Save Time & Money by Searching by Your Budget!

Hiya folks! I’m back with another installment of how you can get the most out of our new search function.

You already got a brief overview, and you know how to search by logo type. So today we’re going to cover how you can search by item quantity and budget!

I know – so exciting!

Let’s kick this off (as we always do) with an awesome video from my human BFFs in the Media Department:

Being able to search by your budget or item requirement is awesome! It’s the best way I know to make sure that you won’t upset your accounting team by going over your advertising budget. There are 5 ways to take advantage of this new feature. Let’s check ‘em out!

1. Search from a price and go upwards

Times you want to do this: wanting to impress guests or future clients with fancier, higher quality items

Okay guys, so let’s say that you’re looking for a really cool pen for your sales team to hand out on cold calls. You want to make a heck of an impression on these potential customers, so you don’t just want to hand them any old plastic pen. You want to give them one with a stylus or made out of metal.

So you head on over to the QLP website and click over to our pen category. Then you go to the price box on the left.


Put a 1 in the LOW $ box and click GO.


So now you’ve limited your options from over 2,000 pens to around 860. You are only seeing pens that cost $1 or more to imprint – all pens that are sure to impress!

Then you can sort them by price, minimum quantity, or popularity.

If that’s still a lot of options then feel free to use the other filters on our site (like color, event, or material) to narrow down your list!

2. Search from a price and go downwards

Times you want to do this: when you have a specific limit for giveaways but are unsure how many you may need, like ordering for conventions

For this example, let’s say you’re ordering giveaways for a trade show booth. You’re not really sure how many visitors you’re going to have, but you want to stand out. So you’ve been authorized to spend up to (but not more than) $3 per item.

So you head on over to our best-selling promotional products page and take advantage of the price tool again!


You would put a 3 in HIGH $ box and hit GO.


Now you are only seeing items that cost less than $3 each to imprint. Once again you can sort them by price, minimum quantity, or popularity. You can get some pretty awesome drinkware for $3 or less, so your company (and your booth visitors!) should be pretty happy with your choice.

3. Search within a specific price range

Times you want to do this: when you want to spend a little more money on your promo items, but not a small fortune

Let’s go back to the example of finding a great pen to hand out to potential customers. Even if you want to only see pens for $1 or more, that still leaves you with a lot of choices. And those choices include some of our gold-plated pens that can cost $200 or more.

You don’t want to spend that much on a pen just yet. You would prefer to not spend more than $4. Surely there are some great pens between $1 and $4!

Once again, head over to the pen category on our website and find the handy price tool.


Enter 1 in the LOW $ box and 4 in the HIGH $ box and click GO.


Now you only see the pens that cost between $1 and $4. You won’t have to worry about seeing those gold-plated pens show up in the results.

As always, you can sort by price, minimum quantity, or popularity.

4. Search by item quantity without a specific budget

Times you want to do this: when you have a specific set of people to buy for, like limited-time events or wedding party gifts

Let’s say that you’re in charge of picking up gifts for the local baseball league. After a long season of hard work and night games, your team has won the championship! In addition to the trophies you’re sure to get, you want something else to celebrate the occasion.

Among the players, coaches, and diehard fans, you decide you need 30 products. No more, no less.

So after you head to our website and put “baseball” in the search bar, you’re offered over 300 items. Let’s parse those down so you don’t have to order 200 stress balls.


Head over to the price tool, put 30 in the QTY box, and click GO.


This limits your selection to only about 40 products and it will show ONLY the products that you can buy 30 of. This filter will also show you the exact price you’ll be paying at the 30 quantity, so there’s no guessing at what the price might be before opening the product page.


Once again you can sort these by price, minimum quantity, and popularity by using the sort buttons right above the products.

5. Search by quantity with a specific budget

Times you want to do this: when you don’t want to go over budget and you know how many items you need to buy, like employee gifts or wedding favors

Let’s imagine that you’re one half of a happily-engaged couple. And now it’s time to buy your wedding favors! Like most couples, you’re really watching the bottom line and you don’t want to spend the rest of your married life paying off this wedding.

That’s where this function of the price filter really comes in handy!

Head over to our website and enter “wedding” in the search bar.


You have 200 people coming to your wedding and you’ve budgeted no more than $3 per wedding favor.

Go to the price filter, put 3 in the HIGH $ box and 200 in the QTY. box and click GO.


This does a couple things for you. First of all limits your results to a little fewer than 400 items instead of a little fewer than 1,000 items. Second, it only shows you the items that you can purchase in quantities of 200.

Last, and most importantly, the results show you exactly how much these items will cost at the price point you want! This won’t be a case of seeing an item for $2 on the results page, clicking into the specific product page, and then having your heart broken when you check the price breakdown and see that it’s actually $2 at the 400 quantity and $4 at the 200 quantity.

Not gonna happen with us! There’s no more guessing – you get the actual price right on the results page.


Of course you can sort these by popularity, minimum quantity, and price. Or you can use the color filter on the left to look for items that come in your wedding colors!

Please note: these price filters will work in any category of our website. The categories in this blog post are used for example only. Search for calculators, Father’s Day gifts, or picnic giveaways the exact same way!

By using our new search function and price filters you won’t have to worry about misleading prices or going over your budget again! With our new website you’ll be able to search for exactly the perfect item without having to figure out a per item bulk price like on other websites. Give it a whirl and see what you find!

Remember, if you have any questions our sales team members are more than happy to lend a hand. Call us at (866) 312-5646, send us an email to, via our live chat, or by leaving us a comment below!

What do you think about the budget search function? Have you been wishing this day would come? Will it be a life saver for you?

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  1. David

    The amount of search filters is crazy. Just like Bubba’s sale prices.

    This new website makes finding the pen you need much easier than sorting through 3,600+ pens one by one.

    Way to go Bubba!

  2. Chase

    This is a great blog! A little helpful hint! If you are looking for something specific to one of our product lines, I highly suggest that you click on the Product dropdown menu and then use the tips above to do the refined search. Sometimes if you just search for lets say umbrellas, you could get some other items in that search as well. Not just the umbrellas. BUT if you click umbrellas under the Product tab, it will help take some of those out! 🙂 Happy hunting!!!

  3. Kelly Bird

    There’s nothing more frustrating then to fall in love with a product only to discover it’s over budget. This new feature saves so much time allowing you to limit your search results to just the items that will work for you. Time is money and this feature will save you both! 🙂

  4. Jon Cacioppo

    This search function works great for my really picky customers – no longer do I have to guess at what products will work for them … now instead of showing them pieces that are triple what they are hoping to pay, I can link them to products in their range/ budget.
    I have been using this often and it has made my life easier, and will help keep the buttons on my calculator working a little bit less.

  5. keith

    What another great article! Just highlighting more of the great things we are doing here at QLP to make the entire search and order process easier. It is such a great feature to help find exactly what you are looking for while staying within your budget.

  6. Anthony Gaudio

    Fantastic article! I really like how far the search process has come! I think the real cool thing about these new features is allowing the customer to find out what items he/she can order in a specific quantity and help them figure if they can do it on their budget. Awesome!

  7. Jen

    Thanks for getting the word out there on this, Bubba!

    All of the new search features make it amazingly simple to find exactly what you need. Whether it be a red key chain with a minimum of 300 pieces, or green tumblers that can print in full color and be delivered quickly, the search functions make it even easier to help our customers and get them taken care of. Bubba for the win again!

  8. Matt

    With so many weddings happening around this time I’ve found the quantity filter to be incredibly helpful. If you only have 100 people to buy for you don’t want to be bothered with a ton of items that have a minimum order of 300 and this feature makes finding the products that will work for you so easy!

  9. Greg

    Great blog! With our new search features, you can search by, quantity, size , color, date you need them by, material, just to name a few! It make it really easy to find one of our great products to help you with you next event or project. Just me a call, and I will be more than happy to help you out!!

  10. Serenity

    I love the new budget search function. I think that will save customers a lot of time and patience.

  11. Leo Avila

    When you can filter a filter, and then sort that filter, it makes finding the right item that much more efficient. Not only that, but when you “power sort” you see options that you never knew that were possible, making the idea generation process that much more meaningful. Keep it rocking guys!

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