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Shady Deals! Promotions with Customized Sunglasses

While doing some serious research into the business of promotional products and how to use the company’s blog to draw more attention to the brand, I was totally not slacking off and ever so innocently stumbled across an article on OK! Magazine (basically England’s equivalent of Star… with even less actual news to report). In any event, this article stated that women own 42 pairs of sunglasses in a lifetime. 42! Now, we all know that’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything else, but it seemed a little excessive. Why so many?

Then I started thinking… in the past two months I’ve lost three pairs of sunglasses. I lost my original, most loved pair of sunglasses (and I’ve had six – count ’em, SIX – dreams about them since) first and immediately replaced them with two pairs. I lost both of those and bought yet ANOTHER pair, only to find one of the replacement pairs (sadly, again, not my faves). So I’m 2-2 right now, and it’s only June.

Maybe 42 isn’t so unbelievable after all. I mean, I’m only 25, which means I have many years of losing sunglasses ahead of me. And I’ve certainly also lost my fair share in past summers.

Why are sunglasses so easily lost? They can be left behind during vacations, they can be mixed up and taken by accident (or on purpose!) by someone else at a gathering, they could be “borrowed” by my jerk brother and never returned… The reasons are endless.

Why is this good news for you?

Because Quality Logo Products® offers tons of different personalized sunglasses and customized sunglasses accessories that will help you fulfill the needs of flaky girls like me all while getting your brand out into the public.

The personalized Rubberized Sunglasses sport the retro 80’s look… at a very 80’s price. The colors are bold and neon, giving you plenty of choices when it comes to deciding what hue to choose. If you’re not great at making decisions, mix and match! Some quantities allow you to pick several different colors to imprint with one low price for the customization itself (as long the imprint color stays the same). Definitely check in with your customer service representative on that one, because it’s an awesome benefit you won’t want to pass up!

I don’t know about you, but these customized sunglasses just jumped out at me. I mean, look at those killer lenses. You have a variety of color/lens combinations to choose from, with mirror, smoke and amber lenses paired with several different frame colors. These unique lenses will really draw attention to your glasses, and then those eyes will drift to your custom logo on the frames. A step above, quality-wise, the rubberized sunglasses, these personalized sunglasses have an extra zing to their style without an extra zero on the price.

All right, all right. We’re done messing around with the giveaway sunglasses. The name for the personalized Wrap Around Sunglasses sounds kind of plain. But believe me when I say it’s got all the eye-catching style and luxury you need. Plus, it’ll definitely get you where you’re going – marketing-wise, that is! Although these custom wrap-around sunglasses are a bit pricier than the previous two, we know you can find the VIPs that deserve the extra courting. These personalized sunglasses come individually bagged, making them great gifts for a loyal customer’s anniversary with the company or holiday bonus.

So you’ve recognized that these sunglasses are awesome. But I just rambled on and on about losing them, didn’t I? So why would you want to invest in something that people drop, forget, scratch, and just lose track of all the time?

Add these special extras into the mix, and the life of your promotional product just got extended… and your brand awareness doubled!

The customized Sunglasses Holder case will keep those specs shiny and unscratched. With several bright colors to choose from, it won’t be hard to pull them out of the dark corners of a purse, glove compartment, or briefcase. Plus, your logo will be beaming from the generous imprint area on the front cover. There’s a durable clip included that allows you to attach the zippered shut case to a purse or backpack. Extra security!

Do you have a pair of shades that you can’t bear to part with? Do you have a tendency to lose sunglasses all the time? If you’re someone who can hang onto them, can you give us flaky folks some tips on how to keep ours close? Are there any other sunglasses on the QLP site that you think deserve some love? Sound off the comments below!

Until next time, keep expanding your brand!



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