The bell is about to ring on a new year! This is an exciting time for students, teachers, and parents, so welcome everyone back to the hallways with school promotional items!

Whether you’re a preschool, college, or somewhere in between, you can use school swag for picnics, fundraisers, campus events, and field trips. You can also sell these logo items in a bookstore to show your spirit.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on promotional products for students, faculty, and alumni. Here are a ton of school swag ideas for every grade level!  

Preschool Promotional Items

Love for learning should start at a young age. Why not win over the little ones with spirit items that will make them smile? It’s time to bring positive energy to your preschool with these kid-friendly promotional products!

1. Color Changing Plastic Cups

color changing plastic cups

It’s snack time! Serve juice and milk to your preschool students by using color changing plastic cups. With a 12 oz. capacity, this drinkware is perfect for little hands. Plus, the plastic cups can be reused in the future to hold paint for art projects.

2. Plush Big Paw Bears

custom teddy bears for schools

Classic teddy bears are wonderful swag for schools, especially around the holidays. The Plush Big Paw Bear is sure to be every preschool student’s new furry friend! This lovable plushie comes in either white or brown and wears a customizable shirt in your school colors.

3. Jumbo Building Blocks

custom building blocks for schools

Do you need school promotional products that are fun and educational? You’ll love Jumbo Block Sets for your preschool classrooms! Every set comes with 13 plastic blocks, making these toys great for playtime. If you’re a teacher, you can also use them to create an engaging lesson about letters, numbers, or animal noises!

4. Logo Temporary Tattoos

logo temporary tattoos

Treat all the preschoolers to temporary tattoos at your back-to-school picnic. These logoed items are a lot less messy than face painting and a cheap activity to offer to your community. 3,000 tattoos come with every order, and you can customize them to be shaped however you want!

5. Educational Coloring Books

educational coloring books for schools

Is your preschool having an assembly about fire safety, germs, or recycling? Hand out custom coloring books. You can also use the books as school promotions in the local community. For instance, the Feel Good & Eat Healthy Coloring Books are great for the waiting area at local nutrition classes. If parents pick up a book, they’ll have your preschool’s name when it’s time to enroll their kids!

6. Color Crayon Packs

custom crayon packs

What good are coloring books without crayons?! Print your name and logo on each pack and offer them to the kids at your preschool. The 8 Color Crayon Packs are less than $1 each and come with essential colors: blue, green, yellow, red, orange, brown, purple, and black.

7. Budget Lunch Bags

custom lunch bags for kids

Congrats to the kids at your preschool graduation! Make sure they’re ready for the elementary cafeteria with the Budget Kooler Bags. Available in 13 colors, these lunch bags are the perfect size for juice boxes, apple sauce, and PB&J sandwiches.

Elementary School Promotional Items (Kindergarten to Fifth Grade)

Elementary students are sure to love this school swag. These promotional products are useful for not only the classroom, but also for homework and after-school activities. Use them at your summer fundraiser or hold onto them for this year’s book fair!

1. Gildan Youth T-Shirts

custom t-shirts for schools

T-shirts are great swag for schools! The Hanes Authentic T-Shirt is made from a cozy cotton, comes in 30 different colors, and is machine washable. Don’t forget to order larger sizes as well for the elementary faculty and parents!

2. Double Wall Tumblers

custom drink tumblers

A Double Wall Tumbler will be used all the time for after-school snacks. You can mix-and-match the lid to the tumbler as a way to incorporate your elementary school spirit colors. Plus, drink tumblers keep cold drinks cold longer and are very easy to clean.  

3. Cinch Up Backpacks

custom drawstring backpacks

Field trips at your elementary school will be way easier with Cinch Up Backpacks! Each one is made from water-resistant polyester, which is useful for wilderness hikes or zoo adventures. Order these custom drawstring bags ahead of time and hand them out in exchange for permission slips.

4. Neon Wood Pencils

custom pencils for schools

Pencils are a must in elementary classrooms, but why not kick it up a notch with the Neon Wood Pencils? They come in 5 bright colors and are topped with a matching eraser. These school promotional products are great for book fairs, community fundraisers, and events like concerts or talent shows.

5. Felt Tip Markers

custom felt tip markers

Your elementary students work on a ton of big projects and need the right supplies for the job. A 6 pack of felt tip markers is bound to come in handy for it all, from solar system dioramas to giant poster boards. They’re also prepackaged in a handy plastic carrying case.

6. Zippered Pencil Cases

custom pencil cases

All those pencils and markers need to go somewhere, so pair them with custom pencil cases? The Zippered Pencil Case is a budget-friendly choice and is sure to get a ton of use from your elementary students. The teachers may even want one for themselves!

7. Flexible Rulers

custom flexible rulers

Wood rulers are fine for 4th or 5th graders, but younger students may need to measure, too. That’s why your elementary school should go the extra mile with Flexible Rulers! These logoed items measure up to 12 inches and easily fold down to fit into a backpack.

8. Custom Pocket Folders

custom pocket folders

Never hear “the dog ate my homework” excuse again! Your elementary students can keep their assignments inside of logoed pocket folders. Choose folders in your school colors and hand them out to everyone during registration. You can put supply lists and any other paperwork right inside!

Middle School Promotional Items (Sixth Grade to Eight Grade)

By middle school, your students are not quite kids, but not quite young adults either. Win them over with these school promotion ideas. These giveaways are almost too cool for school!

1. Budget Backpacks

custom backpacks

Why should school swag be expensive? The Budget Backpacks are cheap and have it all – 9 colors, adjustable straps, a large front pocket, and a side mesh pocket for water bottles. Pick these backpacks up in bulk for your school!

2. Colored Bike Bottles

custom bpa-free water bottles

Middle school students will love the Colored Bike Bottles, especially if they’re on a sports team. These bottles have a large 20 ounce capacity and are totally BPA-free! You can also mix and match the lid colors, making these great school promotional items for a parade or festival in your community.

3. Rubbery Spiral Notebooks

custom spiral notebooks for schools

Whether it’s for English or math class, middle school students need to take a lot of notes! They’re sure to fill up the 70 pages offered in the Rubbery Spiral Notebooks. Print a positive or motivational message on the front cover to get everyone in the learning spirit!

4. Reversible Sequin Pens

sequin pens

Sequins are really popular with preteens, so middle school students won’t be able to resist these sparkly pens! The tops of these novelty pens come in 5 unique shapes: star, heart, crown, unicorn, or music note. Offer them as a prize for a reading program at your school!

5. Jumbo Highlighters

custom highlighters for schools

Study sessions are more intense when you’re in middle school. Give your students Jumbo Highlighters they can use to take notes. They come in 3 fluorescent colors: yellow, green, or pink. Your school name will be easy to notice on the XL barrel!

6. Heart Shaped Die Cut Erasers

custom heart shaped erasers

Mistakes happen, but your middle school students will be able to tackle them all with Heart Shaped Die Cut Erasers. Do you have standardized tests around the corner? Give these erasers out as little gifts to bring some love to the exam room. It’ll make everyone feel less stressed!  

7. Paw N Claws Magnetic Bookmarks

custom bookmarks

Harry Potter, Coraline, The Witches, and Hatchet are all wonderful novels for middle schoolers. Help them mark the page in their next great read with Paws N Claws Magnetic Bookmarks. Your school librarian will love giving them out to students when they check out a book.

8. Round Ring Vinyl Binders

custom 3 ring binders

Think of binders as more grown up pocket folders. As they get older, students have more loose papers and assignments to organize. The Round Ring Vinyl Binders will be real lifesavers! They come in 10 colors and look extra sleek with your school’s logo printed on the front.

High School Promotional Items

High school is full of milestone moments like prom and graduation. All the students will want keepsakes to remember this special time. Check out these giveaways for high school students!

1. Stainless Steel Grip Bottles

custom stainless steel water bottles for schools

Metal water bottles are great giveaways for freshmen on the first day of school. The Stainless Steel Grip Bottle is durable enough to last all four years and has a nice, slim design. Plus, the attached carabiner easily clips right to the student’s backpack.

2. Flower Multi Color Highlighters

flower shaped highlighters with 5 colors

The Flower Multi Color Highlighters have five highlighter colors in one, which is great for detailed notes in classes like history and algebra. Your elementary students will be happy to have these multi-color highlighters in time for that epic test! Are flowers not really your thing?  You can also get star or high-five shaped highlighters!

3. Braided Charging Cables

custom charging cables

Chargers are a must for high school students. They don’t want to lose power as they cram for major tests and apply for college scholarships! Give them the gift of power with Braided Charging Cables The case makes them easy to carry, and they work with any phone or laptop that has a type C USB.

4. Rainbow Hardcover Notebooks

custom hardcover journals for schools

If you need giveaways for high school students, you can’t go wrong with Rainbow Hardcover Notebooks. These bright journals come in 11 colors and have 80 ruled pages for notes. Hand this school swag out at the beginning of the year in English class or as gifts for everyone on the school newspaper.  

5. Refillable Mechanical Pencils With Grip

custom mechanical pencils for schools

As long as they’re #2, mechanical pencils are great for high school classrooms. The students won’t have to worry about cramps thanks to the rubber grip pencils. Push the eraser at the top to activate and refill using 0.7 mm black lead.

6. Classic Pocket Planners

custom pocket planners

You want to start the school year on the right foot! Keep high school students and teachers on schedule with the Classic Pocket Planners. Your community will get a ton of use from these 12-month planners, which come in your choice of 9 different colors. Your school’s logo/name will be printed on the cover in metallic ink!

7. Solid Handle Pom Poms

custom pom poms

Go team go! Cheer on your high school sports teams with the Solid Handle Pom Poms. These pom poms come in either blue or red and are great for pep rallies. Everyone in the crowd will look awesome with these in hand during “The Wave!”

8. Jerzee NuBlend Hoodies

custom hoodies for schools

Mondays can be rough, but your high school students can grab these cozy logo hoodies off the floor and slip them on quickly in the morning. Jerzee NuBlend Hoodies are available in over 30 colors and come in sizes small to XXL Grab this school swag in bulk for your students, especially those seniors dealing with “senioritis!”

College Promotional Items

Bring school spirit to your campus with giveaways for college students. Any of these promotional items are sure to be a hit on orientation night. They’re also guaranteed bestsellers at your university bookstore!

1. Hang in There Lanyards

custom lanyards

Nothing is worse than losing a student ID or the keys to a dorm room. For that very reason, custom lanyards are the best college swag. Choose from 14 colors and get your school’s name or logo printed on both sides. Lanyards are also great for your faculty!

2. Contigo Luxe Tumblers

custom contigo travel mugs

Caffeine is a must for college students. They’ll love having the Contigo Luxe Tumblers in hand as they zip around from class to class. These travel mugs have a 16 oz. capacity and double wall insulation to keep that coffee nice and hot. They fit in a cupholder, which is great for those commuting to and from campus every day.

3. All Day Laptop Bags

custom laptop bags for schools

How devastating would it be if your laptop broke in the middle of a semester? The All Day Laptop Bags will be favored by students who need to lug around bulky computers and cords to every class. The extra padding inside helps protect from damage.  

4. Moleskine Ruled XL Notebooks

custom moleskine notebooks for schools

Do you work in recruiting? Bring interest to your university by giving out free Moleskine Ruled XL Notebooks. These journals have a professional look that are great for students who are serious about their studies. With 96 pages, they can also take detailed notes about how awesome you are during the campus tour!

5. Gildan Crewneck Sweatshirts

custom sweatshirts for schools

Welcome students to your campus with Gildan Crewneck Sweatshirts. The first semester usually starts in the fall, making this cozy college swag a great addition to your bookstore. These sweaters are made from a cotton blend, which means they are less likely to shrink and are more affordable than 100% cotton.

6. Bic Grip Roller Pens

custom rollerball pens

When you’re in a lecture, you need pens that will glide across the page. Your college students will love the Bic Grip Roller Pens! They write in either blue or black ink and come with a removable cap. The best part is these logoed items are under $1 each!

7. Rotate Flash Drives (8 GB)

custom flash drives for schools

Oh no! You’ve just worked for hours on an essay for your college class and your laptop crashed. If only you had the Rotate Flash Drives to back up your work! These USB drives are available in over 20 colors and offer 8 gigabytes of storage space. Order them in bulk for your computer labs!

Promotional Products for Teachers

School swag isn’t only for students! A good teacher takes pride in their school, so help them show their support with these promotional items.

1. Bistro Two-Tone Coffee Mugs

custom mugs for teachers

Start the school day with a cup of coffee in the Bistro Two Tone Mugs. These 16 oz. coffee mugs are excellent teacher appreciation gifts and will be well-loved by your staff. Do you want a sleek look? Match the ink imprint on the front to the color inside of the mug!

2. Eco-Green Jute Tote Bags

custom tote bags

Whether it’s a pile of graded work or a DVD for movie day, your teachers have a lot to carry to and from class. Make their lives easier with the Eco-Green Jute Tote Bags. These custom bags zip open and closed, which protects everything inside. They’re also made from jute – a natural plant fiber that’s much more eco-friendly than other fabrics.

3. Paper Mate Red Ink Pens

custom red ink pens

A lot of schools use Google Classroom, but there are still plenty of worksheets and essays that get turned in by hand. Your teachers can grade that work using red ink pens! Paper Mate is a top of the line brand that writes smoothly and doesn’t smear.

4. Retractable Badge Holders

custom retractable badge holders

School promotional products don’t have to be fancy! A simple retractable badge holder will get a lot of use from your teachers. Your faculty can use them to clip IDs to their shirts, pockets, or bags. This is a great way to bring extra security to your hallways!

5. Leather Look Portfolios

custom leather portfolios

Teachers can organize their syllabi and lesson plans in the sophisticated Leather Look Portfolio. These sleek folders button closed and have an interior pocket for loose papers. They also come with a 30-page writing pad, which is handy for note-taking!

6. Apple Stress Balls

custom apple stress balls

An apple a day keeps a teacher’s stress away! Help your staff get through the bad days with these juicy apple stress balls. This cute school swag is made from squishy polyurethane and comes in 3 colors: red, green, or yellow. If you love stress balls, you should also check out brain stress balls, which are great for any grade level!

7. Wood Desk Organizers

custom desk organizers for teachers

An organized desk is said to increase productivity, so your teachers will love these custom wood desk organizers. They have space for phones, ID badges, and a couple ballpoint pens. Personalize each one with your school’s name, or order them blank so your teachers can print their name with a permanent marker.

How to Use Promotional Products to Raise Money for School

Promotional products are excellent for school fundraisers. You can sell these logoed items for a low price, order them as raffle prizes, or even use them as giveaways with a ticket purchase for school plays or sporting events.

Are you not sure what to do with your school promotional products? Give any of these ideas a try!

  • Sell the products in your school bookstore.
  • Use as prizes for a raffle.
  • Offer as gifts with purchase to a school play.
  • Keep in concession stand at school events.
  • Create a merch catalog for school sports teams.
  • Recruit new students with the promise of a cool promotional gift.
  • Hand out the products at local businesses.

Sell in School Bookstore – Think swag! Your students won’t be able to resist sweatpants, t-shirts, notebooks, pens, and other school logoed items.

raffle tickets

Use as Prizes for a Raffle – Why not make some money on parent teacher night? Host a raffle and give away school promotional items as prizes.

school play tickets

Gifts With Purchase of Tickets – You want the local community to come to your high school production of “Romeo & Juliet.” Win over the crowd by giving away cool school swag with the purchase of tickets.

concession stand

Concession Swag at School Events – Whether it’s the homecoming football game or an epic science fair, you should offer concessions at all your school events. Sell logoed items along with the chips and soft drinks.

sports balls

Merch for Sports Teams – Create a catalog of team sweatshirts, shorts, pants, and zip pullovers for your athletes to choose from. They can then buy any of the logoed items they’re interested in wearing.

personalized gifts

College Recruiting Gifts – Rise to the top of the list of potential colleges! It’s as easy as recruiting new students with cool swag from your university.

local cafe

Adverts Handed Out By Local Businesses – Partner with businesses in your local community and ask them to keep your school promotional products on tables or by the registers. Your school’s name is now getting out there!

Everybody loves swag, so use it wisely for all your school fundraising. The better the item, the more likely you’ll bring positive attention to your educational institution. The sky’s the limit!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you’re inspired by all these school promotion ideas. And remember, just because certain products were recommended for one grade level doesn’t mean they won’t work for others. Choose the swag that’s right for you!

Above all, have a great school year!

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