Promote Your Brand and Save Your Planet on Earth Day!

Unfortunately, people often forget about Earth Day and fail to see its promotional potential. It’s been said that if we all pitch in and make a conscious effort to cut down on wasteful habits, then the world could truly be a better place…but how do you accomplish such a feat? You can start by breaking from the crowd this year and promoting your company with eco-friendly and biodegradable promotional items! Promotional products make great gifts, and if you play your cards right, then you just may be able to encourage environmental-consciousness through your marketing campaign this year.

Here are some promotional ideas that may help you and your customers get more involved with Earth Day:

Alpine Aluminum Water Bottle

Alpine Aluminum Water Bottle

First, research goings-on in your community to find out if there are any parades, marathons, or special events happening in honor of Earth Day. If there are, then contact the person in charge to see if you and/or your company can be recognized as a sponsor or a participant. Perhaps the bicyclists who choose to commute to work could use a reusable metal bottle to refresh themselves – I recommend the Alpine Aluminum Water Bottle. People won’t refuse such a valuable gift! Plus, by giving away a reusable sports bottle, you are encouraging people to reuse instead of wasting (and your brand will be promoted in the process). Or, maybe the Earth Day marathon runners could use an Eco Solar Pedometer to count their steps? There’s nothing like solar powered pedometers to show people that you’re serious about the environment.

I'm Not a Plastic Cup

I’m Not a Plastic Cup

Don’t forget about the people who are unable to ride bikes to work! Just think about the number of daily commuters who stop at their local Starbucks every morning to get coffee in a disposable paper cup…this is another great opportunity for you to reinforce your brand as well as to save the earth. One of my favorite eco-friendly promotional cups is called I’m Not a Plastic Cup, which is a ceramic coffee tumbler that looks exactly like a disposable cup! Another great cup is the Eco-Logic Mug. It’s made from corn plastic instead of petroleum plastic to take advantage of renewable resources and stop pumping petroleum fumes into the atmosphere. Both are reusable and washable, so people can use them over and over again and cut down on the amount of waste that goes into landfills. Commuters might also get a kick out of Budget Lunch Bags because then they wouldn’t have to feel like first-graders when they bring their lunch to work in a brown paper sack!

Classic Yo-Yo - Recycled

Classic Yo-Yo – Recycled

Speaking of first-graders, it may also be a good idea to educate children about the importance of Earth Day. If you’re looking for a fun way to get your message across to them, then you might like the Recycled Yo-Yo. It’s made of 100% recycled materials AND it provides entertainment – what else do you need?

Eco Foam Mobile Accessory Holder

Eco Foam Mobile Accessory Holder

If you want a giveaway that rewards those who already recycle and shows them their hard work is put to good use, try a product made from recycled bottles, like the Eco Foam Mobile Accessory Holder. When your customers hear this phone holder is made from recycled bottles, they will see that it’s a little giveaway with a big impact.

Bamboo USB Flash Drive

Bamboo USB Flash Drive

Speaking of small giveaways, a great pocket sized item with a big impact is the Bamboo USB Flash Drive. Not only is this item made from bamboo, which is a great alternative to traditional wood, it also will help your customers reduce paper waste by allowing them to bring their files with them instead of printing every email, article and photo they want to have at hand.

Solar Charger Pack

Solar Charger Pack

Okay, I’ll mention a couple more of my favorite Earth Day promo items before I end this post. I adore the Solar Charger Pack and the Hydr0 Water-Powered Clock, and I wish I had one of each by my bedside! The solar charger can recharge your cell phone or MP3 player by using the sun’s energy, and the hydro clock uses water instead of batteries. You don’t see promotional products like those every day, and that’s why I think they would make your brand stand out from the rest.

I could go on and on recommending earth-conscious promo items because I am passionate about them…but I won’t bombard you with too much at once! Just remember that your campaign should center around your message and your budget – don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you’re interested in more eco-friendly promo items, then you may want to check out one of my previous posts in which I gave props to 12 other awesome promotional products that would also be great for Earth Day giveaways.

What are your favorite Earth Day promotional items? What do you think about my eco-friendly choices? Reply to this blog post and share your thoughts. Thanks for reading the Quality Logo Products blog! (By the way, the cute little Earth-man in this blog’s picture is an Earth Bendy Squeezie, and he makes an excellent spokesperson for any advertising effort.)

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  1. Tristan

    In this day and age, you have to have an eco-friendly approach to your marketing…if you are seen as being insensitive it will have a lasting effect with your branding. This article depicts exactly how you should approach this with your promotional items and how to both brand with reducing the carbon footprint, very informative!

    • QLP Jill

      Thanks, Tristan! I tried to come up with eco-friendly ideas that would get the message across without being too abrasive. I appreciate the feedback, and I’m glad you enjoyed my post! :)

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