Promotional Tote Bags: Functional and Fun Advertising

As I go shopping for Christmas gifts for my family and friends, I notice that more and more places are handing out non-woven and eco-friendly tote bags with their store logo and name on them. Customers love this because they look nicer and last longer than the standard plastic or paper shopping bags.

Let’s say that one big retail chain offers branded tote bags to their customers during a big shopping season like Christmas. Once customers leave the retailer to take their new merchandise home with them in these stylish bags, then everyone they pass sees that those people just spent money at that store. Passersby also notice that store hands out cloth bags, which certainly leaves a good impression! Plus, customers can bring their merchandise home in tote bags without worrying whether or not they would tear, and those secret Christmas gifts they just bought don’t show through the bag.

After customers take everything out of the bags, the best thing happens. Instead of bunching up their tote bags and throwing them away, they neatly fold each one and put it away in their pantry. They save it! These tote bags aren’t junk; they’re very thoughtful and appreciated giveaways that are typically kept for many years. Long after their original purchase, people take these bags to the grocery store for their groceries because it cuts back on paper and plastic bags (which we all know is economically and environmentally responsible). They have the bags in their carts the entire time they’re shopping, and customers see them as they pass them by. Then, once again, passersby notice the bags as they’re being used to carry new merchandise/groceries from the store.

Promotional tote bags are amazing ways of marketing. They’re like portable billboards that you don’t have to pay monthly rental fees for! Imagine thousands of billboards being carried around by thousands of willing customers, bringing thousands more customers into your store to buy your products so that they can carry your bags around as well. It’s amazing!

Whoever invented the tote bag was a genius. It’s the most cost-efficient and densely-broadcasted form of advertising I’ve ever seen. What do you think of them?


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