Be Like Spider-Man: 20 Posts for the Freelance Entrepreneur

Freelancing: A word that commonly conjures up images of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) going roof top to roof top looking for the best pictures of crime, and in many ways that is accurate. From reporters to mercenaries, the world of freelancing is both hectic and demanding. Without the proper tools and information to help you on your way, you could be lost in a sea of competition and goose chases!

Here are some tidbits to help you, the freelance entrepreneur, along the way:

  1. Creative Latitude | Selling Yourself – Market Advantages of a Freelancer: A few stories on how to streamline your operation and get the best reactions from your prospective clients. Here are horror stories with morals that can make you a better freelancer!
  2. Apryl Duncan of | Selling Yourself to Get Clients: No advertising is bad advertising! This article has tips to help you come up with your own ads and start on the right track to a successful freelance operation.
  3. | Selling Yourself: 10 Painless Prospecting Tips: Here is where it gets tricky…it’s not an easy task to stand out from the rest. This post offers some pointers on effective prospecting.
  4. | How to Successfully Market Yourself as a Freelancer: This article has tips and plans step-by-step. Don’t be caught out there with no direction and no plan! To be a freelancer, you must be an expert in your product or service and a master at marketing.
  5. Freelance Switch | Setting Your Standards as a Freelancer: A Few Suggestions: Setting your standards as a freelancer can help you keep your head on straight and your head out of the clouds. This article provides solid advice about timing and organization skills.
  6. | 5 Tips For Selling Yourself to Clients: Five quick tips that will save your butt in a pinch. Freelance business can come quick and on the spot so be ready…and FAST!
  7. Freelance Folder | Selling Yourself On The Value Of Your Time: Remember, “freelance” means “business owner.” The value of your time is twice what it would be if you punched a clock, so portion it out wisely. It’s you who pays for distractions or delays – PRIORITIZE.
  8. | Getting Started as a Freelancer: Getting started is not easy, but with some focus and hard work your dreams could become reality. Here’s an article database that’s crucial to any freelancer – it has content on subjects like patent laws, agency tips, rate-charging advice, and much more.
  9. HubPages | How to Start as a Freelancer: So, you want to be a creative freelancer? Well here is some advice from some people who have taken the leap into self employment.
  10. Jill Black on Publishing Central | Become a Freelance Article Writer: Thinking about being a freelance writer? Before you begin, check out this comprehensive report on the expectations of the job. You have to think quickly and do it on your feet!
  11. Rhonda Crosby on | The First Steps In Creating An Online Business Begins With You: Online freelance projects improve your client base and your volume If you can handle the work load. This article offers tips and tricks that may help you prepare.
  12. Guerrilla Freelancing | Business Basics: Should We Hire Sales Staff Right Away?: Find out when is the best time to hire, if you can do it on your own, and if volume and demand really make the call.
  13. Matthew Stibbe on Bad Language | 27 Proven Freelance Marketing Tips: Selling yourself is the most important part of the freelance business. In fact, it’s as important as product and service knowledge – motivation, motivation, motivation…
  14. | Top 10 Tips and Tools for Freelancers: Building your freelance business is challenging, especially when you have a family. This post touches upon proper planning and execution one can make to bring together the family life, the full-time work life, and the freelance life. Remember, don’t quit your day job yet!
  15. Andy Budd | Top Tips for Freelancers: Andy Budd, the Managing Director of Clearleft Ltd., gives invaluable advice for the new freelance adventurer.
  16. Freelance Folder| My Top 5 Biggest Freelancing Mistakes: It’s always best to learn from your mistakes and from the mistakes of others as well. This article mentions a few to avoid. Don’t worry, everybody makes ‘em…but the trick is to learn from them!
  17. Shane Pearlman on Freelance Switch | Business Survival Guide: 8 Practices of a Long Term Freelancer: This is a business survival guide for the freelance warrior. These tips are golden apples on the tree of advice that you won’t want to miss!
  18. | Feast and Famine – The Reality of Freelancing: You’ll get a rude awakening if you jump into freelancing without any tips! The reality of freelance business is fast and always changing, and this article can help prepare you for that.
  19. | Working as a Freelance Music Leader: The world of freelance business is very diverse even for the music entrepreneur. This can be the most difficult field to freelance, whether as a musician, a tech worker, or a promoter…so pay attention!
  20. Lunarlog | What Prices to Charge as a Freelancer or Artist: This post discusses cost-effective strategies for the freelance artist and much more. There’s advice for freelancers in a world where New York is king and knowing the playing field can make or break an up and coming artist.

Selling yourself as a freelancer requires optimism and a strong desire to sell yourself on a daily basis…sometimes to the lowest bidder. If at first you don’t succeed, you must try and try again! The very act of selling yourself in this type of business IS the business, and without the daily grind of hunting and rejection, there would be no success. With each client comes a new world of possibility and new connections that could lead to bigger and better prospects.

Are you a freelancer or an entrepreneur with advice to give? Have any of these articles or blog posts helped you achieve your goals? Do you want to talk about how much you love Spider-Man? Go ahead and have a field day in the comments section below!

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  1. QLP Jill

    I’m speaking from personal experience when I say this: FREELANCING IS HARD. If you have any desire whatsoever to tackle it and make a living, then you need to research until your eyes bleed and have a solid game plan before you progress. Trust me…it’s insanely difficult to earn a paycheck if you’re unprepared, inexperienced, or unwilling to work your ass off. All of these posts offer a plethora of advice that could help a newbie. By all means, read them if you want some helpful industry hints.

    P.S. I love the Peter Parker and Spider-Man references! 🙂

  2. Bret Bonnet

    Spiders (& “Spiderman” for that matter) give me the heebie jeebies!

    … I have to agree with Jill on this one; I’ve tried doing some freelance work here and there… and it’s NOT easy work. I think the lack of structure and inconsistency between work/assignments is what ultimately led me to abandon ship.

    These articles, especially #18:

    “Feast and Famine – The Reality of Freelancing”

    hit the nail right on the head as far as I’m concerned!

  3. Shawn

    Be Like Spider-Man: 20 Posts for the Freelance Entrepreneur #entrepreneur tips #freelance advice

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