Very Punny: 8 Products to Entertain a Punny Sense of Humor

Here at Quality Logo Products, we are a fun bunch. We love joking and generally being silly, but we are also serious about awesome promotional products. Sometimes, promo products can seem a little boring, especially when the description is bland, and the video doesn’t have any personality.

We prefer not to subject our customers to hours of scrolling through boring products (especially since we have so many), so we add a little of our humor and personality to the descriptions and videos you can watch to learn more about your many choices. My personal favorite form of funny is paronomasia, better known as the pun. These clever and often hated jokes are simply a play on words where you, according to Merriam-Webster, exploit the multiple meanings of words for a humorous effect.

Below are 3 product descriptions and 5 product videos that tickle my punny bone:

Can you pick out the puns?

1) Earth Stress Reliever Keyring (7 puns!)

earth-stress-reliever-keyring-extralargeYou’ve got the world on a string (er… chain) when you print your logo on the Earth Stress Reliever Keyring from Quality Logo Products.

Your customers will enjoy having the world in their hands, and you’ll enjoy them having your logo in their hands as big as 3/4 by 1/4 inches on this tiny globe keychain.

Great for:

  – Earth Day promotions
  – Green campaigns
  – Map stores

Get your next marketing campaign spinning with this fun key chain and planet to be a global event. Your customers will be able to block out the world and eliminate stress with these miniature stress relievers.

We know this key chain will mean the world to your customers. Order from Quality Logo Products today and take advantage of our Low Price Guarantee.

2) Corn Plastic Luggage Tag (12 puns!)

corn-plastic-luggage-tag-extralargeGrow your business when you print your logo on the Corn Plastic Luggage Tag from Quality Logo Products.

Made of 100% U.S. corn plastic, these luggage tags are simply a-maize-ing. Available in 5 different colors, you can feed your corn cravings and still choose a great match for your logo. Pop into your next conference or business meeting and get corn crazy handing out these personalized luggage tags.

Great for:

  – Trade shows
  – Conferences
  – Green initiatives

Cream corn the competition when you choose these great giveaways that will really bring attention to your brand. You know that you are the best in your field, so don’t find yourself in a shuck-y situation without the cream of the crop of promotional products.

You may think these promotional tags are corny, but listen to this kernel of information: a standard size business card fits as the ID insert, so you and your colleagues don’t have to waste time filing out your info.

Ear that your company had a great event coming up? Don’t just cob-ble a giveaway together, Order from Quality Logo Products and take advantage of our Low Price Guarantee.

3) Paw Stress Reliever (6 puns!)

paw-squeezies-extralarge-276353Looking for the pawsatively pawfect promotional product for your next event? Look no further than the Paw Stress Reliever from Quality logo Products.

This cute little white paw is not breed specific, so everyone can relate to your brand. Give your marketing team a paw and have your logo or message printed as large as 1 by 1/2 inches on the front of this squeezable paw.

Great for:

  – Pet shops
  – Veterinarians
  – Animal shelter fund raisers

Throw any kind of paw-ty and this promotional item will be perfect. Your customers will paws to admire your logo on this paw shaped stress toy.

What could pawsibly be better than promoting your pet themed event with the Paw stress reliever? Order from Quality Logo Products today and take advantage of our Low Price Guarantee.

Not intended for use by pets or children under 3 years of age.

4) Dart Pen (1 pun!)

5) Storm Pen (2 puns!)

6) Star Stress Reliever (2 puns!)

7) Double Wall Tumbler with Twisty Straw (2 puns!)

8) Boot Coolie (2 puns!)

Bonus) Baseball Stress Reliever (3 puns!)

This product video was also mentioned in Jill’s earlier post about must-see QLP videos, but there were so many great puns, I just had to include it.

Tell us which puns you found and enjoyed (or hated) in the comments!

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