Should Employers Be Able to Search Your Social Networking Profiles?

I recently overheard two people debating an interesting issue regarding social media: do you think that employers should be allowed to search Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter profiles of prospective employees to find out more about them before calling them for interviews?

The main argument on the “NO” side seems to be all about privacy. From the person who argued that companies should NOT be allowed to cross reference social networking, there were issues brought up like: “What I say on Facebook is no one’s business but mine” and “What if the employer uses social media to determine my race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion and decides to use it against me?”

The main argument on the “YES” side seems to be accepting this situation as “the way of the future”. From the person who debated that employers should be allowed to search an employee’s personal profiles, there were comments such as: “If you don’t want businesses searching your profiles, then you either shouldn’t have them or you should not engage in any questionable activities”.

Just because someone doesn’t want potential employers scouring their Facebook or MySpace profiles doesn’t necessarily mean they have anything to hide; I think it’s more about the principle. On the other hand, it does pose a heated conundrum, because employers technically have the right to search for you on social networking outlets.

What do you think? Should employers be able to “pre-screen” the personal profiles of their applicants by using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace? Why or why not? Thanks for reading the Quality Logo Products blog! 🙂

Jill Tooley

Jill has been obsessed with words since her fingers could turn the pages of a book. She’s a hopeless bibliophile who recently purchased a Kindle after almost 6 years of radical opposition, and she loves stumbling upon new music on Pandora. Random interests include (but are not limited to) bookstores, movie memorabilia, and adorable rodents. Jill writes for the QLP blog and assists with the company’s social media accounts. You can connect with Jill on Google+.


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