It was the week before Christmas and all through the office, no QLPer was unhappy, not even a little.

Here at QLP, we work together as a big family. So the week before Christmas we had our big family party, broken up throughout the week between our daily schedules. Each day we had new activities to look forward to like the Ugly Sweater Contest and the “Gaudy Gaudio” Gift Exchange (named for Anthony, a longtime member of our customer service/sales team and of the QLP Party Planning Committee). It was nice to break up the average work week with games and holiday decorating…I wish every week was Christmas!

The week started off on Monday, December 19, 2011 with JoAnn’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, the Christmas Cookie Extravaganza, and Kris Kringle’s Crazy Crossword. See below for pictures (click them to enlarge)!

Quality Logo Products Christmas 2011
Ugly sweater picture


ABOVE: Everyone wore the most puke-tastic Christmas sweater they could find. We all looked terribly unfashionable, but Casey won the ugliest sweater prize with his jingle bell/mitten zipper combo.

DIY mittens
Make your own mittens


ABOVE: We had a HUGE variety of yummy cookies to choose from, some homemade and some store bought. We each took home a nice little stock pile!

Tuesday was a full day of Christmas BINGO played via e-mail, and in the afternoon we had a candy-counting contest! We were on the edge of our seats all day just waiting for someone to get a BINGO. Kat, Ashley, and Anthony were our big BINGO winners. The candy counting winners were Eric L. and Megan.

On Wednesday we all brought in our favorite finger foods (homemade or store bought) and after a tasting chose a winner. There were so many awesome appetizers it was tough to choose the best, but Rachel’s Antipasto Shells won over all with a close second from Laura’s famous Buffalo Chicken Dip.

Christmas tree
Decorated Christmas tree


ABOVE: After a delicious lunch of mix-and-match foods, we all decorated ornaments for our QLP Christmas tree.

Thursday was the “Gaudy Gaudio” Gift Exchange (also known as a “White Elephant” Exchange), everyone brought a wrapped gift from home. We drew names in the afternoon and exchanged gifts. It was glorious! Andy received a used NASCAR hat, Ellyn got a Slip n’ Slide, and Jill now has the pleasure of starting everyone’s car before we leave the office (the gift that keeps on giving).

We also did a “Who’s Who?” guessing game. Two weeks before Christmas, everyone brought in a baby picture of themselves and didn’t show anyone. The pictures were displayed on a poster and in our free time we had to guess whose picture belonged to whom! It was so much fun seeing everyone’s sweet little baby pictures.

Wall of photos


ABOVE: Some QLP baby pictures were really easy to identify, but some were more than difficult.

Quality Logo Products Christmas


ABOVE: To conclude our wonderful week of events we had our Christmas Decorating Contest, Rudolf’s Reindeer Roundup (scavenger hunt), and we all wore our matching QLP holiday T-shirts.

The ladies in our marketing/content office won the decorating contest with their wrapping paper walls and roaring monitor fires. It could be said that the holiday season threw up on the walls in their office! The accounting team’s “Gingerbread House” office was a close runner up, and Eric, Candice, and Jenna’s “Who-Ville” was impressive to say the least. Everyone did a great job decorating and we all had tons of fun doing it! Here are a few of the decorated offices (you can see more on our Facebook page):

Christmas at Quality Logo Products
QLP Christmas
Welcome to Who-Ville!


Decorating the QLP office
Dollar game
Welcome to Who-Ville!

——-——-——-Rudolf’s Reindeer Roundup was the last game here at QLP before the extended Christmas break. Everyone wandered the office halls looking for Santa’s reindeer. Those deer are really good hiders, but they were eventually all found and returned to Santa for a reward!

The week before Christmas break can be really long when anticipating the holiday, but if you make it fun for everyone with games, potlucks, and a gift exchange then being at work won’t seem like a chore. We try to make every day fun and it makes us enjoy coming into work. Yes, we work hard, but being in the office is like being at home because we all like what we do — and each other.

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