Wedding Favors for the True Sports Fanatic

If you know off the top of your head which Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and you know what the latest happenings are with the National Hockey League, then you’re a sports fan. If you’re currently planning your wedding around a specific sporting event so your guests and you don’t miss it, then you are a sports fanatic.

Chances are you’ve received a few raised eyebrows when you mention that your wedding is being held the Saturday before or after the Super Bowl, but not during the same weekend. Or maybe you’ve chosen a different venue for your reception because the only weekend they had available in October was during the World Series?

Yeahhh… you are a true sports fan then. As long as your significant other is on board with this, I say involve your passion as much as possible into your wedding ceremony and reception. How far you want to go with it is up to you two, but having fun sports themed wedding favors I think is a must!


No matter which division you root for, whether it’s the American or National league, show your support and love of the game by including some fun baseball themed wedding favors at your reception. If you’re doing assigned seating display name cards at each seat with these Baseball Memo Holder Stress Balls. Doing assigned seating may be a bit more time-consuming, but your guests will appreciate feeling like they’re being taken care of and that they weren’t just invited so the couple could get a new toaster.

Mini mitts are great for catching up with people

Mini mitts are great for catching up with people

Another thoughtful favor is the Baseball Key Fob with Coil. All guests have to do is attach their keys to the key ring, and they have an easy way to spot and hold on to their keys throughout the night. The baseball tag can be imprinted with your names and wedding date and the coil can be easily worn around a wrist for those who came without pockets!

If you’re a fan of puns as well as baseball, you and your significant other might like the Baseball Mitt Stress Reliever to tell your guests you’ve got a great catch! Not only are these squeezable mini catchers mitts fun items for your guests to take home, they will really bring some game to your table décor.


If your Sundays in September through January are blocked out on the calendar because you already have plans of watching football, then having football themed giveaways at your reception is a must! Try the Helmet-Shaped Microfiber Cleaning Cloth to hand out a useful favor guests can use to clean their glasses, camera lenses and more. Create a fun couple “logo” for the special day and imprint it on these customized helmet shaped cloths.

Help keep the stress at your reception to a minimum

Stress relievers aren’t just fun tradeshow or convention giveaways, but they’re also fun wedding favors that will give your tables some pizazz and zest. These Football Helmet Stress Toys will keep your guests from getting into uber-sensitive topics like politics and religion and we can’t guarantee it, but they may keep your mother and mother-in-law’s “helpful” comments to a minimum. Again, no guarantee on that but maybe.


If you loved the idea of doing assigned seating, but you root for Manchester United instead of the Cubs then don’t fret. We have the Soccer Sports Clip ready to go for your special day. These custom clips would be a wonderful addition to tables for displaying pictures of you two while you were dating so guests can ‘ooh’ and ‘aww’ over them.

You’ll keep their drinks cold and hands comfortable with these can holders!

This next soccer themed wedding favor is a bit of splurge, but they’re so cool looking I couldn’t resist including them. Keep your guest’s canned beverages cold with these Soccer Can Holders and you won’t have to shake hands with anyone with ice-cold hands! Everyone walks away a winner! Really though, these customized can holders are perfect for those couples that want guests to reuse their wedding favors again and again. Imprint them with your names and wedding date and you’ve got a lasting souvenir that guests will be talking about for years!


Give these to kids and your guests who are kids at heart

No matter what your skill level is in basketball or maybe you coach a team, include this passion into your wedding favors by imprinting your names and wedding date onto these Basketball Bottle Openers. Your guests will love them instead of getting yet another stereotypical knick-knack.

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding reception or you know you’ll have a lot of kiddos running around, then this Basketball Flexible Flyer is a must to give out! Your guests who would rather not shake a tail feather on the dance floor would love to have something else to do and these customized flyers will keep them entertained before and after the cake.

Hockey & Bowling

A lasting keepsake your guests will love receiving

Maybe your groom is an avid Colorado Avalanche fan or maybe you’re darn proud of your near-perfect bowling record. Was one of your first dates a hockey game or going to a bowling alley? If you want a hockey or bowling themed wedding favor you can’t go wrong with the Hockey Puck Keychain Stress Toy and the Bowling Pin Stress Reliever. They’ll give guests a glimpse of your favorite activities and you won’t have to worry about what you’ll do with a bunch of personalized M&Ms that you have left over.

Of course, if you like personalized candy, these Bulk Chewy Sprees can have your names imprinted on every candy piece, and they look an awful lot like colorful hockey pucks. Hand out a small bag of Sprees with a Mini Hockey Stick to each guest and encourage your guests to play with their food!

All Sports

The perfect accessory for any sport-lover

The perfect accessory for any sport-lover

Sometimes you can’t just choose one, especially if it’s a good year for all your favorite teams. One favor that is sure to be appreciated and that comes in various sports styles is the Sports Style Drawstring Backpack. This easy to close and carry bag is perfect for whatever your guests need to carry, whether it’s their program and papers from the ceremony, or the shoes they took off the minute they hit the dance floor.

If you’re looking for a favor that’s more sports-neutral (if perhaps you desperately love football but your partner prefers the true futbol) try printing your names or wedding logo on Rally Towels In Colors (18”). Get them in your wedding colors and your guests can be cheering you on as you take your first dance!

It’s your special day so don’t go with generic wedding favors that anyone could pick up from the local party store. Be unique and show off the passion you and your new partner have towards sports, there’s nothing to be ashamed of!

If any of these products sound like the “one” your wedding reception has been looking for, then contact us for more information. You can reach one of our Quality Logo Products representatives by email (, by phone (866-312-5646), via our live chat, or by leaving us a comment below.

For even more ideas and inspiration, check out our Non-Traditional Wedding Favor Ideas Pinterest board.

Have you ever attended a sports’ themed wedding before? What other wedding favors would you suggest for sport loving couples? SPORTS! Sound off below!

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  1. Rachel

    I’m not much of a sports person, but those baseball and football helmet ice cream bowls are super cute! You could put so many different kinds of things in there for sports-themed weddings. Great suggestions, Amy — thanks! 🙂

    • Amy Swanson

      I’m glad you liked those too, Rachel! Couldn’t resist putting them on this list 😉

  2. Eric

    The last wedding I went to was a smart one, if for no other reason than offering up a “Late Nite Snack” a few hours after dinner. I’d imagine serving popcorn in those little helmets would go over pretty darn well with guests!

    • Amy Swanson

      I’ve heard of couples doing “late nite snacks” an hour or two before the reception ends. Not only to get some food in guest’s stomachs before they drive (or ride if they shouldn’t be driving) but to also give one last surprise. Love that idea!

      Mmm, midnight popcorn after an evening full of celebrating sounds perfect to me.

      Thanks for the comment, Eric 🙂

  3. Mandy Kilinskis

    “…you won’t have to worry about what you’ll do with a bunch of personalized M&Ms that you have left over.”

    Ummm, you never have to worry about that. You would eat them. Always eat them.

    Great round up of items, Amy! I can see how any sports-loving couple would want to opt for these as favors. If I was going to marry a sports fanatic, I think we’d have to compromise on something like a sports pen. Both of our favorite things!

    • Amy Swanson

      Hahaha, my mom ordered personalized M&Ms for my high school graduation party and we had bags and bags left over. No complaints from me though 😉

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