Walking through Costco on a busy Saturday afternoon is the best. Because of the excellent people watching opportunities? Yes and because there are samples aplenty! Never had brown sugar encrusted ham? They’ve got it. Need a dessert for a party tonight? Better try that cheesecake the nice lady is sampling before you commit to buying it. Samples are important in getting your brand out there.

Just like Costco has tons of products, we too have thousands of promotional products to choose from. And with our sample policy you can try before you buy! Before your giddiness gets the best of you, I’m sure you have questions and this handy, easy to bookmark blog will help you out. Here are the most common questions we get regarding our sample policy, so chances are whatever is stressing you out is probably in the mix.

How many individual product samples can I request? Can I request a sample for a Chrome Dart Pen, a Sitting Penguin Stress Ball, and a Budget Pocket Can Holder to all be sent to me?

You can order as many samples as you would like, but with our current sample policy, customers in the continental United States are able to receive one free sample that is valued up to $5 (five dollars). All additional samples that you would like will require prepayment via credit card and shipping is additional. Yes, you could order samples of those three items but you’ll only get the first item that’s under $5 (five dollars) for free, after that prepayment to your credit card is needed. Just like eating too many samples at Costco will give you a stomach ache, we recommend pacing yourself and only requesting samples of the items you’re serious about ordering and giving out.

custom click pens
penguin stress ball
wesco construction koozie

Will all my items arrive in one box together?

Quality Logo Products® is a quantity distributor and we work with a number of different factories across the country to provide the best possible selection of promotional products. While this means you have nearly endless options and variety to choose from, it does mean that all your sample items will not arrive together at once. Each sample item will ship directly from the factory to you so if you order those three items mentioned in question 1 you will be receiving three individual boxes. Just remember though, we have over 23,000 items so you won’t have to worry about giving out the same customized lunch box as your competitor.

How long will it take to receive my sample? If I’m on a tight deadline can you rush ship it?

We send out samples as quick as possible so you don’t have a long lag time. They normally arrive at your address via standard USPS or UPS Ground service within 7-10 business days. If you have a shipping account number and you’re interested in getting your samples sooner than that, you are more than welcome to provide your shipping account number with your sales rep so you can expedite your samples and get them quicker. Unfortunately, we are not able to expedite the samples when shipping on our account but with yours we can.

What does “Free” mean?

Our “Free Sample” policy means you can receive one free sample, up to a $5 (five dollars) value, of any available product without having to pay for the item. Using the Sitting Penguin Stress Ball as an example, you can see from the picture below that this little guy is $2.20 each:

sample below 5 dollars

That means you won’t have to pay anything to receive a sample of this customized stress reliever. It is completely free to you!

Since the samples are sent directly from the factory and not from us, the item you receive will either be blank or feature an imprint from another company on them. Remember, a sample is meant to give you an idea of the product. If you’re ordering a pen sample, write with it, see how the ink flows, do you like that it’s a click style or would you prefer a capped style? These are the questions to ask yourself.

If you think you won’t be able to get a good idea of your logo if the item is blank, you can purchase a sample with your company’s logo on it. Let your sales team member know you’re interested in purchasing a Pre-Production sample and they’ll walk you through the procedure and payment process.

Can I choose the color of my sample?

Feel free to inform your sales team member that you’re interested in receiving a specific color for your sample. Just be aware that the sample inventory at the factory your item is coming from may be limited in the colors available and you may not receive the certain green color you want. It never hurts to ask and we’ll do the best we can to make sure your sample gives you the best idea of how your final product will look.

color options for sample

What information do you need for me to get a sample?

Good news! Ordering samples from us do not require naming rights to your first born or knowing the secret password, we just need some basic shipping and contact information. Provide us with your name, your company’s name, and shipping address including street address, city, state and zip code. Also, we’ll need your email and phone number for quick communication purposes.

There is some fine print that we need to disclose. We’re not able to ship to P.O. Boxes and your address must be located in the continental United States. We promise that we love you Hawaii, Alaska and all our overseas customers, we’re just not able to ship samples to you at this time.

I like the sample item and want to purchase more for my event, am I reimbursed for the sample request I placed beforehand on my order?

Yes, no matter what the cost of the paid sample, you will receive a credit for that one sample item if you place a full order for that exact same item. So, let’s say you requested a sample of the Coleman 20 Can party Stacker Cooler and then decided they are perfect for your company picnic coming up, so you order 40 of them. The sample would be $28.35 + shipping but when you place your order for them you would see a credit for $28.35 on your purchase.

If you’re serious about an item it’s best to request a sample, even if you have to pay for it because if it’s perfect for your event, you’ll receive the cost of the sample minus your shipping.

Are there items on QLP’s site I cannot order a sample of?

Most of our 23,000+ items are available to receive a sample. If the item you’re interested in has a “Get a Sample” or “Free Sample” blue button underneath the picture of the item on its product page, you’re good to go:

free sample button

For the items that are not available to receive a sample of, you’ll see a blue “No Sample” button underneath the picture of the item:

Can I put my business partner’s address in Hawaii on the sample request?

Unfortunately, we are only able to ship samples to clients located in the continental United States at this time. Again, we do love you Hawaii, Alaska and all our oversea country buddies, but at this time we’re not able to send samples.

We know that ordering promotional products can be stressful and having your boss breathing down your neck doesn’t help matters. That’s why we recommend ordering a sample of an item before you commit to ordering 25 or 2,500 of them. As soon as you open the box you’ll know that this is the custom pen or the imprinted stress reliever that’s perfect for your company and event.

Don’t hesitate to ask our sales team members if you have questions. Everyone here wants your event and giveaway to be a success so we’ll work with you to make everything perfect. You can reach us by email (info@qualitylogoproducts.com) or by phone (866-312-5646).

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