World Premiere of QLP’s First Commercial: Interview with Cast & Crew

After countless hours of hard work, QLP is excited to present you with the world premiere of our first ever Youtube commercial! We’re no strangers to Youtube – the Quality Logo Products Youtube channel boasts over 200 product videos. However, our media team went above, beyond, and outside of the box for our first commercial.

So without further ado, (insert drumroll here) we are proud to debut our official commercial, “The Tattoo!”

A whole lot of work went into creating this commercial that clocks in at just over one minute long. Our media team had all hands on deck in order to make the highest quality commercial they could! Adrianna was the commercial’s producer, Alex wrote the script, Joe was the cinematographer and director, and Kurt did special effects, storyboards, and had an acting role in the commercial. The media team even pulled in some outside help from Erin Austin, who helped all of the actors get dolled up with the proper makeup.

Alex said that the team worked on the video for 3-4 weeks. “It was a while in the making,” he said. And how’d Alex come up with the idea for the script? He said, “I decided I loved people in big costumes – personifying things that aren’t human.” Joe chimed in to add that that is known as anthropomorphizing, and then Alex continued, “So yeah, I wanted to do something big and visual for the video.” From there it was just a matter of finding a situation that made sense for people dressed as promo items, and that’s where they got the idea for the tattoos.

The costumes that brought the stress ball and water bottle to life in our video were hand-made (with love!) by our very own Adrianna and Kurt. Kurt said that the costumes were one of the biggest challenges the team faced. He said, “Gotta give Adrianna props for that one.”

Pulling another QLP first, this was the first time the media team shot a video at a different location. The commercial was filmed at Insight Studios, a tattoo and piercing shop run by Bob Jones. “Being on location was really exciting! It was legit,” said Kurt.

Now, of course the commercial wouldn’t be possible without actors to read the lines! In addition to our very own Kurt playing the role of the water bottle, we also brought in some outside talent to play the other parts. Patrick Adamek plays the stress ball, and Lauren Lukacek took on the role of our tattoo artist.

I sat down with Kurt to ask him a few questions about his role. Here’s what he had to say!

What was it like to be a water bottle for a day?

Refreshing, although it was pretty ironic because I was dressed as a water bottle but I was so thirsty in that costume!!

What was your favorite part about acting in the commercial?

It was just fun. Acting is just as much fun as everyone says it is.

Anything you didn’t like?

Hmm, the spandex and heat. No, wait! The make-up! I almost passed out when Erin was putting eyeliner on me.

If you would have had your own actor trailer, what kinds of outrageous demands would you have made?

I would have demanded Portillo’s Italian beef sandwiches, and … no eye contact with the talent! Haha!

Will we be seeing more of your water bottle character in the future?

Possibly. Only time will tell.

So there you have it! We hope you had just as much fun watching our commercial and learning about it as we did producing it! Now, why don’t you give it another looksee?

What’d you think? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Bret Bonnet

    Recording this commercial was SUPER fun. Nice work media dept.!

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