Slogan Quiz: How Many of These Famous Taglines Do You Recognize?

Every company wants to have a catchy slogan. A great slogan will keep your company on the minds of consumers and can even make you an Internet or TV sensation. For instance, I can’t count how many times I’ve caught myself singing “I’m Lovin’ it” for no reason whatsoever (great, now I want McDonald’s).

In some cases, brand slogans become even bigger than the companies they’re associated with. Think about how often you’ve hummed a jingle to yourself without remembering what it was actually promoting. I’m willing to bet that tagline identification is trickier than you’d imagine!

So, how well do you know popular catch phrases and the brands affiliated with them? It’s time for a pop quiz. Try these on for size:

  1. Breakfast of Champions
  2. Get More
  3. Just Do It
  4. It Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking
  5. Maybe She’s Born with It
  6. How Many Bars Do You Have? (Hint: not many)
  7. A Diamond is Forever
  8. Kid Tested. Mother Approved.
  9. They’re Grrrreat!
  10. Pizza! Pizza!
  11. The Best a Man Can Get
  12. Wanna Get Away?
  13. Be All You Can Be
  14. Whaassuuuuup?!
  15. Can You Hear Me Now? Good.
  16. Drivers Wanted
  17. Tastes Great, Less Filling
  18. Finger Lickin’ Good
  19. It’s Everywhere You Want to Be
  20. Have It Your Way
  21. BONUS – I Can

Let’s see how many of these slogans and taglines you know! There is a prize for getting them all correct. That prize is cake.

**Please note: Remember, it’s considered cheating if you use a search engine to look them up. And everyone knows that cheaters don’t deserve cake!