Promotional Items People Want, But Won’t Buy

  1. Cell phone wallets
  2. Bag clips
  3. Reusable drinkware
  4. Pens
  5. Tote bags
  6. Flash drives
  7. Ice packs

We all have items lying around our house that we rely on every day without even realizing it. Think about it: When was the last time you actually went out and purchased a bag clip for yourself? Probably never!

Promotional products, which are items that feature a custom design or logo, have been around for decades. Companies use them to make sure their brand is remembered, and customers love them because they’re fun and useful.

There’s a bunch of cool promotional items that make our lives a little easier, but that doesn’t mean we want to go out and buy them for ourselves. If you want to hit a home run when it comes to offering marketing giveaways to your clients, you won’t want to miss any of these must-haves!

1. Cell Phone Wallets

Cell phone wallet graphic

Cell phone wallets are one of the most genius inventions out there. They keep all your necessities tucked away with your phone, and you don’t even need a purse or bulky wallet! Few people will go out of their way to purchase their own cell phone wallet, which makes them one of the most clever giveaway items.

Giveaway Idea: Try sending cell phone wallets in the mail to your most-valued clients. They’re lightweight and easy to slip in a mailer. Plus, it will make their lives a little easier!

2. Bag Clips

Bag clip graphic

Have you ever been in a pinch and used a binder clip, rubber band, or paper clip as a chip clip? You’re not alone. Bag clips are one of the most valuable promotional products because everyone needs them! No one likes stale chips, and when you gift one with your logo or design front and center, clients will be reminded of your brand each time they go for a snack.

Giveaway Idea: Bag clips are easy to set out on a reception desk, waiting room table, or a trade show booth. You could even pair your clip with a snack-sized bag of crackers or chips!

3. Reusable Drinkware

Drink tumbler graphic

Reusable water bottles from the store can get pricey. They’re usually at the bottom of people’s lists when it comes to items they want to spend their hard-earned money on! Take the pressure off by gifting employees or customers with branded drinkware they can use over and over again. Your gift will also encourage them to stay hydrated, so it’s a win-win!

Giveaway Idea: Custom tumblers make great appreciation gifts for employees. Surprise your team by placing a tumbler at each of their desks so it’s the first thing they see when they get to the office. It will make them feel extra special!

4. Pens

Promotional pens graphic

I’m willing to bet you’ve got a drawer full of branded pens at home or in the office. There’s a reason for that! Pens are useful, and no one wants to make a special trip to the store to stock up on some writing instruments. Offer your customers branded pens if you want to give them something useful that they’ll hang on to for years!

Giveaway Idea: Before you leave a work event, always offer a custom pen to new contacts you make. They’ll appreciate having a pen they can use, and will be more likely to remember your brand!

5. Tote Bags

Tote bag graphic

Just because you can buy a tote bag from the store doesn’t mean your clients want to go out and pay for one. Today, having several tote bags on-hand is a necessity. It seems more grocery stores are encouraging them each day! When you take the time to gift these to your customers, you’re crossing one more thing off their to-do list for them.

Giveaway Idea: If you have a booth at a farmer’s market, trade show, or community event, put out a bunch of custom tote bags near your checkout station. You can offer them to customers to help hold their items!

6. Flash Drives

Flash drive graphic

There are some things that are just not exciting to purchase for yourself, and flash drives are one of them! They are insanely useful for our work and school needs, but most people don’t realize they need one until it’s too late. Anyone who has received a flash drive as a gift knows how much they come in handy!

Giveaway Idea: Step up your business card game by taping a flash drive to the back of your card! People are used to receiving plain business cards, so this unique approach will stand out to them. Not to mention, they’ll hang on to your flash drive for years!

7. Ice Packs

Hot and cold pack graphic

Ice packs probably aren’t at the top of your shopping list. They’re one of those items you just don’t think about until you need one! Considering no one wants to be without an ice pack, you should add these to your list of promotional products that people need. Think of how much your clients will love that you helped with one of their pain points, literally!

Giveaway Idea: Do you work for a fitness center or health club? Try offering custom ice packs to anyone who signs up for a membership or stops by for a tour.

Final Thoughts

Promotional products cheap….” that’s what you might type when searching for custom advertising products on Google. That’s why you’ll be glad to know the suggestions featured here are all budget-friendly!

It might seem overwhelming at first to choose giveaways, but there’s no shortage of products that people need. They want something that’s useful for their everyday lives, and they’re bound to have a more favorable opinion about your company if you give them these gifts.

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