbler from a factory in California, you’re going to be saving a bundle on shipping.

Now if you have your heart absolutely set on a particular item, that’s fine! Our sales reps will try and help you maximize your budget, but at the end of the day, it’s YOUR promotional item. If you know exactly what you want, we’ll help you get it.

If you’re a little bit more flexible about what you want, we’re happy to make sure to get you a promo product that both your accounting and your marketing team will love.

As always, we’re here to talk to you about the perfect promotional item for your upcoming giveaway. No matter what kind of impression you want to make, we want to help you make it. You can contact one of our QLP representatives by phone (1-866-312-5646), by email (, via our live chat, or by leaving a comment below.

Have you had any pricing questions when selecting your promotional items? Has someone ever suggested a lower or higher priced item to you? Let us know in the comments section!

**Please note that this is a screen shot from our website. The pricing on these items can and may change due to sales, material prices, or factory choices.

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  1. Jana Quinn

    These are really good points, Mandy. I’m definitely guilty of immediately assuming that something less expensive is going to be lower in quality, but I can see there are a lot of factors that go into pricing. The shipping one surprised me the most, but it does make a lot of sense.

  2. Jaimie Smith

    Such a helpful post! This is great for our customers that are looking for a great quality item but have a very tight budget for their event. I definitely understand the needs of BOTH quality and cost. In many places it is hard to find that balance in products, but not at QLP! 🙂

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