As of 2020, there are over 967,013 hair salons in the United States. With so much competition out there, it’s more important than ever for a salon to go the extra mile.

Unique marketing campaigns, stellar customer service, and talented stylists are all part of the equation, but data shows that simply offering branded promotional items like lotion and lip balm to clients can make a huge difference!

Here are 7 amazing promotional products you can use to advertise your hair salon:

  1. Compact mirrors
  2. Spa kit
  3. Lip balm
  4. Vanity bag
  5. Eye mask
  6. Hand lotion
  7. Essential oil

“People can get their hair done anywhere. They come to you because of how you make them feel. When providing a promotional product as a token of appreciation to your clients, it shows you thought of them. When they use it, they will remember that feeling and remember you.”
-Niki Moon, Owner of Niki Moon Salon in Naperville, Illinois

1. Compact Mirrors

Compact Mirror

Once your client’s hair is all done up, they won’t be able to help taking a look at themselves in the mirror. Try handing out custom compact mirrors to each of your customers once their appointment is over so they can continue to admire their new ‘do no matter where they go. Plus, mirrors are way more useful than a business card!

2. Spa Kits

Spa Kit

Nothing says “zen” like a spa kit! When you offer custom spa kits to your clients, they’ll feel an extra sense of appreciation. There are tons of salons out there, but people will keep coming back to the one that makes them feel valued and relaxed!

3. Lip Balm

Lip Balm

After your client’s hair looks clean and stylish, keep the momentum going by gifting them lip balm before they head out the door. Think of the confidence they’ll have knowing that their hair is on-point and their lips are moisturized!

4. Vanity Bags

Vanity Bag

You probably have at least a handful of customers who have been coming to you for years. Why not reward them with a toiletry bag filled with some goodies like mini shampoos and conditioners? You can set up a reminder so you’re notified when it’s been 1 year since a client’s first visit. Then, gift them a custom vanity bag at their next visit! They’ll want to keep coming back for each cut or dye.

5. Eye Masks

Eye Mask

When you’re stressed, sometimes it’s best to watch a movie, put on an eye mask, and snack on some popcorn. Encourage your clients to do the same by gifting them a custom eye mask! They’ll remember that you made them feel extra valued, and each time they use their mask, they’ll be reminded of your salon.

6. Hand Lotion

Hand Lotion

Doesn’t it seem like every time you need hand lotion, there isn’t a bottle in sight? Your clients have felt that way, too! Consider gifting them a travel-sized hand lotion they can keep in their purse or car. Each time they go to reach for it, they’ll see your salon’s logo and be reminded that they need to schedule their next appointment!

7. Essential Oil

Essential Oil

Aromatherapy can encourage relaxation and concentration. Since your clients love feeling pampered when they’re at your salon, why not keep the good vibes flowing by selling essential oils in your shop? You can put some drops in a diffuser at your reception desk as your salon’s signature smell and encourage clients to take home a bottle of their own!

Why is Marketing Your Hair Salon Important?

It’s important to market your hair salon because it’s the best way for future clients to discover your business. There’s no way they would magically know you exist if it weren’t for things like your Instagram page, website, and local marketing efforts!
Offering promotional items is one of the most effective, affordable advertising methods out there. In fact, customers are 83% more likely to purchase from a brand after receiving a branded product.

Why Hair Salons Fail

There could be a million reasons why a hair salon could fail, but some of the most common reasons are economic or market conditions, ineffective marketing, and management issues. It’s worth taking the time to come up with a marketing plan and invest in talented stylists!

Final Thoughts

Salons who go out of their way to offer their clients small appreciation gifts will stand out above those who don’t. Even if you have a smaller budget, there are tons of options to make your customers feel appreciated. It isn’t about how much you spend, but the thought you put into it!


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