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Promoting Your Company During Golf Season: ‘Fore’ Tips

Golf season is in full swing. Has your company done anything about it? If you’re looking for a way to use the summer months to your advantage but want to veer away from the short-term holiday-themed promotions, then it’s time to take your business to the links for some extended brand exposure!

Whether you refer to golf as a “sport” or as a “recreational activity,” there’s no denying its popularity. The National Golf Foundation reports that there are nearly 30 million golfers in America. And by the way, golf courses collectively make up over 3,500 square miles of land mass in the U.S. (the equivalent of two Rhode Islands), which should probably tip you off as to how overwhelmingly popular the game is.

The real question, of course, is how to go about making your company or small business recognizable to local golfers, and that starts with a little bit of initiative on your part—marketing initiative, to be exact. So, in the spirit of golf season, here are four (or “fore,” if you prefer) quick tips to get you started:

1) Sponsor a Tournament

Want to make your brand a hot commodity on the course? Be an associate sponsor at a local or regional tourney. With the amount of publicity involved and with significant attendance virtually guaranteed, your brand could easily benefit from the long-term exposure. Keep in mind that many tournaments (at both the junior and adult level) take place over a period of three or four days, which give participants and spectators a whole lot of face time with your company. All your company has to do is be there. And with your brand name on banners and shirts at the event, you’ll be there in a major way.

2) Organize a Company Outing

Not interested in getting involved with a tournament just yet? No problem. Maybe it’s just time to direct your company’s attention inward: on things like employee morale and team building. Are your employees golfers? If so, you ought to let them explore their full potential—on the course! Make your staff feel like the invaluable members of your company that they are by setting up a company golf outing to reward their dedication to the brand. Make sure that your custom-embroidered polos are ready, because nothing promotes team unity like an enjoyable outing. Get your employees motivated and get your business in the green!

3) Support the Community

Show a little love to your local courses, park districts, and golf associations. Looking to advertise in the area? Ask about donating to local courses in exchange for publicity. Want to show off your company’s philanthropic side? Set up a youth golf program or organize golf lessons for kids in the area. Is there a charity tournament coming up? Find out how to become a co-sponsor. Giving is receiving, so don’t be afraid to demonstrate a generous spirit if you want the public to return the favor.

4) Get Your Promo Items Ready

Whether you’re handing out your custom items at a sponsored event or you’re a regular supplier of wares at the local pro shop, giveaways and promotional products will always catch the attention of avid golfers. Plus, they’re affordable enough to bring your next promotion in under par and under budget! Want to make a noticeable impression? Be sure to provide players with your own personalized version of the “number one ball in golf”: the Titleist Pro V1. Have your company logo screen-printed to convey your brand’s commitment to excellence, on and off the course! Looking for an item that’ll come in handy in the middle of a round? Custom golf towels will do the trick, especially with your company’s name on them. How about something practical to sport your brand in adverse weather? Go for folding umbrellas!

There’s no shortage of ways to promote your brand on the links this season, and there’s no reason not to try. If you’re tired of seeing your conventional ad campaigns dogleg into expensive territory, then maybe it’s time for a better approach. Maybe it’s time to get a golf-themed promotion in gear!

What other ways can businesses promote themselves to golfers? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Bret Bonnet

    I never golfed before this past weekend, but needless to say, I’m addicted.

    Prior to then I thought golf promotions were worthless.

    Quite the contrary… Golf tees are SUPER cheap, yet a valuable asset for ANY golfer. If you own or run a golf course and don’t have golf tees inventoried at every hole with your course name on them you’re missing out on a great brand building opportunity and your doing your fellow golfers (aka. your customers) a HUGE disfavor.

    SIDE NOTE: Tiger Woods… I could use some lessons. Both in golf and infidelity! 🙂

    • Joseph Giorgi

      Tees are definitely cheap, which makes them one of the more affordable golf-related branding opportunities out there. I’d argue that custom golf balls would be the way to go though. Golfers look at those logos at least a few times during a round. I know I do.

      Random thought: the number of tees I’ve destroyed over the past fourteen years or so is probably in the thousands. I go through those things like crazy.

  2. Jana Quinn

    You have FORE tips for us? Golf season is in full SWING? Something something DOGLEG?

    I’m not sure about the last one, but the other two lines seem awfully punny…

    While I’m not a golfer myself, I do appreciate your point about going incorporating golf for a summer-long promotion instead of tying a campaign to a specific holiday. Way to “expand” the brand (campaign)!

    • Joseph Giorgi

      Yeah, I may have gone a bit overboard in working the golf terminology into the post.

      Glad you appreciate my point. The way I see it, why stick to a single holiday promotion when your custom wares can be at the links all season long? 🙂

  3. Jill Tooley

    I love that Bubba made another appearance! How cute!

    Bret is so right about the golf tees – golf courses would be wise to customize those in bulk. It’s a prime advertising opportunity. Golf balls are awesome but they’re quite pricey to give away at a large event! I’ve also seen those little ball markers at courses. As a golfer, what would you most like to receive at a golf promotion? I’m thinking that a nice, cool bottle of water (reusable or disposable) would come in handy during days like this… 🙂

    So long, and thanks for all the tips!

    • Joseph Giorgi

      Personally, as a golfer, there’s nothing better than free, promotional golf balls. Mine rarely last an entire round. I’m always slicing them deep into tall grass (never to see or hear from them again) or losing them to a water hole because I opted for the 9-iron instead of the 8, which is easier to do than you’d imagine. So yeah, I always appreciate free golf balls—hands down.

      Ball markers are nice too, but I normally use loose change instead. From a promotional standpoint, ball markers are pretty nifty though. You see the logo each time you lay one down or pick it up.

  4. JPorretto

    As a fellow golf-nut, I concur vehemently with your various assessments. The only downside to prized logo golf balls is when you slice one into the woods. Now only squirrels will know how awesome your company is. But that’s to be expected. Us golfers know golf balls are a temporary possession…

    But a company golf outing sounds great for a day like today, doesn’t it? Who’s with me?!?!?!

    • Joseph Giorgi

      “Temporary possessions” indeed. 🙁

      And yes, I’d agree that the day is just right for a QLP golf outing!

  5. Kyle

    The only golf experience I’ve had was in a High School gym class. Going to the driving range was a lot of fun, but I haven’t gone since then…

    All of these ideas sound great though. Golf is such a calculated and methodical sport/recreational activity that I can definitely see how brands can get prolonged exposure by getting their name out their in front of players and spectators. As always, some great advice.

    • Joseph Giorgi

      Thanks, Kyle.

      Brand exposure is a given in golf. The average 18-hole round can take upwards of 4 hours, which is plenty of time for businesses to make an impression.

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