Our Best Product Suggestions from QLP’s Sales Team!

Let’s start this blog off with a small test. Don’t worry, you don’t need a #2 pencil or to brush up on any junior high math. It’s just one question:

When you’re looking at purchasing promotional products, what word would you use to describe the items you’re interested in?

a) Affordable

b) Best

c) I have no idea

Many of our customers come to the Quality Logo Products’ website and are searching for “best koozie” and “best stress ball” in our ‘Find Anything’ search bar. And why not? You’re paying good money so you deserve the best product selection, the best prices, and the best service around! That makes sense to me so why not put some of the “bests” our sales team members recommend in one easy-to-bookmark blog post? Boom! Here you go!

Kelly’s Best Products


Mouse Pads

Digispec Mouse Pads

mousepad-Q965“GREAT full color imprint and quality products” – Kelly

These promotional mouse pads are great giveaway items because many of your customers sit at a computer either during work or when they get home from their job. No matter what type of computer work they’re doing – whether filling out TPS reports at work or doing some online shopping at home – with your logo imprinted onto these mouse pads you’ll remind them which company rocks the most!

Stadium Cups

17 Oz. Mood Stadium Cup


“So much more fun than a regular stadium cup for not much more cost and a perfect size.” – Kelly

We all have those days where we should be wearing a mood ring to alert others around us to either avoid eye contact or just give us a hug. While these custom cups won’t describe your current level of happiness, they will shift colors when they experience an extreme temperature change. Imagine seeing your cup change from blue to purple right before your eyes! Nobody is going to throw these promo cups in a cupboard and forget about them.


48” Arc Umbrella

umbrella-Q1381“I get asked a lot for my recommendation on the best umbrella. This is our best seller. Can be produced quickly and stock is easy and accurate to check.” – Kelly

There’s nothing weirder than being offered to go under an acquaintance’s umbrella during a downpour and then bump elbows with them the entire time walking. You can be the awesome and thoughtful company who knows that sharing an umbrella is a nice gesture, but everyone likes (and needs) their own space. That’s where these promotional umbrellas will save the day… in more ways than one because they won’t cost a ton to customize!

Jeremy’s Best Products

Stress Relievers

We’re Number One


“I love it because it is great for sporting events (college, pros, youth) and is really unique and fun product for everyone (not just kids)!” – Jeremy

Sometimes a foam finger just isn’t going to cut it when it’s time to cheer on your team. These customized fingers are made from polyurethane (the same squishy and soft material used in our stress relievers) which makes them safe for fans in the stands to cheer with. The opposing team will know who’s number 1 in the stadium… and it won’t be them! Plus, the imprint space is perfect for your logo!

Round Stress Reliever


“This is one of our most popular items that I process every day. They’re one of the best products to hand out and get your name out there, and I love how bouncy they are (I bounce mine here every day)!” – Jeremy

A bouncing stress reliever? What’s more relaxing than that when work or life in general is making you crazed? Squeezing this custom stress reliever is a much healthier option than keeping your stress bottled up. And yes, wadding up your list of errands and bouncing them in the trash would be swell, but just bounce these stress balls while you run them and you’ll be done in a jiffy!

Alan’s Best Products



Collapsible Koozie Can Cooler


“Two location imprint, same price, what’s not to love?” – Alan

During the summertime when your customers are outside for sporting events, hanging with friends, or just catching up on some yard work, make sure their favorite canned beverage is ice cold. Warm soda or beer is right up there on the “Nasty Taste Scale” along with earwax and rotten eggs. These customized can coolers will prevent their drink from registering on this scale. They’re fun for wedding favors as well as company picnics because nobody will turn down a way to keep their drink cold, and they’re fun to re-use and remember the fun times from your event.

Zipper Bottle Coolie


Don’t think we forgot about your bottled beverage fans out there! We’ve got them covered with these imprinted bottle coolies. They’re perfect for keeping their Dunkelweizen or their Indian Pale Ale (IPA) chilled for chugging or sipping. The zipper on these custom coolies makes them a perfect fit for whatever bottle your recipient wants, even those old school root beer bottles! Nobody has to sit in the corner and drink warm soda or beer at your event and they’ll have a fun memento to hold on to as well.


Oxford Padfolio


First impressions matter, especially in business where you’re meeting people for the first time. Would you want your prospective customers to meet with your employees who are jotting down notes on the back of other papers or in a spiral notebook? I would hope not, unless you’re going for that “we offer bargain basement prices, bro” type vibe. Then yeah, continue with the spiral notebooks. However, if you want business to keep rolling in, then give your employees their very own padfolio to write down meeting notes and put your customers at ease knowing that they’re working with a professional.

Blue Ink Pen

Paper Mate InkJoy 300 RT Ball Pen


“I like this pen because of its low cost, writes like gel but it’s ink, the ink is smooth, there’s a decent size for an imprint, and they’re perfect for contract signing (blue is generally required on formal contracts to differentiate between the original and any copies that are made)” – Alan

When it comes time to write a to-do list or write out a memo, having a smooth writing pen is at the top of everyone’s priority list. There’s nothing more annoying than writing something out and have the ink be clumpy or feel like you’re writing with a chisel and hammer. These promotional pens are a favorite because not only is blue ink preferred for contract signing, but the ink writes like a dream! Your customers and your employees who will write with them on a daily basis will thank you.

Bag Chair

Folding Chair with Carrying Bag


Hosting a golf outing or a community picnic allows your brand to get some exposure, so why not capitalize on that and send your guests home with something that they can use again and again for years to come? Every time your recipient pulls their customized captain’s chair out of its carrying bag, people are going to take notice of the imprint. They’re fun to bring to sporting events, firework shows, music festivals, or even to your buddy’s house for their annual BBQ!

Sports Bag

Large Hit Sports Pack


Are you looking for a promotional cinch up backpack that will be a big hit with your customers? These Large Hit Sports Packs will fit the bill perfectly to not only help promote your brand, but help your recipient carry their items and keep their hands free. These custom bags come in a variety of colors – we’re sure to have a color to match your sport’s team or your company’s colors.

Laminated Tote

Laminated Non-Woven Large Shopper Tote


When you’re grocery shopping, you never know what you’re going to bump into in the store or what’s going to spill in your trunk as you’re driving home. It’s always best to be ultra-prepared and that’s why these imprinted laminated totes are a crowd-favorite. They’re easy to clean with a damp cloth, so if your veggies from the farmer’s market still have some dirt on them or that jar of salsa spills, you won’t have to throw away the bag! The branding potential available for your company won’t be matched with any other style of tote bag.

Megan’s Best Products


Tumbler with Straw

Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler With Straw (24 Oz.)


“I love Acrylic Tumblers for drinking water throughout the day, and this one holds twice as much liquid as an average size water bottle! Plus they are really easy to wash out and reuse over the course of the week (giving your logo lots of exposure!).” – Megan

There are some promotional products that are used every few days or so, but then there are others like these custom tumblers that will be used on a daily basis. Your recipient will love how much water they hold so they can stay hydrated, and their boss will love that they’re not constantly getting up from their desk to refill it. You can either give them away free at an event or resell them in your store with your logo on them; the choice is completely up to you!

You know you deserve the best around, otherwise you wouldn’t be on the Quality Logo Products’ website. If you don’t know where to start, give these products a look. Many of them have an offer for a free sample that you can request so you can try before you buy! Don’t forget to scroll down to the “Similar Items” tab for even more ideas.


Our sales team members are great at suggesting products for any budget, any crowd size, or any other requirements you need. You can call us up at (866) 312-LOGO or if email is more your style, send us one at info@qualitylogoproducts.com and we’ll get you in touch with someone ASAP. We have the best customers around and we can’t wait to work with you!

What items grab your attention at trade shows or conventions? Have you ordered or received one of these “Best” products? What did you think of it? We’d love to hear from you, just drop us a comment below! QLP sales team – are there any items you think are the best and should be added to this list?

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Amy Hoidas

Amy is one of Quality Logo Products’ Community Manager. She is a self-professed newspaper nerd and thoroughly enjoys reading business and financial news and having impromptu discussions about it. Oh yeah, she’s “one of those” people! A true Midwestern girl by nature, she loves riding her bike, photography, and the Chicago Cubs. You can also connect with Amy on


  1. Michael Wenger

    Alan, you are a genius! I love that blue pen too. Laminated totes are also gaining in popularity as people look for the new poly pro! 🙂

  2. Kelly Bird

    Great choices guys! Megan I totally agree with the tumbler. I use one every day at my desk. My favorite feature is the double insulation that keeps the drinks ice cold all day with no condensation!

  3. Jen

    It’s awesome to see everyone else’s favorites because it inspires me to look into new stuff! Different items=fresh ideas for our customers 🙂

  4. PMO

    Acrylic Double Wall Tumbler all day!

    Great suggestions, guys. Especially Kelly’s umbrella. I sell tons of those!

  5. Kat D.

    These are some GREAT choices!!! My personal favorite in this blog is the Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler. I use one every single day for my water and I LOVE it!!

  6. Leo

    Right now my fav is the Premium Stylus Pen! Get ’em while they’re hot! 🙂 Another great one is the Orbit Tumbler 🙂 Also awesome.

  7. Julie Foster

    I would definitely want to talk to a sales person to find the best pens. There are SO MANY choices and you never know how well the pens will write… which is really the most important part.
    Hearing from someone who knows their pens is helpful. 🙂

  8. Erik

    Tumblers are my favorite too but I love anything with a large imprint surface like the drawstring backpacks and tote bags. Mouse pads are great for the same reason, plus you can imprint in full color on many of them. They are also something your clients will use and see every day. But if you want to really “stick” with your client, go with the cell phone card holder like item #Q52952. You know they won’t go anywhere without their phone and now they won’t go anywhere without your logo!

  9. Jay

    I second Leo. The Premium Stylus Pen is great because it’s a version of one of our best sellers (the Krypton pen, now on sale!) and customers love them. I also really dig the iLounge phone holder #Q52147. Feedback is always great. They’re inexpensive and definitely not the typical tradeshow giveaway. Also, super-useful and your clients will literally stare at your contact info all day long.

  10. Chase

    You wouldn’t think a mood stadium cup would be an amazing promotional item but once you get your hands on one and you bring it home, you can’t stop using it. Every single time I’m grabbing a quick cup of water, I have a logo just sitting there in my face, pretty sure I’ve memorized the info on it… Setting the promotional idea aside, they are fun for any age – don’t doubt it till you try it!

  11. greg

    All great choices! Tumblers for sure. Can’t go wrong with a can cooler/koozie either!

  12. keith

    These are all fantastic products! My favorite is the Colored Bike Bottle. There are so many different colors for the bottle and the lids to choose from. You can really customize this item. It is also pretty inexpensive.

  13. Angie

    Great choices everyone. Stadium cups and cinch up backpacks for sure.

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