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How Promotional Product Samples Benefit Your Business

The promotional products industry can be confusing to those who don’t work within it. All of the terms and items can seem overwhelming. But for a business, using promotional products is essential in today’s market. It’s all about going above and beyond for customers!

And that’s where the role of the sample comes in. A product sample is given to consumers so that they can try it before they buy it, and ordering one can make the promotional products industry less confusing. You can see and use an item that you’re thinking of ordering before placing the order. It will allow you to test it out and get a better feel for how your customers can use it, before making a final purchase. So really, samples can save you money because you will know beforehand that a product is of good quality and that your customers will value their promo product once they receive it. And that, will give you a great return on investment.

Quality Logo Products® always suggests ordering a sample before placing an order because we want you to be satisfied with your end product. Getting one before you order will ensure a quality purchase and just about eliminate any concerns or issues you may have, because you will know almost exactly what your end product will look like. That will make both you and your customers happy! And that is our goal at QLP: to satisfy our customers so they can satisfy their customers!

Here are some examples of how samples can help you:

  • Test out the item. How sturdy is this bag? How will this pen write? Get the feel for your next stress reliever before you make a large quantity purchase.
  • Compare two items. If you can’t decide between two different pencils, get a sample of each, and use them before buying one or the other.
  • If there are two colors you think might match your logo, a sample can show you just how each color looks before ordering, so you’re sure to pick the right one.
  • How will a logo look on this new style of notepad? Will I like it? Or should I stick to the notepads I’ve been happy with in the past?

Ordering a sample is a great way to make sure your promotional products turn out just how you expect them to. And at Quality Logo Products®, that is our goal. We want every customer to be satisfied with their purchase each and every time they order from us, and samples make sure this happens!

What is your experience using or ordering sample products? Which products do you feel are particularly important to test out beforehand?


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  1. Doc

    Samples are a vital part of this industry. It’s important for the consumer to see and use a product before purchasing mass quantities. Whenever our customers have a few extra days, I always advise them to request a sample prior to a full order so they can get an idea of the products beforehand.

    I think pens and totes are the most important things to sample before purchasing. Not only are these two of our best selling categories, but there are SOOO MANY different styles to choose from. Samples allow customers to “do their homework” and pick out exactly what’s right for them.

    • Amanda

      Thanks for the comment Doc! =)

      You are so right–pens and totes are great items to sample before buying. They are two of the biggest sample requests I get–and some of the best items to receive as promotional products too!

  2. Mandy Kilinskis

    Great post, Amanda! I can’t think of a single person that wouldn’t want to try before they buy – especially when investing in something that will start promoting their brand. Thanks for addressing all the perks of sample ordering!

    • Amanda

      Thanks Mandy! I agree–if your business name is on it, you should want it to look excellent! And samples help to make sure that is the case every time.

  3. Joseph Giorgi

    Sound advice, Amanda! There’s no better way to gauge the effectiveness of a product until you’ve seen and tested it for yourself. Sometimes, there’s a difference in the way a product looks online and the way it looks in person, particularly when a custom name or logo is added. Better to see for yourself before placing an order. That way, if changes need to be made, it’ll be easy to do so. Great post! 🙂

    • Amanda

      Excellent points Joe! Seeing something online and in person can be quite a bit different at times–so yes, ordering a sample is a great way to see how your customers will see it before you place an order.

  4. amy

    Great post Amanda! Your reasons for ordering a sample were spot on, especially the one concerning which color would match your logo. I hate ordering something online thinking it’s one color and when it arrives on my doorstep it’s not at all what I was expecting! But, by ordering 2 similar colors you can pick which one will match best. Super tips! 🙂

    • Amanda

      Thanks Amy! Yep–colors can be difficult to see clearly online at times (the color can even look different depending on what monitor you’re using)–and sometimes different brands each have a “royal blue”, but yet they still look different in person. So sampling lets you see it in the exact shade it will be.

  5. Peemo

    Customers of teh interwebs – please, please, please get samples if you are at all concerened about how an item works, feels or performs.

    This will save you many dollars and frustrations if you can first test things out and ensure the product is the right fit for your promotion.

  6. Juliette

    Great post, Amanda! I’m a huge advocate of sending samples to folks. For us, any time someone is unsure how a badge, decal or plate will hold up under certain conditions I always ask them if they’d like a sample of it to put through various forms of abuse (throw it in the washer, leave it outside in the sun for a day, run over it with a car, carry it in a purse for a few days and so on). It also helps when I can’t quite explain exactly what the difference is between smooth gold and continental gold metallic plastic. 🙂

    Ordering samples is definitely the way to go with promo products!

    • Amanda

      Thanks Juliette!

      Samples are a great thing–they make sure the customer will be satisfied with their order. I’m glad to hear that you promote taking advantage of samples too! I like that you mentioned durability tests–yet another great reason to order a sample.

  7. Ness

    It’s a really good idea to put those samples through “stress tests” as well. I really like testing the durability of the product and putting it through “worst case scenario” tests, just to make sure it’ll hold up! 😀

    • Amanda

      Thanks for the comment, Ness. Using stress tests are another way you can use samples. You can be sure you’re getting a great deal for your money!

  8. D.P.Patterson Jr.

    I strongly agree with furnishing samples to prospects & customers. There is nothing like an actual sample product!

    • Amanda

      I agree D.P. Holding a sample in your hand is the only sure way to know the quality and feel of a product. =)

      Thanks for stopping by the QLP Blog!

  9. JPorretto

    Great advice AS! I can only dream that I could get samples of anything I wanted before I decided to buy. I would LOVE grocery shopping, that’s for sure…

    • Amanda

      Thanks Jeff! =)

      That would be awesome!! I would try lots of new things that way.

  10. Jana Quinn

    Good call. This is an excellent strategy for avoiding buyer’s remorse!

  11. mike

    I am developing a product and want to have small samples made of the product to see its popularity. Where can I find companies who will make these samples? thanks

    • Jill Tooley

      Hi, Mike! Thanks for commenting on our blog. Unfortunately, that’s not our area of expertise. However, I can point you in the direction of a couple of sites that may be able to help you with this:

      I cannot vouch for either of these services personally, but they may be worth checking out for more info. Good luck! 🙂

  12. Duncan Lance

    I do like that you emphasize the importance of sampling your promotional product before ordering them. After all, these products will be carrying your company name so you want them to make a good impact on the customer. Because of this, you will want to make sure that the product is sturdy and working as it is intended to.

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