Have you ever gone to a job fair and a company gave you a free pen with their logo? Maybe you went to a local festival, and they handed out tote bags. Most industries, whether they specialize in education, real estate, and even aviation, offer custom goodies to people just like you! How cool would it be to receive something with a little more pizzazz though? Not just the usual stuff like pens, cups, or apparel, but something more unusual.

From your TV to your coffee pot, almost every item can and should be customized with a logo. While most companies aren’t going to start handing out promotional flat-screens, there are a handful of items that would make excellent giveaways.

Here are unusual items that aren’t promotional products, but definitely should be:

  • Wi-Fi extenders
  • Stamps
  • Anxiety blankets
  • Compression socks
  • Makeup accessories
  • Mermaid sequin pillows

# 1 Wi-Fi Extenders

Wi-fi extenders graphic

Since just about everyone uses technology nowadays, many companies are missing out on a great promotional opportunity.  A lot of people rely on Wi-Fi for their mobile phones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles. However, when too many people are using the same signal all at once, it can become crowded. Wi-Fi extenders can easily solve this problem. Sure, they might look like little aliens, but they’ll increase internet speeds and total coverage. Using them to promote your brand will ensure customers think of you the next time they link up to their Wi-Fi.

The perfect promos for TV and internet providers, tech companies, and cell phone carriers.

# 2 Stamps

stamps graphic

Stamps have been around since 1680, but they’re rarely used for promotional purposes. You can get one with a bird, celebrity, or even have them monogrammed for your wedding invitations, but you don’t find many company’s using stamps with their logo. That’s too bad, especially since so many businesses send out mailers, coupons, newsletters, or catalogs. A branded stamp will add a personal touch that is sure to grab people’s attention.

The perfect promos for department stores, small shops, and nonprofit organizations.

# 3 Anxiety Blankets

anxiety blankets graphic

Unlike your average quilts or bed comforters, anxiety blankets are proven to help people sleep better and reduce stress, making them the perfect item for a promotional giveaway. More than 40 million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety symptoms or disorders, and 68% of Americans struggle with falling asleep or staying asleep at least once a week. Imagine if companies provided custom anxiety blankets to employees or customers? They’ll have nothing but good things to say about you to their friends and family after feeling well rested.

The perfect promos for sleep centers, physicians, and mattress stores.

# 4 Compression Socks

compression socks graphic

86% of American workers sit all day long at their jobs, limiting blood flow and circulation in your legs. They look weird compared to normal socks, but compression socks will get your blood pumping as if you’ve been walking all day! Customize them with your company colors or add your logo to promote your brand in a healthy way. Your customers will feel appreciated and well taken care of, resulting in more referrals for your business.

The perfect promos for physical therapists, doctors, and athletic directors.

# 5 Makeup Accessories

makeup accessories graphic

While you can buy major name brand makeup brushes, tweezers, or facial pads, you don’t see these items as promotional products. Branded makeup gear will give you more exposure than ever before. With so many people using makeup for YouTube tutorials, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance of your name being viewed by thousands of followers.

The perfect promos for salons, makeup artists, and cosmetic stores.

# 6 Mermaid Sequin Pillows

mermaid sequin pillows graphic

Watching the design change on a mermaid pillow can be memorizing. Adults and kids will love watching the colors change or your logo appear then disappear. Not to mention, they’ll go with kids on sleepovers or be used as living room décor, increasing how often people see your brand. After all, these pillows are often the center of attention, and people won’t be able to resist showing off your design.

The perfect promos for schools, festivals, and carnivals.

Overall, any of these items would make awesome giveaways because everyone will rave about them! After all they’re exciting, useful, health-inspiring, and unique. Whether you’re a nonprofit organization or large corporation, you’ll take people by surprise, leaving a lasting impression and increasing your brand exposure. Who knows, maybe, they’ll be trendy in the promotional products industry someday.

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