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5 Promotional Products Ripe for Farmers’ Markets

A popular Saturday morning pastime for many Americans is visiting the local farmers’ market in their community. For many, this is the chance to get the freshest fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers who grew them in their fields. Since 1994 the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published a National Directory of Farmers Markets, which lists known farmers markets in the U.S. Did you know that 1994 saw 1,755 markets nationwide, and in 2012 there were 7,800 (7,864 to be exact)?

I think it’s safe to say that this movement towards fresher and more locally grown food is not a fad ending anytime soon. Whether it’s spring and asparagus and zucchini are in season or it’s summer when strawberries and peaches are plentiful, visiting your local farmers’ market is a must! For farmers and small businesses who have a table set up, why not use this great opportunity to build a strong relationship with your customers?

Chances are, visitors to farmers’ markets will walk in thinking they’ll pick up one or two things… But in reality we all know they’ll walk away buying way more than planned. At least, they will if they’re anything like me or people I go with. Perk up your sales a bit by offering freebie items if they spend a certain dollar amount. Need free item suggestions? Start with the ones I suggest below.

Sure, plastic bags are lightweight and easy to reuse, but they don’t do much for telling other people about your booth. The YaYa Budget Shopper Tote is perfect for helping people carry their goodies from your booth to home, as well for promoting you at the same time! People will see other people carrying your bag and wonder where they can get one for themselves. Boom. Advertising and a brand impression made. You’re welcome!

The YaYa Budget Shopper Tote

The YaYa Budget Shopper Tote

Selling some tasty carrots or some freshly picked cucumbers? Throw in a Peeler-Pal Vegetable Peeler with your customers’ purchases and when they get home they’ll remember to visit your booth again next week to pick up some of your other offerings. These promotional peelers will last for years and years, so they’re a great item to give out.

The Peeler-Pal Vegetable Peeler

The Peeler-Pal Vegetable Peeler

You’re a farmer and that means dirt is a part of life. While a little dirt on potatoes is okay, too much and your customers may get sick. Nobody wants that, so give out these Palm Veggie Brush Its so they can clean up their potatoes, carrots, and anything else they want. Your logo will look great and ensure that nobody goes home and forgets which booth has the best and freshest produce at the market.

Palm Veggie Brush It

Palm Veggie Brush It

Cutting boards like these Flex It Cutting Boards are smart items to give away, especially at farmers’ markets where people will be rushing home to chop up their freshly purchased fruits and vegetables. The slim design makes it easy to put in a cabinet when not in use but the flexibility will make it a favorite to reach for every single time they need a little chopping accomplished.

Flex It Cutting Board

Flex It Cutting Board

If you want something truly unique and different to impress your booth’s visitors, then go with these Fruit Fusion Water Bottle (25 Oz.) or Fruit Infusion Tumblers (18 Oz.). Customers will love putting your freshly picked blueberries or strawberries in the infusion basket and drinking slightly flavored water instead of boring old tap water. You can either charge customers for these promotional bottles or give them away when they purchase a certain amount at your booth. The decision is yours, but you’ll be happy with the result either way.


Farmers’ markets are an excellent place to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables for the upcoming week, but they’re also a great place for small businesses to set up a table and get their name out there to the public. Offer up a little goodie for booth visitors to use at the market and at home, as well to help them remember your name.

One of these items grab your interest? You can contact one of our helpful representatives by email (, by phone (866-312-5646), via our live chat, or by leaving a comment below!

What do you like most about visiting farmers’ markets? Any suggestions to vendors who set up a booth? Shout off below!

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