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Save Chuck! TV Show Renewal Campaigns with Promotional Products, Part 2

As you read in an earlier post, loyal followers, it is the season of TV show renewal. That means that the suits are nervously trying to decide whether or not your favorite show is coming back to the airwaves. Sure fire hits like Bones and How I Met Your Mother are already renewed (Bones actually picked up a two-year renewal last year – huzzah!), but there are plenty of shows teetering on the brink due to ratings that are decent but not stellar.

Several television shows have been renewed after the executives’ offices were inundated with products representing the program such as Roswell (Tabasco sauce) and Friday Night Lights (mini footballs, eye drops, AND light bulbs – they’re overachievers!). Regular folks used the same tactics that companies use – customized promotional products – to draw awareness to an important brand: their favorite television shows.

Now one of my all time favorite shows, NBC’s Chuck, is in danger of cancellation. An additional six episodes were ordered on top of the original thirteen pickup (even before the first episode of this season aired), which is a good sign. But we nerd herders can’t become complacent. So here are some ideas that I think could support a successful campaign to bring good guy Chuck Bartowski, gorgeous superspy Sarah Walker, badass Colonel John Casey, best friend Morgan Grimes, sister Ellie, brother-in-law Dr. Devon “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb, boss Big Mike, and the whole rest of the Nerd Herd back for another year.

Chuck works as a Nerd Herder at the Buy More (subtle, right?), which means that he does everything from installing home theatre systems to fixing computers. With a classy logo imprinted on the custom laptop stress reliever, you can convince network executives to Buy More episodes for a new season! These affordable stress balls are perfect for shipping into the headquarters of the folks responsible for saying yea or nay. You want to program them to make the right decision? The customized laptop stress balls can make it happen.

If you’ve seen the inside of Big Mike’s office, you can’t help but notice the giant Marlin mounted on the wall. There was even an episode named after it – Chuck vs. the Marlin – at the end of season one. A set of personalized marlin stress balls (pictured at the top of this post) can give Chuck the attention it needs in order to swim smoothly into season four. Think of the “punny” catchphrases you can use: “Renew Chuck: It’s a Real Catch!” or “Chuck: Fry Up Some Fun!” Okay, those aren’t that great, but that’s why I’m not in charge of this campaign: you are.

Super Hero Stress Ball from Quality Logo Products

Can Super Hero Stress Balls use their powers to help save Chuck?

Devon “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb (dreamboat Ryan McPartlin) is a gorgeous, kind, and generous doctor who’s crazy in love with his wife. Basically, a superhero. That’s why the customized Super Hero Stress Ball would make an excellent product for encouraging executives to save the world… or at least your favorite show. They’re affordable and brightly colored – that means you can send a lot of them and each of those great gifts will garner tons of attention. Whether you mail them to the network directly or put them on cars in the studio parking lot, these squeezable superheroes will have no problem getting promotional power behind your brand.

So those are my nominations, dear readers, for a few different items that Chuck fans can send out to advertisers, network executives, and showrunners in order to bring back Team Bartowski for another year.

Last year, fans banded together (following Zachary Levi’s lead) to thank NBC sponsor Subway by buying $5 footlong Subway sandwiches. Word of mouth spread the effort far and wide and the same thing was done on the night of the season finale, with $5 footlongs being purchased across the country at Chuck viewing parties. The result? Season three.

Can we make history repeat itself? Do you think that was a one-time deal? How would you bring attention to one of your favorite shows if it were on the bubble? Do you have other ideas for Chuck-related promotional gifts? Sound off in the comments below!

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