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Golf is a stylish sport with a lot of cool gear and fancy equipment. If you’re new to the game, it may seem like a lot to try and keep up with it all!

Luckily, this guide is here to help you out. You’ll look the part, have all the right things, and may just make that hole-in-one along the way!

Golf is an exciting sport of power, accuracy, and nerve that offers a constant challenge to the players.

– Clive Gifford, author of Golf: From Tee to Green – The Essential Guide for Young Golfers

How Do You Dress for a Golf Game?

A day on the course is all about casual comfort. You want to dress conservatively and appropriately from head to toe.

Put all these pieces together:


The sun is usually shining on the course. Protect your scalp and shield your eyes with a good hat or visor.

Collared Shirt or Short Sleeve Polo

Pick a shirt that’s stylish, while at the same time isn’t so stiff it will constrict your movement. You still want to be able to take a full swing!


Is it a breezy or cool day? Put a lightweight jacket on or keep it in your bag in case you get the chills later on in the game.


While golf gloves are optional, they’re highly recommended for long games. Your hands can easily develop blisters if they’re not protected!

Pants, Shorts, or Skirt

Make sure your pants, shorts, or skirt fit well and aren’t wrinkled. You should also tuck your shirt in to pull the whole look together.


Go all out with a fun print or keep it plain and simple. Either way, you want to choose a pair that will absorb moisture away from your feet.


There are cleats specifically designed for golf. Look for a pair that’s easy to walk in, or if you’re a casual player, just put on athletic sneakers.

Now you look the part! Keep in mind, some golf clubs and venues have strict dress codes. Be sure to look up more information before you take a trip to their courses.

Golf Digest recommends polyester sweaters or loose fitting pullovers during cold winter games.

What Equipment Do You Need to Play Golf?

You could play golf with just about anything, but when it’s time to really hit the green, you’ll want to bring the essentials:

  • Clubs
  • Golf Balls
  • Tees
  • Ball Markers


You’re allowed 14 clubs during a golf game. Choose your set based on your height. The chart below will help you pick the right clubs for your next outing!



Shorter than 5’5

Recommended Club Size

1⁄4” to 2” shorter than standard

5’5” to 6’1”


Taller than 6’1”

1⁄4” to 2” over standard



Shorter than 5’3”

Recommended Club Size

1⁄4” to 2” shorter than standard

5’3” to 5’7”


Taller than 5’7”

Men’s Standard or 1⁄4” to 2” over standard

*Data pulled from www.bobbyjones.c3style.com & taylormadegolfpreowned.com

Golf Balls

Golf balls come in a variety of different pieces. Typically, players will use a two-piece ball, but you want to look for something that works with your swing.

  • Slower Swing
  • One-piece golf balls
  • Two-piece golf balls
  • Mid-range Swing
  • Three-piece golf balls
  • Slower Swing
  • Four-piece golf balls
  • Five-piece golf balls


Back in the early days of golf, they would use mounds of sand to prop up the ball. The tee has changed the game and made it easier for amateurs and pros alike!

Most golf tees are made from either plastic or wood and come in one of four lengths:

  • 2 1⁄8”
  • 2 3⁄4”
  • 3 1⁄4”
  • 4”

Go with the tee that works best for your swing, or if you’re not sure, look for a combo pack that has all the sizes included.

Ball Markers

Ball markers are left in place of your ball so you know where to take your next shot. They can reflect your personality and may be shaped like:

  • Smiley faces
  • Poker chips
  • Scrabble tiles
  • Animals
  • Guitar picks
  • …and more

It also doesn’t hurt to have a few other handy extras in your bag like a golf pencil for keeping score, a towel for sweat, and an umbrella in case it starts raining.

When it comes to golf, you can never be overprepared. You want to have your best game, and the right gear for the job will only help!

What Clubs Are in a Full Set of Golf Clubs?

A full set of golf clubs typically includes three woods, at least one hybrid, a driver, seven irons, and a putter. You can keep one or more of each type in your bag.

Here’s a breakdown of how each club is used:


You’ll use the drivers when it comes to your initial stroke off the tee. The clubs are usually made from durable metal, like steel, and are used to cover a lot of distance.


Putters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You’ll use this style of club for your final strokes, which will take place on the putting green.

Fairway Woods

This is another club that is used for going the distance. You will use woods from the tee or to hit the ball on the fairway.


A hybrid golf club is a cross between an iron and a wood. The clubhead is typically larger, which makes it super easy to hit the ball from out of bunkers.


These are the numbered golf clubs with smaller clubheads and angled faces (also called “loft”). They’re best for shots from the fairway or tee shots on shorter holes.


The different types of wedge clubs include: pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge. You’ll grab one of these for shorter approach shots.

The right clubs can make or break your golf game. Look for a set that’s comfortable to hold and easy to swing.

The golf club numbers correspond with the angle of the club’s face. The lower the number, the more distance and less height. The higher the number, the more height and less distance.

What Else Should You Put in Your Golf Bag?

Do you still have room in your bag? Throw in a few other essentials to ensure you have the best game possible!


You’re going to need your protein for a day on the course. Almonds, protein bars, or pumpkin seeds are all excellent snacks that are easy to eat on the go.

Water Bottle

You’re going to work up a sweat during an intense game! Stay hydrated by bringing along a refillable water bottle.

Divot Tool

A divot is a piece of turf that ends up destroyed during a stroke. Fix these easily with a handy divot repair tool!

Rule Book

The United States Golf Association (USGA) updates their official rules every year. Stop any potential arguments on the course by having the latest version in your bag.

Are you playing golf for the first time? Learn everything you need to know as a beginner.

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How Much Does a Golf Bag Weigh?

You may be surprised to know that the average golf bag weighs anywhere between 30 and 50 pounds! That’s a lot of weight to lug around the course, and it could be difficult to carry.

The good news is most golf bags have wheels that make transportation easy. You’ll often also see golf carts at 18-hole courses. These are just some ways to lighten the load so you can focus on the game at hand.

At the end of the day, you need to bring all this gear and equipment with you to the course. It’s the best way to ensure you’re on-par with all the other players!

The Bottom Line

You can be really bad at golf, but you’ll look like you’re on the PGA Tour with the right gear! Don’t show up to the mini golf course with all this stuff, though. That’s just weird.


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