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It’s crazy to think that the internet was actually created to help scientists and researchers communicate with each other more than 50 years ago during the Cold War era. Nowadays it seems we use it more to shop, catch up on our favorite shows and movies, and connect with family and friends instead of using it for data swapping. Well, if “data swapping” is silly penguin videos, then yes, we are still doing that.

Not only has the internet made “data swapping” easier but it’s also made shopping easier. You can buy nearly everything online, including promotional products to help expand your brand’s voice to new customers! However, what happens if you order some Chrome Dart Pens with your company’s logo on the side and aren’t satisfied with the end result? Can the internet save you then?


Quality Logo Products is here every single step of the ordering process. We can help you pick out the best item for your event, assist with your logo and artwork, and IF there’s a need to return your items we’ll help with that too.

Before you purchase 500 of these snazzy Chrome Dart Pens for the convention you have coming up we highly recommend requesting a randomly imprinted sample of the item(s) you’re interested in before purchasing the full order amount. This way you can determine if the item will work for your project. If not, our sales team members will look at the criteria you want and find exactly what you have in mind!

Let’s say that once you’ve received your selection of pen samples and have given them a test drive, you find that the Zinnia Pen was perfect. Let your sales team member know and they’ll get your information and cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s. When that’s complete, you’ll receive an email with this graphic in your inbox:

We send this to prevent needing to return your items at all

We send this to prevent needing to return your items at all

We will do everything in our power to ensure that there is not a need for your order to be returned and that’s why we send this handy little flow chart. We have an order process that requires your approval on an Order Form and Art Proof which will outline all of the details for your order. Our main goal is to make sure that our factories produce your order exactly as the signed approval contracts specify. We keep you in the loop on everything so that the “surprise” factor is kept to a minimum.

Who hasn’t ordered a shirt we thought was orange online but once it arrives in our mailbox a week later we find it’s actually more of a red color? You don’t want that and we definitely don’t want that either. We want it in writing that you’re ordering 500 of these customized Zinnia Pens in Translucent Red with a white screen printed imprint of your company’s name so we can all rest easy at night.

We ask that once you receive your items to look them over right away instead of letting them sit in the box until a day or two before your event. If there is an issue, immediately contact your sales team member and they’ll get a plan set in place for us to right the wrong. It’s best to inform us as soon as possible so that way if we need to get new replacement items out to you, you’ll receive them sooner rather than later.

Let Leo (or your sales rep) make it right!

Let Leo (or your sales rep) make it right!

What happens if you ordered blank items and need to return them?

Contact your sales team member and let them know so we can return your items. Our factories won’t accept unauthorized returns so we first need to get the return authorized through them. It’s usually pretty easy to return non-personalized items to the factory and we can typically issue a full refund minus the cost of shipping to and from your location and any necessary restocking fees once the order has been returned to the factory.

Now, if you ordered blank items from us and used a third party to add a custom imprint to your items, Quality Logo Products cannot open any claims or fix any problems that may occur with the items. It’s sort of the, “you break it, you bought it” scenario. Once those items are altered in any way, shape, or form, we cannot be held liable. It’s best to work with QLP on every step of your process – our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest around so there’s really no reason to go outside us for your imprinting needs.

What if you ordered personalized items?

This is a bit more complex because our factories are unable to reverse the personalization and cannot reuse those items ever again. You can learn more here about our Risk-Free Ordering Guarantee here (or check out the pretty graphic below if that’s more your style). If the evidence we receive from you proves that the order was not produced in accordance with the signed contracts then we will open up a claim with the factory and we will all work together to find a solution. This is a case by case sort of scenario so I can’t share with you a scenario that will 100% work every single time but I can promise that our claims department will work tirelessly to find a solution that will please everyone.

risk-free-guaranteeTo recap:

Request samples of the item(s) you are interested in – you can see the way an imprint looks on them, what the quality of the product is, and put any other concerns to rest BEFORE you commit to ordering hundreds of them. Plus, the majority of our items offer FREE samples so you literally having nothing to lose!

Voice concerns and ask questions throughout the process – you’ll receive an email from us during every step of the ordering, imprinting, and shipping stages. We do this not only to keep you informed but we want our customers to ask questions along the way instead of when their order arrives. Our sales team members always have time to listen! It’s better to ask questions when you receive an art proof than just approving it while still having hesitations. We don’t restrict you to only asking 5 questions during the process; ask as many as you want so you can be 1000% satisfied with your order once it arrives.

Inspect your items immediately after they’re delivered – bringing items to a trade show, company picnic, or wedding is a hassle and keeping your items packed up nice and snug inside the delivery box is convenient, but dangerous. Look and inspect all your items right after they’re delivered so if there is an issue we can make it right as soon as possible. There’s nothing worse than already being stressed out about your event in 2 days but having the additional stress of getting your “fixed” items rushed out is not a stress anyone should feel.


1-2-3, that’s all there is to receiving the perfect customized items for your event! I can’t stress it enough to talk with your sales team members about any questions, concerns, issues, or nightmares you’re having about your items throughout the process. The sooner we know any issues, the sooner we can make it right, and the sooner you’ll have the items on your doorstep that look exactly as you’ve imagined them.

What companies have you worked with that have an excellent return policy? Companies with the worst return policy? Sales Team: What’s the best advice you have for new customers so they can avoid having to return or ask for a refund of their promotional items? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Chase

    This is a super cool article. I think this in writing and me not just explaining it to the people that I talk to, will help! Thanks a ton. And I love the “1000% satisfied” only because 100% is NEVER enough! 🙂 Personally I think everyone should get a sample before they order an item! You need to see what you are going to get. It makes all the difference.

  2. Kelly Bird

    Samples are key to making sure you love the item you order especially if you have specific criteria for an item. Best yet, contact a customer service rep to go over your criteria to make sure you request the best sample for the job! 🙂

  3. AG

    Samples are the best way to see how the product looks since looking at the item in person is completely different than looking at in on a computer monitor. It really helps out our business that we are able to do this plus the paper trail that we leave helps us stay on track just in case any sort of problem occurs. Whenever there is a problem, it can make our job stressful so aiming for a problem-free environment is something we should all strive for.

  4. Matt

    I’m going to make another comment focused on samples because they are honestly that big a deal in terms of making sure you get what you want/need. colors can vary so wildly between your monitor and real life and sometimes the angle something is pictured at makes it hard to really get a feel for the product in real life. Samples eliminate all of that potential confusion and ensure you get what you’re looking for.

  5. Chuck

    I don’t mean to sound like a broken record here, but SAMPLES, SAMPLES, SAMPLES. Our media team is pretty awesome, but pictures can only go so far! So if you leave yourself an additional 3-5 days before you need to place an order, we can definitely get you a sample out with a random imprint so you can see IN PERSON what you are actually investing in. Plus, if there is an issue, you know we got your back!

  6. Greg

    Great article! You heard them! Get a sample!

  7. alan


  8. Serenity

    Why would anyone want to invest time & money in without knowing what you get. That would be crazy! That’s why samples are awesome!

  9. Erik Steinbrecher

    Like any contract, it’s best to make sure all of the details are in order before putting your John Hancock on the dotted lines. And as my fellow QLP’ers have not failed to mention, samples can make all the difference in helping to make your decision. Like our name insists, we carry many Quality Logo Products; but not everything we carry is perfect for all of our wonderful customers. We don’t want your promo decision to be like a box a chocolates, it’s better to know what you’re gonna get. So take advantage of getting a sample and ask all the questions you want. We’re here to help!

  10. Erin

    It’s SO important to read all the details of the Order Acknowledgement to make sure all the info. is correct. We send these to make sure everyone’s on the same page with not only the item and quantity of the order but also the shipping address and estimated delivery date. It is always best to make any changes needed BEFORE the order is started in production.

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