QLP Invades ASI Show Chicago 2013!

We have returned from another successful ASI Show Chicago, and we have lots of fun things to share with you. This year’s ASI Show in Chicago ran from July 16-18 at McCormick Place in the city. We wrote all about our experiences at ASI last year, but for those who don’t know, ASI stands for Advertising Specialty Institute, and this trade show is like a promo product playground!

So let’s start with a rundown of all of the festivities, and then next week we’ll have another blog post with a video featuring all of the highlights from this year’s show and a report on all of the new trends and gadgets in the promotional products industry!

First things first, we got our hands on some of these fabulous four-color imprinted ASI tote bags. One side of the bag had photos of Chicago in black and white, while the other side had photos in color. This was actually my favorite item of the day!


ASI tote bag in tow, it was time to hit the floor. We were greeted by the ASI exclamation point mascots smiling face.

asi exclamation point

With over 2,000 vendors and thousands of people in attendance, man was it crowded!

ASI crowd

But alas, we marched on to hit up as many booths as possible to get the inside scoop on new trends in the industry. I’m pictured below with Kurt and Alex, and we were men and a woman on a mission.

walking the asi floor

Our friend Stephanie from Jetline talked to us about their best-selling USB car chargers and then showed us their cool, collapsible Spray Top Hydro Bottles that come in a variety of shapes. She even demonstrated how they work on Kurt!


Kurt was drawn to these neat brightly colored water wings, so we made a stop to chat.

water wings

Then Kurt couldn’t resist trying on these sweet sunglasses…

other sunglasses

… or these shades from Gold Bond. I honestly think he tried on every pair of sunglasses he could get his hands on. There were a lot of cool options to choose from throughout the show!

Gold Bond sunglasses

We stopped to talk with our friend Marc from Alpi about brand new stress ball shapes and custom pens.


At another booth Alex got the scoop on nifty new keylights, watches, flashlights, and USB car chargers.

keylights and watches

Our friend Taylor at Tekweld told us all about their new microfiber screen cleaners, custom mints, hand sanitizers, and lip balms.


We Instagrammed some of the fun, like Kurt and Alex dancing on the trade show floor.

Later, Bubba even made a new friend – Larry the Lobster from Lobster Gram! They’ve been chums since the first moment they met! (See what I did there?)

Bubba and Larry

Overall, it was a fun day full of lots of unique new promotional products, and we all had a blast. We can’t wait to share all of the cool things we saw with you in our upcoming video! Be sure to check back for it next Monday!

What do you think? Were you at ASI Chicago this year? What were some of the highlights of your experience? Let us know in the comments! 

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  1. Bret Bonnet

    It looks like you guys had fun. Great show!

  2. Wash

    I certainly hope there is video of said dancing…

  3. Jay

    I like how Alex and Kurt coordinated their outfits. Chase said that he thought you guys looked really cute.

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