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Since I joined the QLP Blog Squad, I’ve had some trouble coming up with ideas for new blog posts during our meetings. I’m not one that can easily brainstorm when I’m told to sit down and think of an idea. This past week was no different: I sat there at a block while the rest of the group was throwing around ideas. Well, as I did my weekly Sunday routine of ordering a pizza and putting in a DVD, an idea hit me.

The first order of business is to explain the film that inspired my idea: Into the Wild. This is a true story which was incredibly inspirational to me. I’ll give you the basic plot of the movie without ruining it in case you haven’t seen it (because it is a must see). The movie is based on a young man by the name of Christopher McCandless. He starts as a top student and athlete at Emory University; however, upon graduation he realizes that people care way too much about their material possessions in life and he strives for something more. At this point, he gives up his $24,000 in his savings account, burns everything that proves he ever existed and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness.

So, after this inspirational story ended, I thought about what I would need to survive in the wilderness and then…BANG! That’s where my idea hit me! I have been exposed to promo items for months and there has to be promotional products that would fit well with Into the Wild and remind me of what I’d need to survive in the wilderness. Sure enough: there was. If I were to pick three QLP products for a promotional survival kit to advertise Into the Wild, what would they be?!

Here’s what I came up with…

AM/FM Survival Radio

AM/FM Survival Radio

AM/FM Survival Radio

This could be vital to keep my ass alive! This radio brings tons of features to the promo survival kit. It’s a compass, flashlight, siren, earphone jack, clock/calendar, alarm, backlight, and hand-powered dynamo. The biggest plus? I wouldn’t need batteries because I could hand crank the radio to get the necessary energy.

Metal Survival Keylight

Metal Survival Keylight

Metal Survival Keylight

This product is also a must have. It features a whistle, a light, and a compass, all which will come in handy when trying to survive! I’d not only want an item like this if I was stuck out in the wild, but this would also be a product I could use in everyday life.

Deluxe Survivor First Aid Kit

Deluxe Survivor First Aid Survival Kit

Deluxe Survivor First Aid Survival Kit

The third item may be the most important, because I’d have to be prepared for accidents. This kit comes with an assortment of bandages, strips, and gauze pads. It also has antiseptic towelettes, ointment, burn cream, and a sting relief medicated wipe. Plus, it’s easy to carry and transport!

So, if you were to throw me out into the Alaskan wilderness, those are the promo items I would want with me! Of course, keep in mind that this blog post is all in good fun. While promotional products would work well for promoting Into the Wild and other causes, promotional products should never be considered adequate substitutes for professional equipment or supplies – whether for camping, hiking, or any other potentially life-threatening or dangerous situations!

How do you feel about my promo survival kit? Have you ever gotten any interesting “survival” promotional products? Oh, and who has seen Into the Wild?

Ok, there’s enough questions for you to ponder. I’m out. 🙂

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  1. QLP Jill

    Nice idea for a post, Joe! I haven’t seen “Into the Wild,” but it sounds interesting. All of the products you mentioned would go well with the film – wouldn’t the movie logo look good on the side of that first aid survival kit? I thought so… 🙂

    On a side note, I wish I had $24,000 in my savings account! ::sigh::

  2. Bear Grillz

    Nice blog J-Dogg. I like that this movie inspired you. I don’t know if I would give up my entire life savings if I were him, but perhaps just take a trip with nothing on me to see what happens. Sounds challenging, but also fun. You get your priorities straight when you do this.

    I know some people who could never do this, people who are TOO addicted to technology to ever keep a level mind in the wilderness like that.

    Nice product choices as well, they would certainly be handy picks. I especially like the hand-crank radio/compass/flashlight/alarm/etc. It’s such a cool contraption.

  3. Bumcivilian

    Ohh good topic, I like the survival kit info, that is helpful! However I have both read and seen the move “Into the Wild” and my own personal opinion (as I know a survival expert and their interesting take for this person) is that the world is tired of seeing Rebel Idealists who think they can conquer nature and walk into it blindly. By this I mean just because you read a few survival guides and give up your life’s savings does not mean that nature will bow to your call and you will survive. Too many head-strong lads have had this idea in their heads and head-out with this mentality and unfortunately, nature wins. So to sum up, I feel no sympathy for this person. His heart was in the right place but you must not go into something like this so naively.

  4. McGruber

    I would only require a toothpick and a spatula to survive the Alaskan Wilderness! 🙂

    This kid sounds NUTS.

    I tried watching this movie once but it is SO slow moving. I’ve see more action in movies about amoebas in 2nd grade than I did when watching the first hour of “Into the Wild”.

    This is a total cheese head movie critiqued by a cheese head. 🙂

  5. Juliette

    Nice post! I admit, now I’m tempted to watch the movie (though I agree with Jill that I also wish I had $24,000 in my savings).

    On an amusing note…my first thought on seeing your top three choices of products to take with you into the wild was that they would also be very handy in the event of a zombie takeover. 😉

  6. Scooby DOO!

    Joe has gone broke-back! Not too surprising being that you are a packers fan. What were you planning to use that whistle for? Ha! don’t answer that question.

    I’d consider a knife, a jacket, and a lighter… you need to start watching survivor man. With your list of items, you’d be crawling back to mama before the sun came up on the second day!

    Hhahaa! Joe, nice post, thanks for the good laugh!!

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