Promote Your Brand and Save Your Planet on Earth Day!

Earth Day, which falls on April 22, might not be as popular as New Year’s Eve or other holidays, and it’s certainly not as flashy (because dropping confetti on the ground to celebrate Earth Day would be a little weird, wouldn’t it?). It’s an important holiday, though, and every year, those of us who are aware of it hear the same claim: if we all pitch in and make a conscious effort to cut down on wasteful habits, then the world could truly be a better place.

But how can we do that when, for so many of us, our biggest concern is making sure our businesses succeed?

We’ve got good news: promotional products make great gifts, and with the right items, you just might be able to encourage environmental consciousness not only on Earth Day, but throughout your entire marketing calendar. Here are some promotional ideas that can help you and your customers get more involved on Earth Day and beyond!

Get Outside!

Take a look – are there any parades, marathons, nature hikes, or other special outdoor events happening in your community to mark the day? If so, find out who’s coordinating them and get in touch. Getting outside is a time-honored way to celebrate Mother Nature, and events like those can always use sponsors, especially if those sponsors have eco-friendly giveaways to share.

Water Bottles for Earth Day - QLPPerhaps the bicyclists in the crowd wouldn’t mind a reusable bottle to refresh themselves – I recommend the Evolve Sports Bottle. It has a large 28-ounce capacity, it’s made in the USA, and if it ends up in a landfill (not that it would, with your gorgeous logo on it!), it’ll biodegrade in one to five years. People won’t refuse such a valuable gift! Plus, by giving away a reusable sports bottle, you’re encouraging people to reuse instead of wasting (and your brand will be promoted in the process).

Or, maybe the Earth Day marathon runners out there could use a Solar Powered Pedometer to count their steps. There’s nothing like a pedometer running on solar power to show people that you’re serious about the environment. All of those steps shown on the pedometer’s digital display? That’s distance traveled without burning fossil fuels!

Get the Kids Involved!

Recycled Yo-Yos for Earth Day - QLPOf all the Earth Day events you could sponsor, there are probably plenty that are geared toward children, because as political candidates like to remind us, children are the future. So when you’re looking for branded giveaways, don’t rule out some that the kids (and their parents) will appreciate.

Our favorite picks? If you’re looking for a fun way to get your message across with older kids, then you might like the Classic Yo-Yo – Recycled. It’s made of 100% recycled materials AND it provides entertainment – what else do you need? If you prefer a toy that just about anyone can use (because as much fun as yo-yos are, I’m no good with them beyond the first yo), the 9” Flyer – Recycled might be right up your alley. It’s perfect for a day at one of those beautiful lakeside sites that Earth Day tries to preserve.

Get Your Brand Going!

We can’t spend every day at the beach, though, and Earth Day isn’t exactly one of those holidays that people get off of work. No problem! It’s incredibly easy to make any day Earth Day for the employees and students you know who commute.

Eco Travel Mugs for Earth Day - QLPJust think about the number of daily commuters who stop at their local Starbucks every morning to get coffee in a disposable paper cup. Their six a.m. ritual provides another great opportunity for you to reinforce your brand and save the earth at the same time. The 18-ounce Eco-Logic Tumbler has a super secure lid to make commuting safe and spill-free. Need a handle on things? The 17-ounce Corn Mug Commuter has a D-shaped handle on the side, and no, it’s not made to hold corn. Both of these tumblers are actually made from corn plastic, not petroleum-based plastic, which takes advantage of renewable resources and reduces the petroleum fumes pumped into the atmosphere. Both are reusable and washable, so people can use them over and over again and cut down on the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

Lunch in the office is one more time that employees can choose to make better choices. Instead of having everyone order their food to go in Styrofoam trays, why not make it easier for them to bring a nutritious lunch from home in a reusable container? Commuters might get a kick out of our Non Woven Lunch Sacks because they’ll be bringing in their meals in a bag made from recycled materials, not a brown paper lunch bag like a first-grader in 1986 (assuming that the kid didn’t have a metal lunch box with cartoon characters on it – also a fine option for reducing waste).

Get Your Gear Supercharged!

Then there are all the other little items we need to get through the days, the tech gear and accessories that make our lives easier. Hey, just because we’re a technological society doesn’t mean that we can’t be green AND be connected!

Bamboo Flash Drives for Earth Day - QLPA great pocket-sized item with a big impact is the Bamboo USB Flash Drive. Not only is this item made from bamboo, which is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood, it also will help your customers reduce paper waste by allowing them to bring their files with them instead of printing every email, article, and photo they want to have at hand. And when they want to look at those files on a tablet or other touchscreen device, they can use the Eco Pen With Stylus.

Ready to have your mind blown (in a non-air-polluting way)? Even the accessories for the accessories can be eco-friendly. The Eco Foam Mobile Accessory Holder contains 85 percent post-consumer recycled content and is made from recycled plastic water bottles. The Solar Charger Pack contains adaptors to allow you to charge almost any mobile device with the power of the sun. It’ll be a bright day in the office when you hand either of these gifts out to each of your employees!

Get Informed!

Just remember that your campaign, for Earth Day or any other day, should center around your message and your budget. Lucky for all of us, eco-friendly doesn’t have to be used in conjunction with that other “e” word, expensive. There are environmentally friendly giveaways available in every price range, and browsing the QLP site for the search term “eco friendly” will help you find them.

If you’re interested in learning even more about promo products that are great for Earth Day, we have a bunch of articles throughout the blog discussing promotional items and the environment. Water bottle controversies, plastic bag bans, the real meaning of “eco-friendly products” – you name it, we tackle it, all in the name of helping your business grow. Because isn’t helping businesses (and people) grow in an environmentally responsible way part of what Earth Day is all about?

What are your favorite Earth Day promotional items? What do you think about these eco-friendly choices? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Tristan

    In this day and age, you have to have an eco-friendly approach to your marketing…if you are seen as being insensitive it will have a lasting effect with your branding. This article depicts exactly how you should approach this with your promotional items and how to both brand with reducing the carbon footprint, very informative!

    • QLP Jill

      Thanks, Tristan! I tried to come up with eco-friendly ideas that would get the message across without being too abrasive. I appreciate the feedback, and I’m glad you enjoyed my post! 🙂

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