The history of trade shows goes back to the 1800s. Agricultural fairs were organized in rural areas to promote cotton and livestock. Later, the Great Exhibition and Columbian Exposition attracted visitors from all over the world. There’s something about meeting people face to face that can really encourage you to try something new.

You can think of trade shows like the modern version of these early fairs. It’s a chance for people in the same industry to mix, mingle, and see what’s exciting.

Few people know just how amazing trade shows really are, so let’s dive into some of the most fascinating facts. You might just be ready to try this marketing strategy for your own business!

Trade Show Attendee Statistics

  1. 92% of attendees visit a trade show to learn about new and exciting products and services. (Source: Spingo)
  2. 46% of trade show attendees are in executive or upper management roles. (Source: Lincoln West)
  3. Over 50% of the people at a trade show are there for the first time. (Source: Spingo)
  4. 56% of visitors will travel over 400 miles just to attend a trade show. (Source: Excalibur Exhibits)
  5. 45% of trade show visitors only attend one exhibition every year. (Source: Spingo)
  6. 64% of trade show attendees are not current customers of the businesses on display. (Source: Display Wizard)
  7. Attendees spend an average of 8.3 hours visiting all the booths and displays at a trade show. (Source: Trade Show News Network)
  8. 52% of attendees are more likely to enter an exhibit if they’re offering some kind of giveaway or freebie. (Source: Princeton Marketing)
  9. 82% of trade show attendees have buying authority. (Source: Excalibur Exhibits)
  10. 74% of trade show attendees believe engaging with the exhibitors makes them more likely to actually buy the products/services on display. (Source: Hill & Partners)
  11. 79% of attendees believe going to a trade show helps them decide what to buy. (Source: Graphicolor Exhibits)
  12. 49% of trade show attendees plan to buy at least one of the products or services on display. (Source: Excalibur Exhibits)
  13. 77% of executive attendees find at least one new supplier at a trade show. (Source: Sage World)
  14. 74% of consumers are more likely to buy a product later after seeing it at a trade show. (Source: Highway 85 Creative)
  15. Trade show attendees will tell more than 6 people about their experience at the event. (Source: Graphicolor Exhibits)
  16. 38% of attendees will visit a company’s website after visiting their booth or display at a trade show. (Source: Event Marketer)
  17. 30% of attendees will wear or use the swag item they received at a trade show. (Source: Event Marketer)
  18. 34% of trade show attendees in the United States are “very satisfied” with their experience. (Source: Hill & Partners)

Trade Show Exhibitor Statistics

  1. 28% of exhibitors start planning their trade show marketing 1 to 2 months before the show. (Source: Display Wizard)
  2. 61% of businesses use social media to promote their attendance at an upcoming trade show. (Source: Brandon Gaille)
  3. 42% of exhibitors believe email marketing before the show is a good way to bring attention to their displays. (Source: Design Shop)
  4. 27% of B2C companies use press releases to promote their trade show appearances. (Source: HubSpot)
  5. 88% of businesses participate in a trade show to raise awareness of their brand. (Source: Spingo)
  6. 83% of businesses say their top reason for attending a trade show is to increase their sales. (Source: Certain)
  7. 72% of exhibitors are at the trade show to get new leads. (Source: Spingo)
  8. 54% of businesses attend a trade show simply because their competition is there. (Source: Sage World)
  9. Only 3% of small businesses in the United States rely on trade shows to grow their business. (Source: Statista)
  10. U.S. businesses plan to attend an average of 7.8 international trade shows every year. (Source: Statista)
  11. An estimated 13,000 trade shows take place every year in the United States. (Source: Nimlok)
  12. Over half of the largest trade shows take place in Las Vegas, Chicago, and Orlando. (Source: Trade Show News Network)
  13. 53% of exhibitors believe they have more success at smaller, regional shows than they do at larger, national shows. (Source: Design Shop)
  14. 34% of exhibitors believe promotional giveaways are the most effective method for attracting visitors to their booth or display. (Source: Display Wizard)
  15. 78% of exhibitors believe social media is a powerful channel for people to experience the activities at a trade show. (Source: Hill & Partners)
  16. 34% of exhibitors believe high-quality swag and giveaways drive more traffic to their booths or displays. (Source: Midas Promotions)
  17. It’s important that the right personalities are in charge of a display. That’s why 59% of exhibitors say personable sales reps are the best booth staffers. (Source: Design Shop)
  18. 85% of an exhibitor’s success at a trade show is dependent on the performance of the staff they bring. (Source: Quick Tap Survey)
  19. 57% of businesses believe their trade show staff gained new skills from the event. (Source: Display Wizard)
  20. 75% of exhibitors predict a positive future for trade shows. (Source: Display Wizard)

Trade Show Costs Statistics

  1. The average company allocates about 31.6% of their marketing budget to attending trade shows. (Source: Quick Tap Survey)
  2. 14% of a trade show budget goes toward travel and accommodations for employees. (Source: Jobs in Marketing)
  3. Many exhibitors will spend anywhere between $600 and $1,500 on their trade show display. (Source: Display Wizard)
  4. 39% of U.S. businesses plan to increase their trade show budget next year. (Source: Statista)
  5. A solid 84% of exhibitors will upgrade to a larger exhibit space if there is a substantial amount of “high quality attendees.” (Source: Trade Show News Network)
  6. The cost for meeting with a trade show prospect is $142, while meeting with a prospect at their office is $259. This means an exhibitor will save $117 meeting at a trade show. (Source: Design Shop)

Trade Show ROI Statistics

  1. Sadly, only 6% of exhibitors believe they convert their leads well at a trade show. (Source: Design Shop)
  2. 40% of exhibitors follow up with their leads three to five days after the show. (Source: Jobs in Marketing)
  3. 81% of exhibitors use email to follow-up with leads from a trade show. (Source: Display Wizard)
  4. It takes about 3.5 sales calls to close a lead from an exhibition. (Source: Display Wizard)
  5. Converting a trade show lead costs 38% less than relying on a sales call alone. (Source: Quick Tap Survey)
  6. 5 to 10% of leads will convert for the marketers who put in the effort and follow-up after the trade show. (Source: Quick Tap Survey)
  7. 14% of Fortune 500 companies reported that their trade show exhibition generated a 5:1 ROI, which means they made about $5 for every $1 spent. (Source: Statista)
  8. 52% of business leaders believe trade shows and events drive more ROI than any other marketing channel. (Source: Lead Liaison)
What is a Trade Show?

What is a Trade Show?

A trade show or expo is an organized event where businesses from the same industry gather in a convention hall to show off their new products or services.

From the outside, trade shows look like giant fun fairs. The exhibitors try to outdo each other with extravagant displays, inflatables, games, and branded swag to give to visitors. Some even have food and drinks for sale!

Are Trade Shows Worth It?

Are Trade Shows Worth It?

It’s smart to invest your marketing dollars in Google and social media ads, but trade shows are still worth it. You’re putting a face to your company name and authentically engaging with prospective clients.

Do you feel ready for an expo? Share these trade show statistics with your team. The data will guide you in the right direction and help you be the star of the show!

Final Thoughts

Trade shows, exhibitions, and events bring in about $13.2 billion every year, and it’s an industry that continues to grow. If you’re an exhibitor, you want to come with a plan, so you can really make an impression and wow prospective clients.

Companies are doing a lot of their marketing online, but old-fashioned networking still has its place. The only way to do that is by getting out there on the trade show floor!

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