How SPAM is Rocking Their Social Media Efforts

Company mascots are a fun way to interact with customers and help them remember your company’s name against all your competitors. One that recently caught my attention is a mini knight with a unique accent who interacts with customers for a product that many of us pass on the grocery store shelves and never give it a second thought. Do you know who I’m referring to?

Sir Can-A-Lot is here to save the world from bland meals!

Sir Can-A-Lot is here to save the world from bland meals!

SPAM’s Sir Can-A-Lot may be a mini mascot but he is here to be the “sworn protector of SPAM and banisher of bland” for the consumers worldwide. What’s unique about him is that he isn’t just a picture that Hormel (SPAM’s parent company) slapped onto every can, but he’s here to talk with consumers on their favorite and most used social media sites to keep them engaged.

Their Facebook page is up to date with all sorts of status, pictures, videos, and everything interactive you can think of. Whether they’re posting a recipe or a throwback ad from back in the day, they have something to stay current in their fans’ newsfeeds.

Their Facebook cover photo ties in Sir Can-A-Lot for one cohesive branding effort

Their Facebook cover photo ties in Sir Can-A-Lot for one cohesive branding effort

Their Twitter account follows the same suit with the level of engagement.

They’re interacting with fans:

and posting recipes too:

Where they really deserve a round of applause is with their YouTube channel. While the idea of creating fun and unique content for canned meat may seem like an odd request, their team carries it off beautifully. Sir Can-A-Lot is the star of the short videos (along with cameos from his ‘land dragon’) to get a quick laugh from consumers and build up brand recognition in their minds.

If you wander on over to their YouTube channel you may get overwhelmed by the number of videos they have; in one week alone BBDO (the advertising agency they’re working with) posted 70 videos. I watched a lot of them and there are quite a few that tickled my funny bone. In no particular order, here’s my top 5:

The Winning Name

I really like that they show the connection they have between all their social media websites. Consumers know they can find them on any of their favorite sites that they check every day so they won’t miss a thing!

The Throne Games

They know they want to attract a younger audience than the customers who knew of their brand from WWII days, so they got their attention with one of the most popular shows in their desired age range. Genius! No raven required to get this message.

Are You Kazaam?

The Blog Squad is filled with a bunch of 1990’s fans, so this one had to make my list! Again, they’re going after a younger demographic and this is one way to get a conversation started. Who doesn’t love ‘Kazaam’?

My Precious Spam

This video was published on March 11th. Can you guess what blockbuster movie was being released on DVD the following Tuesday? Don’t think too hard…

The Madness of March

March Madness always sweeps the nation and offices, so why not have Sir Can-A-Lot very excited about the madness? You just can’t help but smile at this short clip.

Why are they going so far out there to promote a canned meat? Why not?! Tony the Tiger sells cereal and the Pillsbury Doughboy’s signature giggle always gets you excited for cinnamon rolls. Why can’t a mini knight get you enthused for SPAM? I can’t find a reason and Hormel doesn’t want you to either.

So, go ahead and next time you’re at the grocery store pick up a can or two (or three, heck have you seen the number of flavors they have now?!) and banish the bland dinner you were planning on having!

What do you think of SPAM’s new engagement tactics? Do they get you excited for SPAM? Have you ever eaten SPAM? Shout off in the comment section below!

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  1. Candace A.

    I Love SPAM! That mascot is soooo cute! BBDO knows what they are doing with this mascot and the videos are genius 🙂

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