Why Rebecca Black’s Accidental Success May Give Her the Last Laugh

Hey, all you QLP fans out there! Did you know that today is Friday? And tomorrow is Saturday? And Sunday comes afterwarrrrrrrds?

Rebecca Black wanted to make sure you knew that by releasing a song Rolling Stone has dubbed “an unintentional parody of modern pop music.” If you haven’t heard it yet, get out from that rock you’re under and head to your nearest YouTube-enabled device and join the millions of other people who have witnessed the atrocity that is the “Friday” music video. Or, just click here.

No, she didn’t write the song, she merely chose it out of 2 songs that were prewritten by a startup company offering professional (that term is being used loosely) recording and video production. The song is so bad that it’s almost as if the writers heard someone say, “Nothing can be worse than that Justin Beiber song,” and took it as a challenge. It sounds more like a heap of run-on sentences tied together with the most monotonous chorus imaginable…with an obligatory terrible rap thrown in for good measure.

Everyone’s laughing at this company (it’s hard not to, right?), but they just might be laughing right back. The song is infamous – granted it’s for all the wrong reasons – but infamous is infamous any way you slice it. Conan O’Brien made a hysterical parody of the song. It’s in the top 100 of iTunes. It has tens of millions of YouTube hits and counting. Somebody somewhere is making mad money off this whole thing! And I have to say, if Rolling Stone guessed wrong and this IS intentional, then it was a stroke of genius.

They say (who are “they” anyway?) there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and this might be the finest example I’ve seen. A colossal joke-of-a-failure turns into a smashing success. I’m sure that the production company will see more business, even if they’re known to have written one of the most awful songs of all time, because there is a high novelty factor. Plus, people at least will know their company’s name. And for years, Rebecca Black will be known as “the girl who sang that Friday song.” If she’s smart she’ll be able to turn it into some marketing opportunities while she still can.

So keep on laughing, but don’t be surprised if they have the last laugh…

What do you think of the Rebecca Black phenomenon? Was this a career-killing move or can she rebrand herself as a serious artist?


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  1. Jill Tooley

    This song is like a red wine stain…it seeps in and can’t be removed easily. Ow, my brain hurts from watching this video for (unfortunately) the SECOND time. That’s two times too many!

    All joking aside, I will say that I have a lot of respect for Rebecca Black. NOT because of this strange song, but because she’s at least donating the profits of “Friday” to the Japan relief and to her own school. You can read about it here:

    That’s quite a move for a 13-year-old girl! In my opinion, she’s already making the moves to rebrand herself as a serious singer, which is the best thing she could possibly do. American Idol’s Simon Cowell is interested in meeting her and she’s expressed interest in doing a duet with Justin Bieber…so I have a feeling that Miss Black will be around for the foreseeable future! And you know what? I’m okay with that. She seems like a very pleasant young woman and I really do wish the best for her…let’s just hope she has the sense not to record another turd like “Friday”! 😉

    • cyberneticSAM

      Haha! that was the best analogy I have ever heard Jill! You are right! Even in auto-tune this is the perfect example for how far the mighty music world has fallen. I would literally rather sit and listen to stray cats fornicating the ever have to listen to the 30 seconds I witnessed. I felt as though someone had taken rail-spike and shoved it in my head. I feel bad b/c this poor girl was a failed exploit of what Pop does to the genre by violently trashing any shred of dignity or respect for music. They do so by taking poor young teen-agers and 20 something’s and regurgitating whatever train-wreck mess all over humanity that we are inevitably forced to watch and by our own nature can’t look away from. Can 2012 come any faster!?!?!?!

      • Bret Bonnet

        What does stray cats fornicating sound like?

    • cyberneticSAM

      yeah you are right though it is not her fault. I must applaude her choice as well.

    • JPorretto

      I didn’t know about her donating to Japan before you told me. And while the song is still ghastly, I do have much more respect for her. That is a VERY generous gesture.

      • Amanda Sneed

        I wonder, how much money will really be made from this video??? That’s super generous to donate the money, I’d be keeping at least half! 😉

  2. Joseph Giorgi

    Re-branding Rebecca Black as a serious (or remotely significant) pop artist is a one-in-a-million shot. Nothing about “Friday” hints that there was any kind of artistic talent employed in the making of the song/video. But I’d love to see Rebecca—and her label—try to top themselves.

    • JPorretto

      Oh heavens no, she’s not going to be the next big pop star. But there’s could be some lucrative Mall appearances in her future =)

  3. cyberneticSAM

    Can I just say, GOD BLESS CONAN!

  4. Kyle

    Oh boy, it seems that I’m behind the curve on this one.

    I saw a link to the video on a friend’s Facebook page the other day, but skipped over it and never gave it a second thought. I had no clue it was such a huge “hit”. Now I have to watch it myself to see what all the buzz is about, but sadly YouTube is blocked for me so I’ll have to wait before I have the chance to treat my eardrums to Rebecca Black’s limitless talent.


    I’ve lost almost all hope in the music industry…

    • JPorretto

      Oooh, Sarcasm detector going off! Nicely played.

  5. Ness

    I think she should just drop all of the bullshit to re-brand herself as a serious singer and just cash in on repeated awfulness. It’s worked thus far, right?

    She can be “The Room” of pop music! XD

  6. Lauren

    Don’t put down the Biebs… I might have Bieber fever and would never put down his songs…. However, this song is pretty sad. I’d say that I could write it, but my day might not be as interesting… Now I’m charging a deposit, and making and invoice, and another one, and another one… continuiosly.. 🙂

  7. JPorretto

    I can just imagine everyone waiting to hear the next Rebecca Black song. Could it possibly be worse than the last one without sounding like its INTENTIONALLY bad? That would be a mighty feat indeed…

  8. Amanda Sneed

    I was also one of the people underneath the rock. I had not seen this video until earlier today. But wow! While watching it, all I could think was, “Really….is this a joke!? Is this video supposed to be funny?” Being the over-analyzer that I am, I couldn’t just watch and think, “That was stupid!” I had to wonder why she would sing this, and who would write such a song! But she was “successful” in that she’s gotten 40 million+ YouTube views, so now she’ll at least be talked about, and maybe get to go on some talk shows, etc (Ellen or Tyra!). =I

    I could totally see a record label picking her up and making her a female Beiber….her actual voice wasn’t the worst I’ve ever heard, and she’s young, decently good-looking, and now everyone knows her name, so in my opinion, that’s all it takes to make another Beiber.

  9. Bret Bonnet

    After reading this post and watching this video I am literally bubbling with a million different things to say, but I have no idea how or WHERE to start…

    a.) JEFF – Rebbecca Black, if that is her REAL name, is taller than you!

    b.) Why is there a random rapper driving a car 3/4 way into this video?

    c.) Is that guy TRYING to look like Usher?

    d.) What kind of school do these kids attend where it’s NORMAL to be wearing prom dresses to class on Fridays?

    e.) I love the girl with braces. SO HOT! 🙂

    f.) I think when presented with the challenge as to which car seat she should sit in… her friends should have done us all a favor and thrown her in the trunk of the car.

    g.) Have I offended anyone yet?!?!?

    h.) I can’t wait until she goes to apply for a job and the human resources person decides to Google her name.

    i.) Maybe she will get an award for her hard work and then end up applying for a position at a small start-up company outside of Aurora, IL.

    j.) Do you think the # of hits your YouTube video receives should be something you include on your resume or that employers should take into consideration in terms of hireability of a person?

    k.) Are YouTube hits more important than your GPA? Someone from NASA should really start focusing on that equation instead of blowing up billion dollar rockets/payloads over our world’s oceans.

    CONCLUSION: I’m jealous. Videos like this make me want to have children because I’d totally put embarrassing video after embarrassing video of them on YouTube until they could pay their own way through college. J/K!

    – Bret

  10. Billye Survis

    My 2 year old son was in the room with me when I played it and now he’s running around singing “Friday Friday.” If nothing else maybe she could have a career singing kiddie songs. 🙂

    • Jill Tooley

      Haha, that’s funny! I could see her making that move if she so desired. The lyrics are clean enough and the song is SO catchy (as illustrated by your son). Thanks for taking the time to comment! 🙂

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