QLP on the Scene at ASI Show Chicago 2012 [VIDEO]

Some of us at QLP are among the thousands of people who recently attended the ASI Show in Chicago. For those who don’t know, ASI is the Advertising Specialty Institute. The ASI Show is a trade show for the promotional product industry (aka, promo product heaven).

More than 300 promotional product manufacturers and professionals showed off their newest swag and the hottest promo product trends. Thousands of people attended the convention held at McCormick Place in downtown Chicago from July 17-19.

As you can imagine, those of us who attended were thrilled to see all of the new and exciting things that our industry has to offer. Luckily, Joe and Alex were able to put some of the exhibitors on the spot red-carpet-style so we can share some of our excitement with you!

Check out the video below for footage of Alex interviewing some promotional product experts for exclusive information on the latest trends in the industry. If you’re looking for ideas for your next promotion, watch as Alex gets the inside scoop on promotional beef jerky, shiny things, and drinkware. At the very least, it’s good for a laugh!

Let’s play a game of “I Spy.” Look out for a cool on-the-go phone charger from Ariel Premium, the wide variety of unique pens from Alpi, fun face paint and color-changing cups from Aakron Rule, custom energy drinks from Tekweld, and the Buzz Brush mascot from Tagmaster.


With hundreds of booths to view and explore and thousands of people to connect with the ASI Show was truly a utopia for marketing and promo product nerds like us. We were overwhelmed with the number of cool gadgets, fancy pens, and sturdy tote bags we came in contact with. (Not to mention the raffle for an Iron Man helmet signed by Stan Lee and Robert Downey Jr. We nearly lost our minds!)

All in all, it was a fun day filled up to the brim with promo products. We have more coverage of ASI Chicago coming up, so be sure to come back and check out our posts about specific promotional product trends, the dos and don’ts of free samples at trade shows, and a rundown of the best booths at the convention.

Did you attend ASI Chicago? What’d you think? If not, which things stood out the most to you in the video?

Jenna Markowski

Jenna has a much easier time writing about the media and pop culture than she does writing about herself. She enjoys the simple things in life, like puns and typography. She is an avid fan of pop-punk, Halo 3, Spider-Man and origami, with a slight Taco Bell obsession. Her spirit animal is either a bulldog or a panda bear. You can also connect with Jenna on Google+.


  1. Bret Bonnet

    I like the color-changing cups. My question is, does having ice or the cups temperature (ala mood cups) have any impact on the cups ability to change color when in the sun?

    This is a cool and practical item to promote exercise and outdoor activities!

    • Jenna Markowski

      I agree, Bret! Those cups are AWESOME. They change color so quickly! Mandy tested it, and apparently having ice or cold drinks in the cup doesn’t affect the cup’s mood changing abilities. If anything, it makes the cup retain its new color for a longer time! 🙂

  2. Mandy Kilinskis

    ASI Chicago was such a blast! There were so many great vendors with cool products.

    I’m a sucker for pens, so any booth that had a cool pen was right up my alley. I loved the pens made out of recycled water bottles and the fun pens from Alpi. Really cool! 🙂

    • Jenna Markowski

      The recycled water bottle pens are my favorites, too, Mandy! I’m with you in that I was a total sucker for any vendor handing out free pens — I ended up with so many new pens to try and test which ones I preferred. No pen will ever beat my favorite pink one, though.

  3. Cybernetic SAM

    Man! ASI actually looks like a lot of fun! Not to mention the S.W.A.G you guys come back with it is like x-mas in July! Really awesome video and Post!

    • Jenna Markowski

      ASI was tons of fun! We sure did bring home all kinds of swag. You’re right, it was like Christmas in July! Thanks, Sam! 🙂

  4. Rachel

    I love that video. I’m glad the guys seemed to have as much fun as we did around the show floor. 🙂 There were definitely some really great booths and nifty promo items at ASI; heck, I’m STILL wading through my bag of swag! 🙂

    Thanks for the rundown, Jenna! And thanks to Joe and Alex for the excellent video!

    • Jenna Markowski

      The video is priceless. I may even venture to say that the guys had even more fun than we did…they got face paint! Overall, all of the promo items were pretty cool.

      No problem, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  5. Jeff Porretto

    WE MISS YOU ALEX!!! :'[ The ghost of you walking around here just keeps muttering “I could jump…. I could jump…”

    • Jenna Markowski

      Hahahah! Poor Alex. 🙁

  6. Eric

    Makes me think: is there any way to have those recycled water bottle pens themselves recycled once their ink runs out and they’re no longer usable? Assuring customers their product is environmentally friendly even after the ink is gone would seem like a prime selling point to me. After all, no point in recycling it to begin with if you can’t keep that carbon footprint reduced and continue using it, in some way, shape, or form.

    That’s probably the product that had the most appeal to me (as far as hearsay that came back from the convention goes).

  7. Kelsey

    This convention seriously looks like so much fun. There’s so many cool products, I wish I could have gone! The video was cracking me up the entire time, I’m so glad I got a glimpse of how awesome of a time you guys had!!! 🙂

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