A catchy slogan can separate one company apart from its competition and stick in the minds of consumers. If you’ve ever caught yourself humming a random slogan or thinking a tagline when you pass by a certain business, then you’ve fallen victim to darn good marketing.

There are countless businesses with famous taglines, like McDonald’s, Nike, and Subway, that are easily recognizable. Do you think you have what it takes to identify taglines in a competition? Test your famous tagline knowledge by taking our slogan quiz!

I should warn you, this quiz doesn’t have your typical “I’m Lovin It” slogans, so find out if you get stumped or pass with flying colors. Good luck!

How did you do on our famous tagline quiz? Are you a tagline beginner or a slogan expert? Do you think you’re ready to enter a slogan trivia competition? Catchy slogans are what help customers recognize and remember certain brands, and if you knew all the taglines, you know your brands!

The Power of a Successful Slogan

According to Advergize the, “best advertising slogans are the ones that truly describe what a brand or a company stands for in the shortest way possible.” If you were surprised by the number of slogans you recognized on the quiz, that is evidence of a successful slogan!

A recent study discovered that slogans that include a jingle are more likely to be remembered, which explains why State Farm’s “Like a Good Neighbor” slogan is so easily recognizable. You probably sang it in your head instead of reading it, too.

A Good Slogan Pairs Well with Promotional Products

Printing your slogan on promotional products is an easy way to help make it more memorable because of repeated exposure. A slogan that is brief would fit perfectly on giveaways of all sizes from a pen to a t-shirt. If your slogan is a bit lengthy, consider the size of the imprint area before choosing a product.

Here are some ideas for pairing your slogan with a promo product:

It’s important to be creative with your giveaways because it helps keep your customers engaged. Nike, for example, used a Twitter contest to give away their “Just Do It” t-shirts and the KFC necklace was a limited-time item.

Branded giveaways like these aren’t the only way to market your advertising slogan. You can also use it in a short commercial or by launching a social media campaign with your slogan front and center. Consider which slogans from the quiz stood out to you the most if you plan on creating one for your business!


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