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St. Patrick’s Day Fun: 13 Lucky Prizes You’ll Wish for at Bar Crawls

St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday from more than a thousand years ago, and now it’s evolved into one of the biggest drinking days of the year. Like it or not, March 17th (and the weekend that corresponds with it) will always be brimming with bar crawls and drinking activities that entertain the masses!

While we’re on the subject of bar crawls, let’s talk about a few inexpensive giveaways that would make any participant’s night. The lucky 13 you’re about to see will not only please crowds, but they’ll also remind crowds where to return for St. Paddy’s the following year…

Accessories and Safety Items

Blinking Clover Light

Clover Blinking Light: You’ve probably seen safety blinkers before, right? They’re popular around Halloween when kids wear them on the outside of their costumes, but they’re great for bar-hopping adults as well. This variety is conveniently shaped like a four-leaf clover, the standard symbol of St. Paddy’s Day, and they were designed to draw attention in the dark. It’s dangerous to wander busy streets at night, you know. Attach one of these blinky shamrocks to your green attire and feel a little bit safer.

Shamrock Light Up Pendant

Lighted Lucky Charm Pendant: Nothing entertains intoxicated people like sparkles and flashing lights — why else would dances and disco balls be such big draws? That’s exactly why light-up necklaces are also a stellar idea for giveaways. Hand these out and people will line up to snag one from you! The unisex style ensures that either men or women can wear them with pride. Come on, don’t even lie. You know you’d wear one if your group of friends did.


Lighted Pendant Necklace – Bottle Cap: You say beer brand loyalty, we say beer brand advertising. Bottle cap lighted pendants look like regular caps when they’re off, but they’re attention grabbing when they’re switched on. You’ll probably see lots of partiers wearing these over the weekend and now you know where they came from. Blinking is the new trend sweeping the nation! And hey — at least it’s legal, unlike flashing. Am I right? Yeah, don’t participate in the latter, no matter how much it seems like a great idea at 3 AM…

silicone-bracelet green

Silicone Bracelets: These are the only St. Patrick’s giveaway in this section that don’t light up or flash, but that doesn’t stop them from being lucky. After all, green is the color of shamrocks and you can’t get much luckier than a four-leaf clover, if legend serves correctly. Available in four different shades of green, silicone bracelets are perfect for wishing your patrons a happy St. Patrick’s Day and promoting your St. Paddy’s Day specials! They also keep the Irish love going all year round, long after the green beer and corned beef have disappeared from the menus. My ancestors would be so proud!

Bottle Opener Key LED Light

Bottle Opener Keychain with LED Light: Brace yourselves, because this little product has both things valued by every drunk bar hopper after dark: a flashlight and a bottle opener. Now, that doesn’t mean you’d have to use both at once, but feel free to try it if that pleases you. Who are we to judge? We just sell the products people like!

Drink Coolies

Shamrock Can Coolie

Shamrock Can Holder: Koozies have been around so long that they no longer require an explanation. But instead of wrapping your icy-cold beverage inside of a boring regular one, switch things up and go wild with a fun shamrock shape instead! No, I didn’t say Shamrock Shake. Have you started the party early? Tsk tsk. Well, if you were feeling sassy, you could even use this coolie to hold that type of drink.

St Paddys Bottle Coolie

Bottle Jersey Cover: Did the previous product leave you wanting more? Were you hoping for a koozie with a little more pizzazz? Or maybe you prefer to drink your beer out of bottles instead of aluminum cans? Either way, you’ll find it hard not to adore this bottle cover! Come on, it looks like a little green suit with a tie and everything! It’s as adorable as beverage holders get.

Interesting Drinkware

Green Plastic Beer Stein

Plastic Beer Stein: We have plenty of cool glass drinkware on our site — like Irish coffee mugs or glass beer steins — but let’s be realistic. The longer the night goes on, the harder it’ll be for people to grasp the cups they’re drinking from. And you know what happens next? Yep, the cups get dropped and spills happen. With a plastic stein, there will be less mess to clean up! Plus, they come in green. A+

Green Mood Cup

Mood Color-Changing Stadium Cup: Mood cups are the drinkware equivalents of the flashy doodads I mentioned above. When you pour your favorite cold liquor (or juice or soda) into these plastic cups, the color shifts! It’s pretty neat, especially when you see it happening before your eyes. They’re made of plastic to eliminate the need for a broom and dustpan if they fall out of slippery hands, too.

Apparel and Miscellaneous

Green T-Shirt

Green Cotton T-Shirt: No promotional product comes close to the prowess of the t-shirt. Not many people will refuse them, and the people who accept them will definitely wear them. The 100% cotton variety is soft and survives countless washes, too. And Kelly Green? You know that vivid green color was made for a blowout St. Paddy’s promotion!


Green Plastic Light Pen: Ah, here’s that light-up phenomenon at work again. This time it’s in the form of a writing utensil. What do bar crawlers need logo pens for? Writing down phone numbers, for one. They also use them to doodle on napkins (or their own skin) as the night gets progressively blurry. Use your imagination! The fact is, green LED pens will get noticed and retained.


Green Teddy Bear: That’s right — we sell a fluffy green teddy bear. If you thought I could finish this post without mentioning him, then you underestimated my love of stuffed animals! This little guy appeals to other people like me who can’t resist adorable things. He would look cute with a mini t-shirt personalized with your event’s information, don’t you think?

Shamrock Stress Ball

Shamrock Squeezie: Make your own St. Patrick’s Day luck with a four-leaf clover stress ball! There’s no telling when the fabled luck of the Irish will show up and work to your advantage, so this squeezie gets you a solid head start. If I’d had a few drinks, then I’d take immense comfort in squeezing foam; it’s a much safer stress reliever than singing bad karaoke, anyway.

St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be the same without plenty of green goodies! Hopefully you like at least one of the giveaways I mentioned here. Remember to be on the lookout for them the next time you’re sipping green-colored beer at a bar with your friends, too. I promise you’ll start seeing this stuff everywhere once you know what to look for…